A Traveler's Guide To Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, needs no introduction. We knew we had to do so much in three days visit to Amsterdam. First thought when we had planned for Amsterdam was of it being the Bangkok of the West, given the flare it gets because of the Red Light District although the whole experience left us spellbound and in awe of more.

How To Commute Like A Local And Where To Stay

After landing late evening, and researching well on where to stay we decided to take a journey by the sprinter and tram which covers most part of the city. It is convenient to travel by the sprinter from the Schiphol airport to the Central Station.  Our hotel, The Park Plantage, was 20 minutes away from the Amsterdam Central Station and we found no difficulties in reaching it. Amsterdam serves all range of solutions when it comes to booking a hotel. It is best advised to book well in advance as the prices can go double if left for too late. The City hosts a large range of hotels and has coverage of all mid segment to leading hotel chains. Andaz Amsterdam and The Intercontinental Amsterdam being the most beautiful.

The Sprinter

The Iconic Andaz Amsterdam

How To Explore The City

The First Impression of Amsterdam

The first sight in the morning after coming out of our hotel was of a railroad forming a pattern as far as we could see. Trams could easily be rated as the most preferred transportation source, bicycles giving the closest competition to it. We took a walk from our hotel the Park Plantage to the Dam Square with a city map in our hands since we did not have a continuous internet connection. It is best advised that all key places to visit are marked on the local map as the language barrier can create difficulties in communication at times. We witnessed at many places within the city that a regular walk in and around Dam Square can give you a lot of beautiful moments worth capturing. We had decided to walk early, at around 0800hrs, one could see the city still getting ready as it was being washed from an obvious crowd loss streets would face every night. Amsterdam hosts a huge number of tourists, close to 16 million odd every year.

Always carry the local map

Rail-road pattern

Making the city ready for the day

Great Sights Around The Dam Square

How To Go Around? Rent A Bike!

We preferred covering most of the city on a rented bicycle which served the purpose just well. One may need an international license and good driving skills to be able to ride a motorbike though one may wish to remember the complex rail-road scenario of Amsterdam.

Best Way To Explore The City

No Parking Troubles

What To Explore In Amsterdam, Netherlands

We went on to visit the Red light district, which is a must see if not explore. It has a museum which showcases different elements of the famous spot. Dam Square, being the next stop, has a lot to offer. It is like a mini amphitheater for street artists where Rags to riches, everyone can be seen enjoying the show. We found the best casino in Amsterdam located at the heart of the Dam Square. It is always recommended to play safe and not over-engage. We did experience the visit to the beautiful Amsterdam Central Station and surroundings. The City also offers the famous Madame Tussaud, Famous Anne Frank House, amazing independent shops, visit the eye which can be accessed via free ferry and go around the arty Jordaan.

Local artists performing at the Dam Square

The Eye

Free Ferry Service

An innovative independent shop

Madame Tussad at Dam Square

Arty Jordaan Street

Hungry For Food? Go Local!

One can find a lot of affordable coffee shops in Amsterdam, locals and tourists would generally keep them packed. We decided to have some quick food and a choice of coffee. You would notice a lot of international students all over the Amsterdam especially as they look to stop by for early meals before heading to study. You must try the famous Manneken fries in Amsterdam. For all the high riders, the place is famous to offer one too many choices for legal Marijuana Bars & restaurants too. It is suggested to explore the local eateries, bakeries, and a range of multi-cuisine restaurants. They can easily be found at the Dam Square.

One of many options to dine with the locals

The famous fries at the Dam Square

Marijuana Pub

Best Time To Visit Amsterdam

You cannot miss the beautiful sight of Tulips covering the spaces as the Cherry blossom festival is the best time to visit Amsterdam. All native population looks to return home and it is celebrated as a big occasion. We witnessed Dam Square being turned into a mini amusement park till the blossoms lasted. The city of Amsterdam becomes a place of joyous mood, and street artists take over the entire Dam Square. You would find planters which nurture Tulips, spread all over the city. Over 7 Million varieties of Tulips can be found around the Netherlands during this time. The weather is on the rise and can reach up to 13 Degrees Celsius with not many days of rain. While it is more expensive to travel during the festival time, it still remains as a lifetime experience. And if arrangements are booked well in advance, the cost will never be a concern.

Dam Square During Cherry Blossom Festival

Carnival atmosphere in April

Street Artists During Cherry Blossom Festival At Dam Square


Colorful Mosaic of Flowers

  It is best advised to follow your heart when in Amsterdam. There is so much to do here yet if you are looking for some peace, feel free to opt as it will be a wise choice too. Amsterdam is not just a great place to visit but also a hub to meet many new faces as it brings a huge population from diversified culture under one city.

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