A trip to the small sister of Ibiza - Formentera

January 1, 1970

by Macko

A trip to the small sister of Ibiza – Formentera

When you compare the Formentera island to the other three big islands in the Balearic sea, Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza, All in Spain, you think that there is something wrong with it, as it is not offering the visitors the lifestyle that the other three islands are. And you think that it can do a lot better than this, provide with parties, events and craziness like the other islands are doing. All it could offer was a place to sit and have a relaxing and not so cheap meal, lay down on the beaches and enjoy with little to no music on them, or rent a bike and do a tour around the island – what most of the visitors used to do there. But that’s exactly what was needed from the island.


Spanish Madness – Ibiza

As soon as you decide to go on a vacation in Ibiza, Spain, you are aware of how things work out there – there are tons of parties, people from all around the world willing to use their week off work at it’s maximum and the atmosphere there is making you do the same. You go to Ibiza because of that reason. But eventually when you get there you will need one day off from everything that is happening there, from the three hours that passed and for you it seemed like a week, from all the happenings that are too much – simply from everything over the limit. This is where Formentera comes in the game.


Living the whole summer in Ibiza and promoting some of the parties that were on the island, i was often ask from the tourists about places where they can go and relax, read a book and enjoy the beaches, and i could never think of the “Small Sister” of Ibiza, Formentera, and offer it as a possibility. I was always sending them to the other side of the island, where there were beaches of a better level than where the parties are. That was all until some of my friends decided to pay a visit to Formentera.


The Trip to Formentera

We were all one month inside our summer in Ibiza, already with the head full of happenings, so we decided that we could all use a day off from the craziness. Although i was skeptic about it, i joined them. In high season there are boats to Formentera  on every 15 minutes from Ibiza, you can find from Valencia, Barcelona and from the rest small islands around quite often, as it turned out to be a place that is often visited from people that travel around. We took some instructions, some flyers and promotion material to see and to read what can we do to use the day completely and to make sort of a plan. We decided to go for the cycling option, which according to me was the best, especially on Formentera, where there are cycling tracks all over the island. We decided to go over all of the beaches that we could, enjoy a nice swim and relax for short time, and hit the next one. I have to mention few of them that really caught my eye, such as Cala Saona, Platja Migjorn, Platja Es Arenals, but the ones that are absolutely amazing, mesmerizing, large, long whiteness of sand and deep, deep blue waters that are dragging you inside, calling you in the underwater journey are definitely Platja Migjorn, Illetes and Llevant. All over 100 meters long beaches with the most relaxed people you could meet in the world, with no promoters or workers of any kind – just you, the sand, the water, and the sun.


Although there beaches are absolutely amazing, they are one of the best things for you to see there, as there are not many cultural monuments and buildings on the island. In fact, you can count them on one hand, and visit them in a day. The 18th century chapel of Sant Francesc Xavier, some 18 century watch-towers, a small Ethnological museum surrounded by few churches and a very old roman road which is still saved and presented as it was.

Most part of the island is a national park, and is protected by UNESCO because of the beauty that it has. It is often named as the island where the hippie movement has been born, and this is a thing that I discovered after I left Formentera and Ibiza, and now it is clear to me why they are paying so much attention to the hippie markets that are all around the Islands, especially on Formentera. You can find one of a kind jewelry, clothes, ropes and all kinds of hippie movement things there, listen to some exotic music in the Casa Paco at night, by the port in La Savina, or Big Sur on the beach just east of La Savina for watching the sunset. Other good coffee or cocktail bars are The beach bar in Cala Sahona, Xueno in Es Pujols, 10.7 next to the La Mola road. But definitely the one you need to check is Blue Bar on Migjorn beach, signed exit from La Mola road. The bar is opened around 60s, always with a DJ that presents you with the traditional Spanish music and a mix of the modern techno, deep house, electro and what else not that makes your butterflies in your stomach start flying like you are in love.


At the end of our day, we decided to have a little dinner at some of the restaurants in Sant Francesc, which is Formentera’s ‘capital village’. In the main square next to a small castle and right next to the sea you can find several good restaurants, which, as expected, are not so cheap, but anyway we decided to take good traditional Spain Paella there. It turned out to be one of the best rises I have tasted, and it made my day on Formentera a lot better. This is where i truly experienced the Spanish culture and what actually Spain itself has to offer to it’s visitors.


Post Trip 

My whole impression about the Island changed. The next several months that I was living and working in Ibiza I sent more than a hundred people on the island, explaining how our time was there and wishing to visit it again, but unfortunately I did not. I have it in my “to do” list for the next summer, and I hope to see you there as well!


By Macko

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