A Little Glimpse to the City of Cebu

January 1, 1970

by Jen-nessa

City Tour before going back to my hometown

Cebu City, one of the most visited cities in the country located in Visayas Region. I love how modernize the city from the infrastructure that speaks itself. Cebu City’s history and culture are the big factors that contribute to their tourism. Im done from the exhausted adventure we had with my friends visiting the South region of Cebu which was Oslob. During my last day, a day before my flight, my friend toured me  to one of the most visited spots in their city, the Magellan Cross, Basilica del Sto. Nino as well as the Temple of Leah a new tourist attraction. I was glad my friend Marichu was able to give me a tour before going back to Davao City despite of her busy schedules at work.

Magellan’s Cross

Inside the Megallan Cross's Chapel

Inside the Megallan Cross’s Chapel

From Guadalupe, Cebu where I stayed we took a jeepney going to Sto.Nino church and the Magellan’s Cross is just beside in it. The Magellan’s Cross is housed in the Chapel of Basilica del Sto. Nino. It is in remembrance of the Christian Cross ordered by Ferdinand Magellan to be planted by the Portugues and Spanish explorers when he arrived in Cebu. The Cross that is visible at the center is just a replica of the exact cross. The original cross planted by Magellan at the exact location was encased to to the visible wooden cross. Most of the people who visit it would offer candles below the cross, it is said to be a luck of fortune when you make a wish and offer candles. The one who took us a picture was a woman who offer candles to anyone who visit the site. When I was in  Elementary, I used to wonder how it looks like. My History teacher used to describe Cebu as one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines, but what’s more appealing to me is it’s history.



With my friend

With my friend

Basilica del Sto. Nino

Your visit in Cebu wouldn’t be complete without having to visit the Church most specially if you’re a Filipino.

Lightning of candle

Lightning of candle

There are a lot of claims from the devotees of Sto.Nino that the Holy Child is very miraculous and that all of your prayers will be answered. Every year they celebrate Sinulog Festival during the 3rd Sunday of January. Their Festival is considered to be the grandest and biggest festival in the Philippines where it is abuzz of a lot of activities. One of the activities are called “Sinug” it is a traditional dance where the women chants Pit Senyor, Pit Senyor! which means “Hail Our Lord”. Knowing these informations it determines and ignites me to go and visit the beautiful City again and witness the Festival. I’m really looking forward to join the parade.

Before entering the Church, we went first to the candle lightning area where we offered our personal prayer including petitions. It amazed me to see many foreign tourists visiting the site and they were lightning candles as well. I was wondering if they are Catholics too while offering a prayer. I could see a group of young tourists with their tour guides I bet they are students. I saw foreign couples with their adorable kids. It felt great for me to see their light faces exploring my own countryland. Upon entering the church, as I was wearing a short, I was offered the church’s lady guard a shawl for me to cover my legs (I didn’t took a picture with that outfit though) and she would offer the same to the other tourists who wore shorts. We walked silently to the isle and looked for a vacant seat. After our solemn prayers, I was wondering where is the image of the Holy Child.  The young guy pointed the directions to us and we have to fall in line waiting for our turn to face the The Holy Child. So when it was our turn, we took our chance to offer a single prayer to the The Holy Child. There was relief inside my heart and I felt like it touched my soul given me a peace of mind.

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Temple of Leah

It is dubbed as the Taj Majal of the Philippines. It is built as a symbol of undying love from the owner of Queensland motels Teodorico Adarna father of the sexy actress Ellen Adarna for his wife. It 7-storey mansion is inspired by Greek mythology architecture. It is located at the top of the hill Lahug, Cebu. We ride habal-habal a motorcyle in  going to the site. We supposed to visit first the Taoist Temple but it was already past 4:00 pm in afternoon and it closes 5:pm. As we reach the temple, it felt  like a glimpse of a mini Greece. The place has an overlooking view of the entire city of Cebu. It’s like having a little touch of Europe seeing the arts and the statue.


Picture with the naked statues

Picture with the naked statues



Lantaw Bukid


I'm so famish but first lemme strike a pose!

After the city tour, it was time for us to take a dinner. We had a sumptuous dinner at Lantaw Bukid. It’s kind of a classy restaurant with a Filipino touch. Most of the menus are Filipino foods, so it wasn’t hard for us to choose a meal. We ordered the Prawn dish (I forget the name of the menu) it was so delicious with the taste of buttermilk and Fried Tuna Belly was delicious too. From the location itself which is far from the city lights, it’s very perfect for a romantic dinner. The place is cozy and I love the ambiance of it. You can feel the fresh air and the beautiful sound of a breeze since it is near by the bay. So if we would went there daylight, we would have a perfect breakfast or lunch too with the perfect sea view. Special thanks to my friends who made up with me for my last day in Cebu before going back home.



By Jen-nessa

My name is Jenessa Margallo, 24 years old from the Philippines. As a travel enthusiast, it is always been my dream to travel the world. I have not yet explored outside the Philippines but Im looking forward to it soon. 100% of the tourist spot here in my country I just explored only 30% from them. With my travel experience and adventure here, I want everyone in the world to have a glimpse of it.

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