A perfect weekend in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, India

January 1, 1970

by Gargi Sharma


There’s this place called Mcleodganj in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is very popular among those who love trekking. I had a chance to visit this amazing hill station with my friends this summer. Unfortunately, we could stay there for only three days. We rent a traveler bus from Delhi and it took 10 hours, 3 states and a few power naps to get there. You can also go there by air or by train. The nearest airport is Gaggal airport in Dharamsala and the nearest train station is Kandrori. But if you are going with a group of friends, a road trip is the best.


The group


[single_map_place] McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176219 [/single_map_place]

We reached there on Friday morning and had to return on Monday. So, this is what we did to use every second of our weekend to explore most of the renowned places in Mcleodganj.

We reached at 9 in the morning and rented a couple of rooms to keep our luggage because we had a little time and so many places that demanded to pay a visit. Now, here are the places in the exact order and the exact time we visited them.




Window shopping

Okay, so we were a bunch of 10 GIRLS,  visiting a local market comes naturally before any adventurous spot, temple or trek. There were local shops and eating points all over the place. We started at 10 a.m and visited the entire market in 2 hours. Mcleodganj is a beautiful place. The beauty of the place is spell bounding. Clothes, ethnic ornaments, antiques, you get everything in the market that you can bring home as a souvenir. I got nothing, but even the window shopping was no less fun. We did not go back to our hotel and directly headed off to see this famous waterfall instead.



We reached to this waterfall at 1 pm and sat on the big stones for a good while to catch our breaths. The place was surrounded by a remarkable number of people. Besides the waterfall, there was a food point and a decent sitting place for those who believe in sitting back and watching people do stuff. My friends went into the water pool. Since the water was too cold, I decided to make proper use of the sitting place I just mentioned about. After plenty of stupid water games, they all came out completely drenched.



We then decided to go to the Shiva cafe which is famous for its supposedly “inner peace providing” services. It was quite a distance and height from the waterfall. We reached the cafe at around 3:30 pm. It took a lot of efforts to get there. You meet a lot of people on your way there who will tell you that you are only 5 minutes from your destination. Do not believe them. There are a lot of 5 minutes that make you wonder if it actually exists. Shiva Cafe lives up to its reputation. It offers:

  1. Quality Service
  2. Good food
  3. The other stuff

We spent like an hour there and got back to our hotel with great memories and zero energy by 6 in the evening.

Friday was over for us. We had a lot of fun and utilised the day as much as we could.




All set for the trek


somewhere in the middle!


We got up at 7 in the morning, all set to go for the most interesting part of the trip. Triund trek is the main attraction of Mcloeadganj. It is a four-hour trek from a place called Bhagsunaag. The beginning of the trek is comparatively smoother. As you go further, the path becomes steeper and more elevated. But what’s the adventure if it is a plain broad road. We started the trek at 10 am. Why 3 hours gap? Here’s why:

  1. It takes time to reach the starting point of the trek.
  2. There was a food joint there where we had our breakfast.

Taking a break


Triund trek was quite an adventure. The distance from Bhagsunaag to Triund hills was around 9 km. The starting few kilometers were easy to scale. The rest offered us the real adventure. We were all so full of excitement and energy when we started. There were like five food and resting points in the way. There was a famous point called the magic point where we got the best view of the hill station. It indeed felt like  magic.


The magic point

We spent a good amount of time there and then continued with our trekking. It took us 5 hours and a lot of energy to reach the top. And it felt so go to be there. It was over Everest. People hire guides to get there, but honestly, you don’t need one. It was heaven up there. There was a small snack shop, some tents, and an amazing view. We rented a few tents and managed to butt in after spending a lot of time admiring the view and gazing the stars. It rained heavily that night. We shivered with the cold the entire night. The most unfortunates ones of our group sacrificed their tents to the spine-chilling weather.


Finally on top


Amazing view


A little higher




The extra energetic ones !

The ones who still had the enthusiasm and energy to go further went to explore further. This belt was called the snowline. It was around 3 km from the Triund hills. We decided to trek back to Mcleodganj at 2 in the afternoon. We got back to the point of starting by 5 in the evening. And then hired taxis to get back to our hotels. We picked up our bag packs and found ourselves in the traveller soon.


Sunday (evening)

We left Mcleodganj later in the evening and reached Delhi early in the morning.


Bidding Goodbye

That weekend was the most action and adventure packed of all the weekends I have had before. The experience at Mcleodganj is worth reminiscing.  I had a great time and great company. My body was completely fatigued but my mind was jumpy more than ever for I had the most amazing time of my life. If you are looking for a good trekking experience in India, make this place your next destination.


















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