A Short Visit/Tour to Governor’s House Karachi

Governor’s House is a place where everyone wants to visit and explore what’s inside. It has great importance as it is the official Governor’s residence and their business meeting place which is co-essential used for the events and parties for the Governor’s. In almost every country there is always a house which not known as the Governor’s house but they might use different names for the governor’s residential and their business meetings area. Some of these cities used other words instead of the Governor’s house; Rideau Hall-Canada, Rashtrapati Bhavan-India, Kings house-Jamaica, Pavilion-Singapore. These are some places around the world that use different words. If we talk about Pakistan’s Governor’s house then there are four provinces and according to the provinces 4 Governor’s houses take place. From 1947 until 2018, the Pakistani Government doesn’t allow anyone to visit and check the glorious view of the house. Soon, the new GOVT of PTI (Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf) landed on Pakistan in August by winning maximum votes across the country, imposed the new law to open Governor’s house to Public.

Governor’s House (Karachi)

As I am from Karachi, Pakistan, in the province Sindh so I visited the governor’s house Karachi on 24th September 2018. I love traveling and majorly I love to roam around old buildings/houses and the Governor’s house is one of them-the oldest one. I was very excited when I saw the news on TV that they will open the house for Public like as it excites a kid for a new toy (Yes, for traveling I am kind of like that). The Governor’s House at Aiwan-e-Saddar, postal 75580. It opens at 09:00 am and closes at 05:00 pm, Monday-Friday, they allow visitors to visit at 6 am-9 am and 4:30 pm-6:30 pm on Sundays for families. It covers the area of about 1.5 km-2 km approx. boundary to boundary, for which you can think how big it is and as far as I remember it has over 6 gates and they restrict some of them to the employment area. A little history I would like to share is the Old governor house situated somewhere in Karachi has now demolished but they made it in the year 1843 by Sir Charles Napier while Sindh was the part of British Raj until 1847. The present Governor’s house build in 1936 and made in 1939.


As I was so excited to see the house so I rushed and arrived at 10 am around, it was gate 1 where I entered and go for a little security check as they check my National Identity Card to ensure my identity and passes my bag from the machine to check and detect if I have any harmful item or not. After all of this when I entered it seems like some kind of Paradise where every area covered with beautiful long trees and some well-cut plants in different shapes, almost every area covered with beautiful fragrance flowers and my heart was feeling so soothing just to see the entrance after passing from the main gate, it is just the entrance a lot more to come.

The Garden Area

When I entered the main area, the view was eye-catching. It was the garden a huge garden contains a fountain from where water falling beautifully was huge but some of its area sealed with a kind of wire-like we cannot step outside from that boundary. Some little flower pots attached towards the wall line by wise and looks beautiful, the grass I can tell you is smooth that you can sit there and enjoy by your own and if you are an Introvert, then definitely you love to sit there to calm your mind and listen birds voice. There were some small steps stairs to go downside where there is a big pool with no water but on its side, there were 5 6 small lanterns attached and as I move forward, they kept some birds and 1 peacock which was not bad in a condition but I cannot define as in good hygienic. The most beautiful thing I saw outside the boundary is another garden that looks more beautiful than

there I was standing and feeling upset that I still have to wait for more time when they open the whole house for the public.

My overall experience and Some Suggestions

It is a good place to rejoice with family or for solitude, there is no such sitting area and that’s why they allow you to sit on stairs for a while otherwise you can sit on the grass too.

The Central Mall

Bring a water bottle and some snacks because there is no canteen available in the around surround but yes, when you go outside you can see a mall next to the Governor’s house name “The Central Mall” which is also a good place to suppress your hunger plus the mall contains dresses for all Men, Women, and children in cheap rates with best quality.

Zainab Market

The street where the mall located known as “Zainab Market” where everything is available including undergarments, electronic items, food items, bride/groom dresses, branded shoes, stallers, decoration items, shawls/drapes, books, stationery items and many more you can count. I would suggest you to go there, explore the house and visit the mall and market along with your family or is ok too if you wanted to go alone as I am an Introvert and I like to explore things alone so yes, it is ok. But make sure you consider days, timings because it plays a major role while visiting the house, let’s suppose if you visit the house at 10 am and after exploring the house you leave by 11 am and you plan to go to the mall, then you won’t be able to enjoy because market opens there around after 12 pm or 1 pm and peak time is 3 pm-4 pm. Thank you for reading my article. I hope it helps you to explore the area and you love it as I.

Ruqaiya Abdul Rasheed Sharif

As a BioSciences student, I am more into writing for health, diet, fitness and how all it interrelates them to each other. How health affects your wealth and thats why I made my own blog named Health Directs Wealth.