A Traveler's Guide To Bangkok, Thailand!

Bangkok, Capital of Thailand is Asia’s answer to the West when it comes to offering everything for any type of a traveler. Bangkok can be elusive, to say the least, though for the first timers it can be very surprising as well. Having visited Bangkok almost a few times below summarises my experience of this city which always has a lot to offer.

How To Commute And Where To Stay!

Bangkok is well connected to all major cities of the world for being one of the most populous cities in Thailand and also being the most famous among travelers from Europe and all parts of Asia. Suvarnabhumi airport is located at a fair distance of about 30 Kms from the city center / 40 minutes drive. The traffic in the city can get very tough to beat hence depending on arrival at the airport one may want to decide on travel by Taxi or Metro Train. The city offers every brand name available when it comes to accommodation yet the most central locations also have the solution for budget travelers. My suggestion will be to stay at Ratchdamri road if traveling with family or Khao San Rd if traveling with friends.

Art At Suvarnabhumi airport

Dusit Thani Bangkok Has An Excellent Location and Wonderful Service

Grand Hyatt Bangkok – Located At Ratchadmari Rd

How To Best Cover The City Of Bangkok!

Bangkok has to be mapped with the turn of the Day. The city is a paradise for shopping and to visit local sites during the day, a foot massage by the early evening and explore amazing dining options during the evening. If it does not serve you enough, don’t miss visiting the famous night markets.

Outskirts Of Bangkok

Farthest The First – Visit Famous Safari World & Marine Park which is located at a distance of 45 Minutes depending on where you stay. It takes about 10-15 USD to hire a Private Taxi from the city or you can choose to travel by a combination of metro and local bus as well.

Visit The Famous Safari World Best Time To Reach – Between 1hr to 1.5hrs Best Time To Cover – 3hrs Best Best Time To Visit – 0830hrs


Visit The Famous Marine Park Best Time To Reach – Between 1hr to 1.5hrs Best Time To Cover – 3hrs Best Best Time To Visit – 0830hrs Cover with Safari World


Sitings at Safari World

Royal Bengal Tiger At Safari World

Places Of Interest Within Bangkok

It is best advised to cover the historical sites during the day and before 1600hrs on weekdays. It is important to research well and carry a local map as communication with locals can be a big challenge. Be prepared to travel by various forms of transport including rail, water and on roads as not all the places can be covered with a taxi or a bus.

National Museum of Bangkok

Riverfront View

Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho Temple

Wat Arun Temple

Chao Phraya River

Wat Phra Kaew

Shopping Experience

Shop like there is no tomorrow. The shopping experience of Bangkok is incomparable. Most of the tourists who visit from neighboring countries carry empty bags to fill them for return. No Asian country can match the diversity of options available matched with the pricing. You can buy what you wish for from a local wholesale mall like Platinum Fashion Mall or mid scale MBK or an uber-luxury Gay Sorn Mall. If that is not enough, experience the famous night markets like Rot Fai.

Famous Belt of Connecting Shopping Centers At Rama Road

Very Famous MBK Mall

Famous Night Markets

Famous Siam Center Mall

Local Experience

Stay Like Locals

Khaosan is a must visit for anyone wanting to experience the local side of Bangkok. It has the most affordable places to stay, dine and party as well.

Khao San Rd

Local Restaurant At Khaosan Rd

Dine Like Locals

Bangkok flourishes with street food – a range of selection of seafood at most affordable prices is a norm. Every popular brand of restaurant thrives in Bangkok. From fast food to fine dining, you can’t beat the dining experience in the city. Khaosan is famous for its eateries and excellent food. It is famous among locals and a lot of students who reside nearby. On my personal recommendation, do try Indus Bangkok located at Soi 26 – it serves the finest Indian food prepared by famous Chef Amit from India.

Classical Cold Coffee Served At MBK Mall

The Red Bull In Original Form

The Famous Green Chicken Curry

Fancy Dining At The Night Market

Excellent Indian Food At Indus Bangkok

Pizza By The Riverfront- Bangkok

Amazing Spiced Lemonade

Ice Cream Trucks

Khao San Rd

How To Beat The Traffic

The traffic at Bangkok can get into the nerves and can kill a lot of time. On my personal experience Car Taxi should be avoided wherever possible, best is to travel by metro or Bike Taxi. Commuting between cities is easy and affordable. A Bike Taxi may take between USD2 to USD 5. The ferry service is available at most places which help travel to the old town. Water transport is the cheapest mode of transport and the quickest too though be mindful of waiting time at various Piers.

Tuk Tuk Taxi

City’s Lifeline – Metro

Water Transport

Nightlife At Bangkok

Bangkok has highlights of Amsterdam and Soho in London when it comes to nightlife. It serves with no limits and till the wee hours. While the experience in most places is artificially structured, Khaosan serves the best when it comes to natural zones to cut loose. Top 5 recommended places will be as per below:-
  • Above Eleven
  • Levels
  • Insanity
  • Sky Bar, Le Bua
  • Khaosan Street

Beautiful Skyline At Night

Bangkok At Night

Best Time To Visit Bangkok

November and December are the two of the best months to visit Bangkok. Fresh from the rainy season, it is slightly better in terms of weather and charm of festivity season keeps Bangkok look the glittery best.   Bangkok will no doubt remain a hot spot for visitors from all around the world. The whole charm of this city is never-ending. There is never the last time when thinking of Bangkok.

Varun Balwani

A 31 yr old who likes to capture every opportunity to travel.I find it exciting to be able to share what I have learned from my experiences. I hope I can inspire at least one more soul to take traveling as a goal in life.