"A Pacific Ocean Pearl"

January 1, 1970

by Berecaffeine


When I think of happiness, I only remember the beautiful sunsets of Mazatlan.

Why Mazatlan?

This beautiful port honors its popular reference as the “Pearl of the Pacific”, I have been in different ports of Mexico, and without hesitation Mazatlán has that feeling that you can not find anywhere else in all the width and length of the Mexican Republic . Its people, its food, its malecón embriagan of an incomparable peace and happiness. For such reason, in recent years has been elected place by many at the time American and Canadian visitors in their retirement home retreat to spend their old age.

What to do in Mazatlan?

The main thing to do is take a walk along its famous boardwalk, which is considered one of the longest in the world. Along the whole walk you can enjoy the view of the sea, the local people doing their daily activities whether it is running, cycling, skating or simply enjoying the sea breeze.

Olas altas

Spend some time getting to know “Old Mazatlán”, visit the Plazuela Machado where you will find music weekends, exquisite decoration with all its restaurants and its beautiful Ángela Peralta theater. Whatever your taste, you will find food of all kinds, and if you prefer something simple, sit on the high wave boardwalk to enjoy a beautiful sunset with all the other local people and visitors, whether enjoying a coffee or a beer. I’m sure it will be an event that will catch you from Mazatlan.

Delicious sea food

Mazatlan’s food is delicious, everything here is fresh so its taste is truly indescribable. It also has the best seafood from all over the Pacific, so you can not fail to try a spicy and delicious “aguachile”, “ceviche”, “shaken fish”, which I’m sure you’ll want to return to enjoy again. I recommend you go to the “palapas” that are on the beach, and / or ask the local people what is the place of the moment to enjoy a ceviche.

The tacos

Although Mexico is famous for its tacos, in this region of the country the tacos of carne asada are the specialty. So, anyway, you should not miss dinner at some taqueria in the port. Ask for a roasted quesadilla, a taco and enjoy, because I assure you nowhere else you will find this authentic and traditional food. Which is exquisite.

Golden Zone

It is the preferred hotel and tourist area of Mazatlan, you can visit the Conchas Museum, as well as various restaurants of international food, and if you like the nightlife this is the area for you. Here you will find bars, discos and lots of fun, there are many places to have fun, I recommend and do not forget to attend is the “Oyster’s bar” which is inside the Ramada Hotel.

Other activities

Among other activities you can do is a walk in the party yacht, which will walk you through the three islands that are in front of Mazatlan, and you can greet the port from the sea. If you want to get a panoramic photo of the port and enjoy a good physical condition, do not forget to visit the Mazatlán lighthouse. Discover its cathedral that is in the center a few steps from the Plazuela Machado, go to the beach, enjoy the sea and the tranquility.

Let’s go to the Quelite Ranch! This is a beautiful and especially tasty restaurant located 40 minutes drive from Mazatlan, where you can taste typical food of the state of Sinaloa which is delicious, all always want to return, as the place is a “Magic Town” to be Emblematic and have history of Mexico encumbered in him.

The Carnival of Mazatlán

Yes! We have Carnival. And it is par excellence the best of all Mexico. It is the biggest party of this place and is celebrated between the months of February and March, here you can enjoy everything, since there are both cultural and fun events. The coronations of the queens of the carnival are always accompanied by a cast of dancers who recreate some history dancing and then crown the chosen one, followed by music, almost always by some famous musical group.
Something you will not see anywhere else is our traditional “Naval Combat” this is celebrated after the coronation party of the carnival queen. It is called “naval combat” to recreate the French invasion of Mexico, when they tried to invade the port of Mazatlan. People gather at the edge of the beach, from where you can see in the open sea a pair of boats that will launch rockets of different colors and sizes as the euphoria of the battle increases (these are supposed to represent the cannons of the ships that attacked Mazatlan) and from the shore of the beach on land, respond with more rockets to the boats, this event lasts 40 minutes.
Finally, on Sunday is the famous and joyful parade, which consists of a procession of more than 15 floats decorated by artists, dancers’ comparsas and lots of music. Its beautiful!

Motorcycle Week

Mazatlán is the meeting point for hundreds of motorcyclists who travel from different places in the country and abroad to meet in the great party dedicated to these lovers of asphalt. Hundreds of motorbikes are meeting and enjoy strolling along the main avenues of the city, wearing their beautiful motorcycles. Obviously every year, it is a totally different program of each and every one of the different activities that you can do during this week of motorcyclists.

Definitely, this is a place that gives you and gives of those small details that give flavor and meaning to life, walk along the edge of the boardwalk, buy a fresh coconut in some position that you will surely find on the road, watch the sunset, sit in Some restaurant and ask for a well-brewed beer prepared or alone, goes from end to end the walk of the malecon in a famous “Pulmonia” which is a means of transport typical of the place and let yourself be pampered by the friendly treatment of the locals.








Taco de carne asada Ceviche me and sunset


By Berecaffeine

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