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January 1, 1970

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Grenada! Grenada! Grenada! 

Leggo Grenada

Let’s go Grenada!

Never have I seen such a beautiful and peaceful country, don’t get me wrong, Trinidad and Tobago is gorgeous! But… so is Grenada! To my fellow Trinbagonians, no Maracas beach is not the best beach ever. Great! now that I have cleared up that misconception, to the rest of the world let us proceed. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity of visiting Grenada twice for the year 2016, hey! when things nice we must do it twice, I entered by boat and plane. The first time was completely planned, my boyfriend and I took a flight to the lovely island of Grenada. The flight was short as Grenada is 40 minutes away from Trinidad. We stayed in the St. George’s district, Snug Corner to be a bit more specific. The temperature in Snug Corner was just perfect! The air was absolutely cool, clean and fresh! The house was surrounded by many mango trees! I LOVE MANGOES! Unfortunately, Grenada’s mangoes are not as sweet as the mango grown in Trinidad and Tobago, that was a bit disappointing but there were some okay tasting ones. I still love my Starch and Julie mangoes for so, Trinbago take win! The second time was spontaneous, the opportunity came and we just jumped on it. We entered on a Cruise ship, the Adrianna Cruise line is a cruise ship that had recently began operating out of Trinidad in the Caribbean. It is the only cruise ship that I know of which allows passengers to start their cruise from the island of Trinidad. Most times we have to fly to another country to board the cruise ship which would then take us to the other countries. The Adrianna cruise ship is not nearly as enormous as a Carnival cruise ship but none of that mattered because the cuisine was to die for! I cannot remember a time when I was that gluttonous, I was full and I still ate just to enjoy the flavours of the food passing over my taste buds! I am writing this and my mouth is watering because it was that good! Entering via boat was much more scenic than entering via plane, the boat was escorted by leaping dolphins and flying fishes while making its way to dock at the jetty.

Okay so enough general information, let’s get down to why exactly I think you need to add Grenada to your bucket list.



Grand Anse

No matter where you go in Grenada, every beach or open body of sea water is crystal clear. *turns on my imaginary P.A. system* This is not an exaggeration! I repeat! THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION! *turns off P.A.* For example, where the boat docked was like an aquarium, lots of flounders and small fishes of various colours adorned the water surrounding the jetty. As the days went by, every time we exited the boat we looked at them, it was their home. We continued to discover more pleasant surprises that showed how this under rated country had so much beautiful attributes. For example we stumbled upon a superb beach while we were driving on the Western Main Road making our way to the Concord Falls. The Western Main Road is located alongside the sea, there’s a high wall that I believe was put there to help prevent the sea from flowing into the road during high tide, extensive rainfall and storms. We noticed that there were stairs that gave access to the beach behind the wall, so we stopped off to see. We later found out the name of the beach was Grand Mal beach. It is a must see and bathe beach! We did not expect to discover such a beauty behind those walls! Grand Mal beach is not located too far away from the city’s’ capital, it’s about a 20 – 30-minute drive.

Grand Mal beach (NB that's the big wall and the roadside as mentioned)

Grand Mal beach (NB that’s the big wall and the Western Main road as mentioned)

My top 3 visited and recommended beaches of Grenada:

Grand Anse Beach

This is the most popular beach in Grenada frequented by tourists and marketed by the tourism agents of Grenada. It should come as no surprise that this beach also has fun water based activities to engage in. The water was clear and warm, the sand was not the sludge mud kind but like very fine broken shells and corals with a colour mix of off white and light brown. The beach houses the Coyaba Beach Resort and another hotel, therefore it was littered with lots of tourist each time we visited. If you are looking for something fun to do, you can take a ride on the couch seat, it’s this inflatable couch attached to a speed boat by a long rope. You’re given a life jacket and that’s important for a ‘scaredy cat’ like me. There is no seat belt lol, NO SEAT BELT! There are handles placed on the couch seat which you MUST hold on to for your dear life! The boat takes you away from the coast, speeding and turning as the couch skips on the sea water. LOL so I am reading this over and the couch seat sounds unsafe, it was totally safe. The guys in the boat made sure to check in on us, I was bawling the whole time, he kept looking to see if I was okay and slowed down from time to time. This ride cost us $20EC per person, lasted for about 8-10minutes, the couch can hold four persons max. If that’s too much for your heart, you can rent a kayak, we rented one for 30 minutes, it was our first time kayaking. Even when we were far away from the shore and in deeper waters the water was still so clear that we were able to see the sea floor and all the rocks and fishes. Of course I have saved the most extreme for last, you can also pay for the dolphin board. If you google dolphin board, you would see exactly what it is about. Basically you put on boots that applies high water pressure under the boots to propel you into the air. My boyfriend tried it and he said that it was much harder than it looked. That activity was sort of costly for us, $120US for 25 minutes. These activities (except the couch ride – managed by locals) are managed by two Canadians that recently migrated to Grenada to bring the activities to the beach. At the time when we visited the business was only about 6 months old. Their office is located near the beach entrance of the Coyaba Beach Resort, there is an easel on the beach that shows the activities and their costs. Grand Anse has something for everyone, whether it is to relax on the sand or a lounge chair or to get active in water activities, Grand Anse has it! Also, there are a couple of food options available on or near the beachfront. This makes it perfect for families, couples and solo travellers.

On the inflatable couch seat at Grand Anse.

On the inflatable couch seat at Grand Anse.

Kayakiing - Grand Anse

Kayakiing – Grand Anse

Grand Mal

The water is crystal clear, like if you were to fill a glass with water from this beach and another with water from the pipe, both would look the same (granted that the pipe water is clean lol). There were little to no waves present at the times we visited, however there were tiny transparent fishes present.  This beach is perfect for persons that want to enjoy a calm, peaceful, wonderful unspoilt beach without too much people. The three times that we visited the beach, it was not really deserted but there were very few people on the beach. This made it perfect for couples and or families to enjoy. However, there was only a bar located outside on of the entrances to the beach but no food places nearby. Make sure to walk with your food and drink if you choose to spend the day there.

Grand Mal - Look at that water!

Grand Mal – Look at that water!

BBC Beach

Lastly, BBC beach, we only had the chance to visit this private beach once. We did not know the beach was private until we tried to re-enter the next day. The first time we apparently snuck into a private party that was being held on the beach lol we just thought that it was a group of people having a party on the beach. Anyways, this beach is fighting for number one with Grand Mal, like wow it was just so gorgeous! This beach is actually located opposite the Grand Anse coast, when we were in the BBC beach we were able to look across and see Grand Anse. The water at BBC was different though, clearer and the sand was similar but different from Grand Anse. I have not the clearest clue how to officially get formal access to the BBC beach but if you are in Grenada you should definitely try to get all up on that beach! It is definitely worth it! I think if you stay at the Kalinagos Resort you may be able to access the BBC beach through the Hotel.

BBC Beach

Watching the sun set on BBC Beach

Other reasons to visit Grenada


Apart from the beaches, everywhere is so scenic it’s just amazing views throughout the country. When it comes to the waterfalls, I would recommend visiting Annandale Waterfall over the Concord waterfall. The Concord Waterfall is located way inside of the island, requires you to drive off the road. The water was extremely cold when we visited, may have to do with its location amidst tall mountains filled with tall trees. The Annandale Falls was much more family friendly and easily accessible than Concord. Unfortunately, I did not get to visit the infamous underwater sculptures due the time span I had each time I visited, nor was I able to visit the Grand Etang. Generally, the place felt safe, as I observed a couple drivers temporarily parking their vehicles and leaving the keys in the ignition while they shopped in a store.

Cheezin' at Annandale Waterfall

Cheezin’ at Annandale Waterfall

Transportation tip: Rent a car! Or organize with a tour company, but to cut costs I highly suggest renting a car and touring the island on your own. It was super easy to get around on your own, there are no taxi stands to take you to specific areas. There is a Maxi Taxi terminal which is the main form of public transportation used. Ensure that you are able to access mobile data and use Google maps or Waze to help you manoeuvre the island. The locals would be willing to give directions but it’s if you would understand lol! Somehow they never say whether to take a left of right, it’s always “go rong so!” lol I love my Caribbean people!

Celine’s Fruity Palace

Celine's Fuity Palace - Banana and Peanut punch! YUMMM!

Celine’s Fuity Palace – Banana and Peanut punch! YUMMM!

NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! Let me tell you about the amazing punch place located in the Esplanade Mall! There is only one true punch place in that mall, do not let anyone tell you any different! You must know the punch place it is the ONLY store that you see a line of people outside of the store EVERY TIME, ALL THE TIME!. It is only punch place in the Esplanade that just sells punch! If you still don’t see it after looking for all those markers, the name of the punch place is Celine’s Fruity Palace. If I had a private jet, I would frequent Grenada weekly for this punch! IT WOULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Lol okay that’s an exaggeration… or is it!? Lol Please try the Banana and Peanut punch, it is my favourite, if you don’t like either of those two ingredients there is a long menu of other combinations to try. I can guarantee that they will all taste great! Whenever and if ever you do get to drink that punch, remember me with every sip and slurp! PS: It’s a lot of punch and can practically replace a meal if you’re on the go and cannot stop to eat a meal.

Alright folks, I hope I have convinced you to add Grenada to your bucket list! Just to quickly recap, two words: Perfect Beaches, great Waterfalls, the BEST PUNCH from the Esplanade Mall and rent a car if you can.  I can guarantee that you would have the most relaxing stay in Grenada, the country forces you to slow down and appreciate all of its elements. I have had the most relaxing naps there, no fan or a/c needed! It is hands down my favourite country of all the countries that I have visited* thus far in the Caribbean.

*NB: I said visited not lived. Trinbago I love you, forever and always


Till the next post,

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