Achensee,Tirol, Austria: the paradise between the mountains

  Achensee logo I have always had a weakness for the clear, blue, water, but i could not imagine the day when I will see this clear, blue, water giving birth to beautiful, tall mountains as well as to sandy beaches? How is this possible? Well, by descovering Achensee.

Location and surroundings

When you think about Austria, you imagine Vienna and some fancy ski resorts, winter holidays, Christmas markets and some hiking. But this is not all. When I think about Austria, I say Achensee. Of course, I can recall clear blue sky even in winter time, beautiful scenery and other lovely places, but none impressed me this much. Located in Tirol, one hour away from Innsbruck, this place is awaiting quietly and full of surprises for its visitors. It is not only about the place itself, but I call it an experience. The Achensee experience, which starts from the moment you begin your way towards this place, continues while being there and keeps on impressing you until the moment you leave.

Getting there

My proposal, as well as my favourite way to go up there is the Achenseebahn, a steam train, 125 years old which will keep the smile on your face throughout the travel. Starting from Jenbach, the journey will take about an hour and you can enjoy the mountains' view, the green fields which become smaller and smaller as you go up, the lovely villages which remain behind and listen to the old sound of the train (Tchu, tchu, thcu!!!…) – might be tempted to bring your hands on the ears, because the noise is quite…noisy. But check the timetables before. Austrians take great care of the little jewel and use it a few hours per day. Train For the modern transportation lovers, there are also alternatives. Driving about one hour from Innsbruck or by train to Jenbach, then by bus to Pertisau or Maurach. The lake is surrounded by small villages: Pertisau, Maurach and Eben am Achensee. The closest place, right next to the lake is Pertisau. Basically, this is right on the shore. But the other two are not to miss, either. The scenery is amazing from every single point, considering the mountains and the clear sky. On top of that, this is a popular place among paragliders and kitesurfers.

Things to do

Sun bathing

Achensee is the place which can easily please all tastes. To start with, it has a small sandy beach, where you can lay in the sun and even swim. The water is usually very cold, but somewhere in August becomes reachable even for the sensible ones. The rest of the time, I recommend it only for the adventurers.

Sight seeing

Walking around the lake is also an option, seeing the crystal clear water from different angles together with the arising mountains is quite a fulfilling experience. It is also very likely to watch landing a paraglider or to get an adrenaline boost from a kitesurfer.

Hiking and cable car riding

For mountain lovers, there are two cable cars stations available. One in Maurach, named Rofan and one in Pertisau, named Karwendel and which can be seen in the picture below Kaewendel cable car Hiking is also possible here, for beginners, medium or advanced. After going up by cable car Karwendel, there were three hiking paths available. The smallest one I took lasted about one hour and on the way I found two small huts where one can enjoy some beer, water or even the traditional apple strudel. As a side note, the food on top on the mountain is always better in Austria. Might be the effort from the hike which gives a special hungry sensation, or just the austrian cooking talent. During my hike, I met mister Teddy Bear, as well as other stuffed animals, because the path was also meant to show the Alps' fauna. Achensee bear One beautiful view from above of the lake can be noticed below. Look at the colours. My favourite moment of the day is the morning. However, if the summer finds you here and the sun is up, do not forget to wear sun screen. One thing I found really fun is that sun screen is out for sale all year round. Achensee hike

Boat riding

If we had trains, cable cars, kitesurfers, paragliders, could we miss the boats? Of course not. A gorgeous boat is waiting for its passagers for a ride surrounding the lake. There are various packages available for solo travelers, as well as for families. It can include a nice choice of traditional lunch options.

Traditional food tasting

Talking about food, in Pertisau I ecountered delicious restaurants. Here I had for the first time knodell which can be served with cabbage or in soup. The well known snitel is a must. About the apple pie…no traveler is allowed to leave this place before trying it out. Achensee boat

Useful links

In  order to be sure nobody will miss this amazing place, I will add the map and the relevant links. Even if in german, information as time tables and prices can be easily understood by each and every reader. To check train time table and to book train tickets, please click here. To check the old train time table as well as the yacht's one, go here. Thank you and make sure this place is not going to be skipped. [single_map_place] Achensee [/single_map_place]


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