A Weekend in Paris: Romance and Good Food on a Budget

March 15, 2017

by Marie Vanderwoodsen

You can explore Paris, even on a Budget.

Paris in France is simply magical. It’s a city that should be explored by any hopeless romantic, regardless if you come here alone or as a couple. Romance can be found anywhere here, year-round, even on a backpacker budget. Paris is an expensive city but there are lots of free activities and possibilities to save money.

And what is a better fit than Good Food and Romance?

You can cuddle up in your own Airbnb apartment (which is even cheaper than a hostel dorm), watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night and have your coffee in a bathtub if you’re up for some unconventional romance.

This is a travel guide more tailored to couples but you can still make use of most tips here for your solo travel experience and get some inspiration.

Accommodation: A cute little getaway for under 30 euros per person

Yes, you can have a nice cute little Parisian apartment just for the two of you. And guess what? It doesn’t have to be expensive at all. It’s actually cheaper than a hostel room! And offers you much more privacy and luxury.

Airbnb offers plenty of great little apartments or private rooms to rent within the city centre. Most even have balconies and bathtubs.

My boyfriend and I booked an Airbnb in the artsy Canal St-Martin district. I can definitely recommend this area because it’s surrounded by loads of trendy bars and cafés. We only paid 52 euros for one night, so just 27 euros per person.

Now let’s turn up the Romance:

5 Free Romantic Experiences in the City of Love

strolling along the seine in paris

1. Stroll along the Seine

Stroll along the Seine and watch the last daylight fade. Either listen to Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en rose” through your headphones or wander up to the Pont des Arts and watch the street musicians play.

the sparkling eiffel tower at night

2. Watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night

It is the city’s most iconic landmark. For a good reason. Paris is the city of love and the Eiffel Tower really symbolizes this feeling for me. Particularly at night.

Every hour starting at sunset until 1 am every day, the tower is lit up for 10 minutes and sparkles. It looks like thousands of shooting stars are rushing over its surface.

If you are, in fact, part of a couple you know what you shouldn’t miss out on. A kiss in front of it. And don’t forget to have someone snatch a photo of that. It’s a nice romantic memory you will love to look back on.

the louvre lit up at night in paris

3. The Louvre at night

Once you are in Paris, you will realize one thing quickly: the city is even more romantic at night. The same thing is true for the Louvre.

Yes, it’s a great museum and you can explore so many amazing art pieces including Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (be prepared for a huuuge line of tourists with selfie sticks in front of it though).

But the best the best piece of art is the Louvre itself. The pyramid shaped building is such an architectural masterpiece – the lit up glass facade looks magical at night.


4. Le Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

This cute little parc is a bit infamous. Fortunately so! The lack of tourists is what creates part of its charme. The other part is induced by its serene beauty. I would definitely say that it’s Paris’ most romantic parc.

Enjoy a leisurely walk along the lake, find the hidden grotto and waterfall and climb up to the steep hill of the park’s own little island for a stunning view over Paris and particularly Monmartre.

5. Watching a Movie at a Vintage Cinema

It can’t get much more romantic than an old Parisian cinema. And there are plenty around in the city. I would recommend the Panthéon, which was built in 1907 and is thus the oldest functioning cinema in Paris.

Be prepared though. Usually, all movies shown are in French without subtitles. It’s a nice way to improve your language skills though and adds to the vintagy atmosphere.

And the best thing? If you’re a student, you only pay 6.50 euros for a movie. The normal price is 8.50 euros, which is also pretty cheap for a Parisian cinema.

Now let’s see what Paris has to offer for foodies who travel on a budget:

4 Cheap (Unconventional) Gourmet Experiences

having a coffee in a bathtub in paris

1. Have your coffee in a bathtub

Romance can be unconventional. Le Pavillon des Canaux embraces this idea. This trendy little café in the 19th arondissement is set up like an actual house and that’s what makes it so cozy.

You can drink your coffee in the bathroom inside an actual bathtub, snuggle up under a chain of lights in the bedroom or just choose any other room you feel the most comfortable in.

The prices are also reasonable and their cakes are amazing! Don’t miss out on this slightly weird but enchanting experience.

2. Eat the best Fallafel in town

L’As du Fallafel is where you will find the best fallafel in town for less than 10 euros. There will be a queue, though, but the wait is absolutely worth it.

3. Buy food from the local market

Visit the Marché d’Aligre, a nice little openair and indoor market where you can buy fresh produce to cook your own French dinner. They have everything from self-made ravioli filled with spinach to mussels and frog legs.

Enjoy this meal on your own balcony with candle light and some French music (There is a good playlist on Spotify callend French dinner haha).

4. Enjoy some oysters and French wine

Close to the Marché d’Aligre mentioned above there is a bar called Le Baron Rouge. If you’ve always wanted to indulge in the experience of eating oysters, this is the place to do it for a fairly cheap price.

Mingle with the locals, have a glass of good French wine and enjoy these aphrodisiaca with your special someone.


I hope you’ll enjoy your weekend in the city. As you can see, Paris is always worth a visit – even on a budget.


Marie Vanderwoodsen

By Marie Vanderwoodsen

Hey! I’m Marie, a 25 year-old backpacker from Germany, passionate traveler and mind wanderer. I’m chaotic, sometimes melancholic but most of the time I’m cheerful, a hopeless romantic and always in search of the next great adventure.

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