A Must Go-To Tourist Destination in Nigeria

January 1, 1970

by Lesley Abegunde

Welcome to Nigeria, one of the largest countries in Africa and home to lovely jaw-dropping tourist attractions. Out of the 36 states in Nigeria, one state I’ve been to, wined and dined at, and visited on and off for quite a while is Ekiti state, the land of honor and integrity. That’s quite a mantra, as the indigenes from there actually possess the qualities. Located in the southwest geopolitical zone of the country, Ekiti state is popularly known for its hills and gift of nature and consists of about 16 local governments including its capital, Ado-Ekiti. If you’re one that loves nature and loves to bask in all its glory, this is the destination for you. Below are my top tourist destinations in Ekiti State.


One of the nations finest tourist destination, it’s located at Ekiti West local government. This warm spring is what nature is all about because it is so unique and beautiful and magical. Unique in the sense that it features a confluence of hot spring and cold spring, meeting at a particular spot, then flowing down as a single stream. Sounds amazing right? most times, it beats me how that happens… hot and cold water, meeting at a spot and remaining the same temperature. truly amazing. My advice for any traveler coming here is on your outfit, wear shorts as you’d want to go up to have a feel of the water and of course, bring a camera because you have to take loads of pictures. They also have a resort where you can lodge for the period of time you’ll be in town for, making it all easy. It’s an amazing place.


A man-made tourist attraction located at Ikun Ekiti in Moba local government of Ekiti state. The dam covers about 11 kilometers and supplies drinkable water to three local governments. I remember being asked to taste the water by scooping some up into my mouth. My mind ran miles and officially landed at the hospital being treated for typhoid (was being very silly at that time). Next thing I heard was it supplies about three local governments drinking water and none reported any health case caused by the water. I was taken aback for a while but was later relieved and then I had my scoop of water. It tasted very natural, like a normal table water tastes and I can tell you five years later, I didn’t have to treat myself for typhoid lol. Sunglasses and shorts required here oh ye travelers as there are local boats and modern boats for rides on the water. A very interesting tourist destination.


My visit to this park was a memorable one as I was proud of being a Nigerian. Located in the state capital, Ado-Ekiti, Fajuyi memorial park is home to the final resting place of Late Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi, the former military governor of the western region who was killed alongside the first military head of state, General Agunyi Ironsi, during the first military coup in Nigeria. Okay, enough of the government studies lol! This memorial park is one to visit as you get educated about the history of Nigeria and you get wowed as to how the country has grown through all trials and tribulations. It was memorable to me because I felt what the country had passed through as the park is equipped with a mini museum/ archival center. It also features a playground, restaurant and bar, a lovely fountain and a game arcade. A must visit to this tourist destination when you’re in town.


This tourist destination is so historical and exciting at the same time and a mix of that is very thrilling. Located about 3 kilometers from the state capital, it is naturally shielded away from rain and sun. The cave is believed to have served as a shelter for the people of the town during the wars in the ancient days and people have lived there for many centuries. During my visit there, I noticed the cave still maintained its natural look as walls made from red bricks were strong and difficult to pull down and then the boulders used as pillows to sleep by the ancient beings, still remained there. It felt really cozy and safe being there, but I had to go to my real home lol. A must visit to this place for all travelers.


Lo and behold! This destination is one where you get to know three unique commandments. The Erin Ayonigba Fish River is located at Erinjiyan Ekiti in the Ekiti West local government. Popularly called the sacred river, it is filled with catfishes that must never be killed or eaten, palm trees that should never be tapped and healing water that should not be used without directions from the high priestess. The tourist destination is filled with lots of fun and exciting sights to behold and stories to be heard. A must visit to this place I tell you.


Came across this hill on my way to another state in Nigeria and I was shocked. I had never seen something so huge in my life. Located in the northern part of Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti state, popularly called IK London as its the second largest town in the state. This is very good tourist destination to visit and wonder yourself. The Orole Hill is a steep-sided hill and the people that reside in that village believe there are deities living inside of the hill and they worship them as they believe the deities are responsible for the welfare of the town. There’s also a hill located in the southern part of the town called the Olosunta Hill. They basically call them twin hills. The sight is one to behold. Very Magical, Very Magnificent!

Last but not least is…


The Ewi of Ado-Ekiti is a chieftaincy title in the state and the Ewi’s Palace is a remarkable traditional architectural building, a lovely jaw-dropping sight to behold. The palace is open for tourists to come wine and dine and also to learn about Nigeria’s cultural heritage, especially those of the people of Ekiti state. Its located in the state capital and it is a relaxed tourist destination to come to.


These tourist destinations listed here are in no particular order as all of them are wonderful places to go visit and I hate to stop my local guide here as there are more interesting sights to behold but these are my top tourist destinations in Ekiti State for anyone wishing to visit Nigeria.

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