A Short Trip To Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, the most visited city in the world, with almost 23 million visitors per year, it is ranked as the top destination for global visitors. That is incredible, I do believe Bangkok is one truly amazing city in its own. Bangkok has everything, I really mean everything, you can do anything at any time.

Starting in Bangkok

To start in Bangkok, you are probably walking out of the Suvarnabhumi international airport, after a long tiresome flight from your home country. Walking out those doors to that thick hot air of Bangkok, where will you go, how will you get there? This guide is going to give you a few of some of the most interesting things to do and see in the big City. Depending on the time of day your flight lands, the traffic could be horrendous, but you’ll be okay. You can walk outside and find a taxi quite easily, or you can arrange a private car. My favourite way to get around in Bangkok is by Grab or Uber, you can easily access these with downloading the easy to use application on your smart-phone. Input your location and the name of the hotel or address you are going to. Then boom, a car is on the way with arrival times and license plate, vehicle make and model, now, off you go.  

Assuming you have already made your hotel reservation for the night or the next few days, off the hotel you go. If not booking.com has hundreds of hotels in all areas of the city. If you’re a backpacker looking for hostels and partying, well, you’re going to more than likely heading to Khao San Road. Khao San Road is the most known backpacker hub in all of Bangkok, maybe even for Asia itself. During the day there are tons of little shops selling all types of souvenirs, from shorts, shirts, shoes, all little sorts of nick-nacks to buy for family members back home. Restaurants and bars a little more expensive in this area just due to the high traffic flow of tourist’s night and day, but the area does have a few super nice hotels with some lovely roof-top pools that are perfect for relaxing during the day and enjoying a couple of beers. Don’t enjoy too many though, because by nightfall, Khao San Road is fully packed with so many people and you will really see how many bars are there with the side of the streets littered with tables and people enjoying buckets filled with liquor. Plenty of weird snacks like scorpions, tarantulas, and bugs. Try at your own risk.  

Khao San Road

If you are not a backpacker, you will probably be staying in a different part of the city in a more upscale hotel. I definitely recommend this as well, because you can find some amazing 5-star hotels for super cheap prices. In the city there are tons of cafes, restaurants and bars to hang out at during the day. Temples to visit, malls and floating markets. Some of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok are Wat Pho, and the Grand Palace, can easily be accessed by hailing a tuk-tuk or a motorcycle taxi. Tuk-tuks, are cheaper by far and can usually end up taking you to multiple spots in the day or a couple hours. Wat Pho has the incredible huge reclining golden Buddha. The other must-see is the Grand Palace, undoubtedly one of the most stunning landmarks in Bangkok.

Floating Market

What about a floating market during the day, sitting in a tiny boat floating down a little canal, buying fresh fruits, vegetables, noodle dishes, and souvenirs, a great and interesting place to take some memorable photos. Why not check out one of the incredible malls in Bangkok? When travelling Bangkok all day becomes too hot and believe me it will wear you out. The humidity is like none other. The malls are a perfect place to check out for a couple hours, with the high-end name brand stores, the wonderful restaurants, oh and the reason we ented the mall is the fantastic air-conditioning. So, some of these malls that I recommend are Siam Paragon, and MBK, the must-see places for sure.  

Chao Phraya River

How about a beautiful and romantic dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River, during the day boats operate for day cruises, but the evening dinner cruises are something you must try. The boats usually leave around 5 or 6 pm. You are seated in what seems like a 5-star restaurant for sure, in the middle of all the tables is a huge buffet. The boats are massive usually 2 floors and can seat upwards of 200 people on some of them. The views outside the boat in the night are so beautiful, so do not forget your camera, or make sure your phone is fully charged. Enjoy the food, enjoy the live music, relax and enjoy the scenery of the many giant skyscrapers and hotels along the river, as well as temples and churches illuminating in the night sky.   A truly extraordinary place to visit at night is the Asiatique at the riverfront. Sitting on the Chao Phraya River can easily be visited after taking the dinner cruise. It is a beautiful market filled with shops to buy more of literally anything you need, and a great place to have some drinks and food, the food everywhere in Thailand is authentic and on of a kind, and so tasty! Now that you have a better idea of a few things to do in Bangkok, where will you start, what will you do first? Where will you go next, as flights are very, very cheap you can fly to any other place in Thailand for a very cheap and reasonable price. Don Mueang International airport will provide flights to everywhere you want to or need to go in the beautiful country of Thailand, also known as the land of smiles.  

There will be plenty more guides to come on many more of the beautiful cities in Thailand.  If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend travelling Bangkok, or travelling Thailand altogether. Hope you enjoyed this short guide to Bangkok, stay tuned for more amazing travel guides to come.

Colten Sloan

My name is Colten Sloan, from Canada. I am inspired by the world around me. I have been living in Thailand traveling around South-East Asia for 2 years now. I’m currently striving to become the best I can with writing and, put my name out there to assist others in what inspires them. Help others to travel more and see how easy it is to travel and explore the world we live in. Promote countries and accommodations to boost tourism. I want everyone to know about the world we live in, and all it offers us.