A Travel Guide To Shimla This Summer

Despite being the official capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is the summer vacation city for young tourists in India in 2019. Famously known as the “Queen of Hills,” this place is your weekend getaway location, as well as a fantastic week’s tour destination in case you wish to visit the other towns nearby like Kufri & Chail.

There are multiple things to do in Shimla, making it any traveller’s favourite summer trip spot in India. You can read them below and fall in love with this town today.

Why Is Shimla Popular?

Located 2205 meters above the sea level, it is a super cool town in India that invites tourists from the different and unheard corners of the world. Everyone loves this quaint little snowy town with sharp winding roads and amazing panoramic viewpoints overlooking the town itself.

Visit Shimla This Summer

Other than just a getaway place from your life, a large chunk of historic remnants in the form of colonial architecture, churches, & galleries reside here. Certain events of the past like Simla Conference 1945 followed by Simla Agreement 1972 of India with Pakistan was held here.

Skipping forward to the 21st century, many of the films, including 3 Idiots have been shot here: a becoming chance for the Bollywood buffs to click the selfies at the exact same location on the Mall Road to brag about back at home. Trust me, I have seen and talked to people who came to Shimla for this reason amongst others in their bucket list.

Shimla Places to Visit On Your Next Trip to India

So, when you finally decide to pay a visit to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India, you should be aware of the fantastic things that you can do and see here; ones which you will keep close to your heart for the years to come.

The Ridge, The Lakkar Bazaar, The Mall Road

The Ridge & The Mall Road, located at the center of the town, are one of the most famous places for travellers to begin their weekend fun. They two are closely situated. In fact, you will find unprecedented local shops on the curb of the Mall Road. Your time will go away easily while touring around the souvenir, eateries, quaint little cafes.

Mall Road, Shimla

The wooden toys are prominently sold at the Lakkar Bazaar by the Sikhs settled in Shimla quite a few centuries before which is at the far east end of the Ridge. The Ridge is an open street with exuberant mountain view with outlets known for shopping mostly. The whole street is flanked by Pine, and Oak trees in case you are one the nature lovers and want to click some astonishing selfies with mountainous background and chilled air during monsoon and late summer ends.

Scandal Point

On the west side of the Ridge, Scandal Point is a beautiful intersection of the Mall Road and the Ridge. A status of Shri Lala Lajpat Rai stands here for you to take pride in, in addition to the snowy (in winter) and scenic mountains adding to the whole appearance of this Scandal Point, the best attracting tourist spot here. To make the most of it, try horse riding, playing arcade games and eating roadside ice cream when the orange sunset follows with a sweet gush of pleasant wind.

Local Areas To Visit in Shimla

Homely residential areas like Chapslee Estate & Longwood are preferred for an evening stroll while you have roamed around the Ridge for a long hour. The Bantony Estate, a heritage site from the British Era will definitely stop you in your tracks. The whole infrastructure of this building demands tourist attractions within a single sight. You will find both Bantony Castle and Bantony Cottage present in this grandeur architectural landmark.

Chapslee Estate

Explore different purpose art galleries if you are an art lover in the Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex built by Lord Henry Irwin in 1887.

Temples & Churches

Kali Bari Temple: Goddess Kali is preciously venerated in Kali Bari Temple since 1845, adjacent to the City Mall. What’s more interesting is that Shimla got its name from the other name of this goddess which was, Goddess Shyamala. You must witness the unparalleled peace of your heart when you enter her holy shrine.

Jakhu Temple: After second or first-day tour exploring what all the Ridge has in it for you, you can start exploring this temple within 2KMs, on the highest peak of Shimla—Jhakoo Hill. With your honest devotion, gaze, wonder and free your mind and spirit watching the world’s tallest Hanuman idol in this temple.

Hanuman Temple

Christ Church: This is no doubt the 2nd oldest churches in whole Northern India whose construction took 11 years to be done. Also, you will find this church in Bollywood movies like 3 idiots.

Connect to your inner soul with these Spiritual Shimla places to visit.

Famous Eateries

  1. Chinese Cuisines: At Aunty Ka Dhaba and Seventh Heaven try out your hunger for Chinese, Tibetan, and even other continental cuisines.
  2. Sweet Tooth Cravings: Try Honey Hut on the Mall Road that makes everything laces with honey.
  3. Street Food Mania: Sita Ram & Sons’ Aalo Tikki & Chole Bhature are world famous on the Lakkar Bazaar. And if you miss it, you miss out on the food that pumps up the traveller’s perception about this amazing place.

Adventure Sports In Shimla

Ice Skating Rink

The only rink in the whole South Asia that has been naturally formed, attracting outdoor junkies in the peak seasons. Since 1920, this ice rink has been involved with recreational tasks where annual festival and seasonal ice-skating competitions are held.

Shimla Travel Tips

  1. Beware of monkeys.
  2. Pack light warm clothes in case the weather is a bit windy in the evening.
  3. Don’t forget your Camera to take some cool pics.
Conclusively, Shimla is the best town in India to enjoy your weekend with your family and friends. Go check out this mesmerising snowy town in shoulder seasons like May-July and October for less crowd. I hope you enjoy your visit to Shimla this Summer.

Ruby Goyal

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