A must-do adventure trip: sunrise trekking at Mt. Batur

January 1, 1970

by Dimple


More than beaches in Bali

If you are looking for more than just getting a tan on the beautiful beaches of Bali this article might be very interesting for you to read. This adventurous trip is fun for everyone, whether you are hiking mountains on a monthly basis or haven’t done such thing ever before. The feeling that you’ll get when you reach the top of the mountain and watch the sun coming up is most definitely worth the hike. Furthermore it is a very fun group activity should be in Bali with some friends or family members. Even though it is not too difficult to hike up this mountain, it does take some support to motivate you to go and climb a mountain at 4 in the morning. Being there with you sleepy head and sleepy friends is a super fun addition to your memories.

So how to get to this euphoric place? Let me tell you!

All the small travel agencies that you’ll meet on the streets of Bali will offer a trip to the beautiful Mount Batur, so start by visiting one of these. If you bargain well, you’ll manage to arrange a car that will pick you up and bring you back, a guide, and breakfast (which often only consists of a coffee and a fried banana) for just IDR 350.000 per person (USD 27).  Once that’s organized, make sure to get some sleep and prepare an outfit that allows you to be dressed for the cold top as well as the sweaty hike uphill. I would advise you to wear sport tights or yoga pants and a top/shirt that will absorb sweat. Because it’s super chilly at the top it’s best to bring a vest or sweater with you as well.

All done preparing? Off you go!

At 2 AM you will be picked up by the car you arranged and from the Kuta/Seminyak/Legian area it will take about 2 hours to arrive at the mountain in the Kintamani area. As you’re probably still sleepy this will be a very short trip. Once you arrive at the bottom of the mountain you’ll see a clear sky, lighted up by countless stars. This view is incredibly breathtaking, but unfortunately very hard to capture with an iPhone camera. In some cases, you will even be able to see falling stars, which will leave you speechless.

Hiking up in the dark

You’ll meet your guides at the parking place and off you go. In the dark of the night you’ll carry a flashlight to hike your way up. On average, this 5 km uphill trip will take 2,5 hours. Along the way there are some more rocky roads so make sure you’re wearing proper shoes. It is advisable to wear real mountain climbing shoes as they will best support your ankles. Just before sunrise, you’ll arrive at the top and that is where all the magic happens. Make sure to bring lots of camera tools, because you would want to have pictures, videos, time-lapses etc. of this moments to share. You could of course also stay in the moment and just embrace nature’s beauty and welcome the sun. Words cannot describe what you are witnessing at that moment as you slowly see the dark falling into the light.

IMG_4958 IMG_4981 IMG_5023

This place is – of course – incredibly romantic!

Is going down easier?

After absorbing nature’s beauty, the tour continues by going a bit closer to the mountain’s crater as it is one of the still active volcano’s in Indonesia. You can even have a natural facial treatment if you stand close enough to the volcano’s steam. There are quite some monkeys gathered around that area, but don’t worry they won’t do any harm other than occasionally steal a banana or chocolate bar out of your hand. While walking further down might look easier, it’s actually not. You will have less grip so make sure you watch out! Especially here it would be very useful to wear mountain climbing shoes. On the way down you’ll find a big lake with some nice restaurants when you go even further towards the lake. The trip from the top back to the car will take about 3-4 hours, including the stop at the crater and some stops in between to get some rest.

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Again, this trip is definitely worth one day of your time in Bali. It is especially real fun to go with a group of motivated people who are in for a challenge! I would recommend anyone to do the sunrise trekking, while there are also options to stay for two days and camp out, which also sound very attractive to me. I think that this trip is great for any level of experience and is something to add to your bucket list. Most of the local guides are quite fluent in English and are able to tell you everything about the mountain and its volcano. They often work 6 days in a week, which means that they know the area in and out. It is often appropriate to give them a tip after the trip, depending on how much you want to give I would say that IDR 100.000 would be a minimum.

I hope you will get inspired by this article and do it for yourself when you are in Bali!


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