Activities You Should Try in New Boracay

March 12, 2019

by Janielle Ylarde

We all know that the Boracay was closed for 6 months for its rehabilitation because of its lack of sewerage system. And many local people were jobless and their livelihood was affected and all the reservation that scheduled in Boracay from April 26 to October 25 was also canceled.

But after 6 months of rehabilitation of Boracay, we saw the big changes and lots of improvements. We can really say that with our long waits for the reopening of Boracay was really worth it.

If you are the first time to visit the new Boracay and no idea at all of what are activities that you can do to make your visit memorable. If you want more water activities then you should go and fly to the Paradise of the Philippine and that is Boracay. I have one thing to say to you, go escape the stress from the cities even just for awhile give yourself a time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Philippine and be proud of it.

Here are the activities you can do in Boracay 2019 see below followed by recommended hotels, places that must visit and the activities you can do to have a perfect vacation.

Shangri-la’s Boracay Resort and Spa

Top recommended hotels in Boracay is the Shangri-la. If you have a budget, go book in Shangri-la Resort and Spa to experience the once in a lifetime luxury hotel in the Philippine. Why Shangri-la Resort and Spa? one of the reasons why is because they are always on top of the recommendation for all tourist, second reason because of its friendly helpful attentive service from staff that can make you more comfortable, happy, satisfied and memorable during your stay in Boracay the third reason is the sensation of view and stunning complex. And that is one of the most and top reasons why you should book in Shangri-la Resort and Spa. But if you have no budget to book in one of the most popular resorts and spa in Boracay, Philippines, don’t worry, there are so many budget hotels to stay in like “Boracay Royale Residence Inn, it is one of the most recommended hotels for all the travelers and tourists who a budget conscious.

Boracay Island Tour


If you are not yet visiting new Boracay 2019 then your first activities should be island tour to see the improvements and how it changes for the past 6 months and see the beauty of the island. Discover it yourself and experience it together with your Families, Friends and your partner. Try island hopping adventure around “Puka” beach, “Diniwid” beach and Crocodile island, give appreciation to all the natural environment, and relax on the beach while admiring the colorful aquatic fauna, when the boat stops at various scenic points throughout the day, you can take a dip in the ocean and do the snorkeling.

Be a Mermaid

Haven’t you ever imagined being a mermaid? Swimming beautifully in the deep blue sea? And want to try what mermaid looks like and experience how they live in the ocean? Go try the 90-minute mermaid lesson, but if you have an aqua-phobia or can’t swim then you can still be a mermaid, wear their tail then take a picture while wearing a mermaid tail.


Boracay Water Sports Activities

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Want something adventure? then try water sports activities that the Boracay gives to their tourists. First time to take water activities? then challenge yourself to take all the water activities because I’m pretty sure you will enjoy and love it, try something new and different in order to have the best experience and memorable that happens into your life. Try Jet-ski, Parasailing, Scuba diving, Ariel’s Point cliff diving, helmet dive, wake-boarding experience, Banana boat activity, UFO activity, Speedboat. You can choose one or three activities that I mentioned or if you want you can try all of that, it’s up to you, just whatever you chose just enjoy the moments.

Boracay Helicopter Tour

helicopter tour

Are you a nature lover?  Wants to see Boracay from a unique perspective and witness the true color of Boracay? How blue and clean of the ocean and its white sands also see the stunning landscape of Boracay as the chopper takes you to the sky and look from above to the ground. Get your own camera to capture the natural environment from the air.

Boracay Tibiao River White Water Rafting


The most terrifying and adventurous activities that you can try is the whitewater kayaking at Tibiao River, Trek, climb and swim at Bugtong Bato Falls. Try and challenge yourself to explore the local food market and eat it, don’t mind the taste just eat it and enjoy.

Boracay Spa

After all the adventures and activities you’ve done, it’s time to take a break and give yourself a relaxing spa treatment by a professionals therapist that will take all of your tiredness for a whole day of adventures. there are plenty spas and wellness center around Boracay where you can get massage treatments depending on your budget and reference. You can also choose for a different style of massage for the complete spa experience like native ‘hilot’, a foreign specialty such as Japanese style pampering, you will then be spoiled by a revitalizing oil and massage treatment. They also have a cheaper option where you can get a spa on set-up loungers under the coconut trees.

Boracay Sunset Paraw Sailing


Before leaving Boracay you must try the Boracay sunset paraw sailing, take a lot of pictures so that you have something to take home and that is the memories. After taking a lot or few picture/s of Boracay sunset also try to enjoy it in an old way, take all of your smartphone, tablet, camera or anything gadgets behind, in that way you can focus on your scenery activity. Have some time to reflect, appreciate the life’s gifts and be inspired by Boracay sunset.

No matter what activities you do or wants on your vacation in Boracay make sure to enjoy it, leave the turbulent and noisy city behind. Be a different tourist by experiencing activities you have never done before always challenge yourself in that way you have no regrets once you go back to your hometown.



Janielle Ylarde

By Janielle Ylarde

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