A Tour in Mombasa City; Kenya

Have you been to any country in Africa? Let me take you to Kenya the famous safari destination in Africa. Kenya is in the heart of East Africa where people enjoy the best safari experience. This is where we let you know the best of Africa experiences and narrow it down to the best of your dream destination. Keep the read close. Kenya is endowed with various tour destinations compared to other destinations among other African countries. Do you know some of the best destinations in Kenya? Here is a synopsis just for you.

Best of Kenya Destinations

The beautiful country of Kenya is endowed with destinations that range from safari parks, beach, cultural, and cities. The country safari parks are the key homes for you to closely see wildlife such as the lions, elephants, and leopards. However, there are various cities in the country that offer epic tour experience for everyone. Some of the leading city destinations in Kenya include the Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu. These are the leading city tour destinations that hold the greatest experience in this safari country.

Mombasa City

Did you know Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya? Well, you should know Mombasa is a touristic town at the coast of Kenya. Mombasa city has for a long time being referred to as the hotbed of beach destination in Kenya. This is because Mombasa city hosts the leading beach in Africa. The country coastline is along the Indian Ocean. Diani beach has been consecutively voted as the best beach destination in Africa. Is that not a great destination for any tourists? Moreover, Mombasa city holds the most precious public destinations for anyone to tour on a budget tour package. For example, the Jomo Kenyatta public beach is a beach destination open for the public to enjoy any time of the day. beach games at mombasa   The Jomo Kenyatta public beach is the most loved beach by both foreign and local tourists in the country. The Jomo Kenyatta public beach is loved for its diversified products on offer at the beach. Some of the best products you can access include the Swahili dishes. Swahili is a community known for its well-garnished delicacies and lifestyle in Mombasa. Some of the Swahili dishes to access in this public beach include the coconut juice locally known as madafu, pilau, roasted yams, biryani, and many more delicacies. mombasa city beach fruits Similarly, at the Jomo Kenyatta public beach, you can find other products such as the camel rides, cultural dancers, and water sports activities such as snorkeling. You will never walk alone in this beach, the beach boys and the general public is kind and hospitable enough to teach you some Swahili and dance along the breezy wind with you for free. Nevertheless, Mombasa city holds other prestigious attractions apart from the beach tourism product.

Must See Mombasa City Attractions

Mombasa Old Town

Mombasa old town is an attraction offered to everyone who visits the central business district of Mombasa. The old town of Mombasa in the heart of the city and contains ancient attractions. These ancient attractions include the old Swahili houses that are well designed for the Swahili people. Moreover, the ancient houses in Mombasa city are white in color and some made of cream white dust. The houses comprise of significant historical and cultural facts about the settlers in the city of Mombasa and the Swahili community dominance in the region. Some of the houses in the old town of Mombasa provide authentic Swahili dances and cuisines. My visit to the old town of Mombasa city was climaxed with the great Swahili dancewear and their mouth-watering biryani meal. You should try this out while in this country.

Fort Jesus

Have you heard of the great Fort Jesus of Kenya? Well, let me take you there now. The Fort Jesus is a cultural heritage destination located in the heart of Mombasa city. The cultural destination is a rich historical destination the Under Nations, Educational Scientific Cultural Organization UNESCO. The Fort Jesus contains historical facts of the Portuguese military architecture. The fort Jesus is named after Jesus since it was structured like a man by a Portuguese architecture. The cultural attraction site of Fort Jesus is one the best cultural destinations to visit while in Mombasa because it has a wealth of cultural products by the military at the coast. The attraction contains a museum with artifacts with Swahili lifestyle and many more physical weapons in the museums.

Mombasa Marine Park

The Mombasa marine park is a protected tourist attraction site controlled by the government of Kenya. The Mombasa marine park is located in the Indian Ocean for the protection of the aquatic wildlife. The marine park of Mombasa contains hundreds of fish species, big coral rocks, lobsters, and diverse marine life. Particularly, the Mombasa marine park is managed by the wildlife service of Kenya to ensure every tourist get a chance to see the marine wildlife with ease while in the ocean and also enjoy the beach life. Similarly, the marine park has many boats to offer you an opportunity to tour the Indian Ocean, enjoy some deep sea dives among other water sports activities. This is a must-see attraction for every adventurer.

The Haller Park

The caller park is a famous Mombasa city attraction named after Dr. Haller who transformed a dilapidated quarry into a conservation site. The conservation introduced by Dr. Haller saw wildlife protected and conserved for you and me to appreciate. Such wildlife in the Haller Park includes the zebra, giraffe, waterbucks, and the tallest mammal the giraffe. giraffe   Moreover, the Haller park destination offers you a rare opportunity to see diverse bird species and fish. There are approximately one hundred and sixty bird species in Haller Park. Is that not a great destination for us. Yes!

The Best Natural Attraction in Mombasa

The Mombasa city has the best natural attraction the country. Can you make an impromptu guess? Yes, this is the beautiful weather in the cool city of Mombasa. The weather in Mombasa city is cool during the cold season in Kenya and warm in the dry season. This warm weather in this city offers many tourists an opportunity to busk at the beaches of Mombasa, wear light clothing, and enjoy the nightlife in the city. The warm weather further makes the waters at the coast great for swimming at any time of the day and night. The best part about Mombasa city is the friendly and hospitable nature of the coast people. The Mombasa people are part of great experience since you interact with them at the hotels, beach, on the road, and around the streets. Take some time to visit the Mombasa city and have an experience of a lifetime.

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