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January 1, 1970

by Chrystalette

My family and I moved to Bulacan roughly 9 years ago. We are true blooded Cebuanos. We find the life here laid back and provincial at first then it became busy. It now really feels very similar to Manila. Despite being adjusted to the ails of living in Manila, we still miss Cebu. Among our family, I am the only who visits Cebu very frequently.

I was young adult when I left Cebu, deep down I never wanted to leave. I knew it was just an ordinary place. But it was my comfort zone. Always have and perhaps, always will be. It wasn’t until after attending college that I learned to appreciate it more and thirsted for everything and anything my hometown had to offer.

I take a trip to Cebu every other year. Sometimes, even three times in a year. Airports in the Philippines may have extremely delayed flight issues and mind boggling rules that would leave you scratching your head, but that never stopped me from traveling. I am probably the most impatient person you may get to know your entire life, but I can totally extend my patience when it comes to waiting for flights. LOL!!

But, what can you do in Cebu?

Cebu, for me, is one of the most blessed places in the Philippines. Aside from the fact that it is situated in the center most of the Philippine archipelago, you will find that everything that you need to get the most out of your travels are all there. Should you wish to just stay in the city and experience its what its like to live there like a local or if you just want to unwind and swim, or better yet stay away from the hustle and bustle of everything and be one with nature, you can find all of that that in Cebu. All those places are just few minutes and/or few hours away from each other. Convenience at its finest, eh?

Whenever I go to Cebu, I always go to a place I’ve never been since there are always new places, or maybe try out an activity I haven’t done yet and I hangout with the best people while I’m at it; My relatives, two bestfriends and their hubbies.

Since this is my first article, I will feature my most recent trip in Cebu. We were in search for adrenaline pumping activities late at night, so we ended up on a rooftop of the tallest building there.


At the top most part of Crown Regency Hotel - one of Cebu's tallest buildings

At the top most part of Crown Regency Hotel – one of Cebu’s tallest buildings

Cebu is all-in-one. You can find everything that you need or want to experience right there! 

During our unforgettable Crown Regency Hotel Experience…

Originally, my friends and I planned to try Go Kart riding. Yes, there is a Go Kart place in Cebu. Exciting, right? But the place was closed because they were preparing it for an event that would take place the next day and that’s how we decided to go to Crown Regency Hotel instead. To give you a brief background: Crown Regency Hotel is situated in the heart of Cebu City and is known to be the one of the tallest buildings in Cebu City which is 45 – stories high. It’s a five star hotel with an amusement facility that accomodates even walk-in guests. Anyone can try it. Although the prices are a little steep, its something you need to try, not frequently but atleast once in your life. They now have packages in which you can do two activities and is few hundred pesos lesser than paying for each activity.

For P750.00, we were able to try the Edge Coaster and Sky Adventure. That includes the certificates that you will get after doing the activities, the suit you wear, and shoes (should your footwear not pass their requirements).


Edge coaster is a 3 minute roller coaster – like ride.  But I swear! That was the longest 3 minutes of my life!! When you want to face your fears, you should definitely try this when in Cebu. You may say “Don’t fuss! You’re just sitting there.” But that seat tilts and will give you a 90 degree view of downtown Cebu. You also have the ability to control it while you’re seated. If there’s a word much worse than scary, that should best describe my feeling when I tried it. My friends enjoyed it a lot but they were busy checking up one me, considering how scared I was. They kept on laughing the whole time! LOL!


With Sky Adventure, it can build an impression that it is less scary because you will be walking at the edge for 15 minutes with a harness. However, the fact that it was an open area , combined with my fear of heights, it scared me a lot! But I was able to compose myself and still try it. We also were given the opportunity to pause and take pictures. The tour guides were friendly and not snobbish. They seemed really comfortable walking on the edge. (slow clap)

Cameras are prohibited. They do have their own photographer in which pictures you can buy at the counter. In our case, we bought all of them. We took the package in which they will save all pictures from your rides in one USB for P1000.00.

Who wouldn't feel proud and fulfilled??

Who wouldn’t feel proud and fulfilled??

You guys need to try Larsian because…

Cebu is not just famous for its top destinations, it is also famous for its food. Food in Cebu as they say, is affordable and I think any one who travels will totally agree with me that aside from the plane ticket, most of your travel budget goes to food. One of my favorite go-to place is called Larsian. Larsian is located exactly across the Fuente Circle, right beside Chong Hua. It has been part of Cebu’s culture and tourist destination because it is just so good and very affordable!

larsian 1

Cebu trip is incomplete without going to Larsian sa Fuente. All food being sold are grilled (e.g grilled chicken, pork BBQ, grilled chorizo, grilled longganisa, isaw and vast variety of seafood) and the rice being served is Cebu’s famous “Puso” ( Hanging Rice in english).  Puso is a rice cooked inside a diamond shape handmade and crafted through leaves. It’s more convenient to eat it because plate is not necessary, you can actually just eat in the Puso. It’s commonly the first option of beach goers and of people doing outdoor activities. Should you aspire to experience culture and at the same time affordability when traveling in Cebu, this is the place to be!




These two are top places to be in Cebu…

Both are accessible and can be reached through cab or jeepney. You can even just walk going to and  from these places (that’s how close they are from each other!) When you happen to be in Cebu, you gotta make these places part of your itinerary!

[single_map_place] Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu [/single_map_place]

[single_map_place] Larsian Cebu [/single_map_place]


By Chrystalette

My name is Marie Chrystalette Trinidad. I describe myself as an Introvert Extrovert. I am shy and doesn't like going out much. But I have a big love for travel and exploration. When not traveling, I check out boutique cafe's and bistro's. Aside from that, just like any traveler, I'm a foodie myself. I travel most in Cebu but has already set foot in other various places in the Philippines like provinces in Cebu, Sagada, Benguet, Baguio, Banaue, Tuguegarao, Bohol, Pangasinan and Tacloban. Now that I'm older, I go by life motto: To live is to explore! I may still have a lot in my list but I'm sure I'll get there someday!


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