A Guide to Visiting Mombasa in Kenya

Are you looking for a holiday destination that will make your vacation memorable? Mombasa Kenya is the place to visit. It’s rich in culture, amazing sites, fantastic bistros, and a romantic environment for all ages. The city is surrounded by the ocean giving it a magnificent look. From a beautiful landscape to a vibrant nightlife, Mombasa will make your vacation more pleasant.

How to Travel to Mombasa

Moi International Airport is the major airport in the tropical city. It accommodates both local and international flights. The airport is only 5 miles away from the city. From the airport, the city can be accessed through various taxi services. Taxify and Uber taxis have an online app that you can download using an Android Smartphone. Also, bus shuttles offering cheap transport services are available at the airport. If you’re going to use other taxi services, it’s recommended that you agree on the fee before boarding. Travelers from Nairobi and other parts of the country can use buses or arrive by Madaraka train. The train uses 4 hrs from Nairobi to Mombasa and goes through the famous Tsavo National Park. Book the train some days before your travel date to avoid last-minute hustles. Taxi services can be used to access the city from the train station, which is 8 miles away.

Where to Visit in Mombasa

The exotic city has dozens of breathtaking sites that will keep your days occupied. Its historical sites, cultural festivals, and sandy beaches are reasons why you need to visit here. Let’s take a look at some of the best sites.

Fort Jesus

Built in the 16th century by the Portuguese, Fort Jesus is a historical site suitable for history admirers. The Portuguese used this site for protection against local riots and foreign invaders. The fort has weapons and canons that face the ocean. Its underground passage shows the historical struggle that was experienced on the coast between Shirazi Arabs and the Portuguese army. The site remains as a host for various research programs.

Nature Trail in Bamburi

Do you love watching different birds and animal species? Haller Park, also known as Bamburi nature trail, is the ideal place to visit. In the park, you’ll come across crocodiles, monkeys, waterbucks, oryx, Cape buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, porcupines, birds, and Aldabra tortoises. The rehabilitated park was a limestone quarry before. Its beautiful vegetative species give it a unique look. Algaroba, Neem, Fig, Conocarpus, and indigenous species are the main vegetation covering the area. If you’re not ready to travel a few hundred miles to the Tsavo National Park for wildlife viewing, a visit to this park will fill the void.

The Elephant Tusks

The tusks stand at the center of the town, and they are the major landmark. They were made back in 1952 as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth who had visited the country. It was set up as an appreciation statement to the Queen for her visit to the country. The tusks are noticeable as you drive towards the port. They form a letter M which is an initial for the city name. They are well-maintained, giving them a beautiful look. These tusks appear in several posts cards globally. Don’t forget to take a snapshot here before leaving the city.

An Evening Stroll in the Old Town

The historic town is full of unique housing and culture. The residents are of European, Asian and Arab origin. The architecture and style behind the buildings exhibit different cultures which are intertwined together. The buildings have ornately carved balconies and doors. Are you interested in collecting antiques or disposing of one of your souvenirs? Several shops sell and buy these items at friendly prices. Besides, you can get the best spices, fragrance oils, and get to dine in the local restaurants for local dishes.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

A tourist snorkeling in the Marine Park The beach allows visitors to participate in different marine activities that take place every day. Whether you want to go kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling or swimming, Mombasa Marine National Park has these services. From the park, you’ll see the mangroves, coral reef and seagrass bed that protects the park. Also, you’ll find fascinating seahorses, eels and stingrays which form the primary habitat. The park is full of adventurous opportunities for people of all ages.

Enjoy Go-Karting

The city is not deprived of fun activities for kids. Go-karting in a beautiful garden gives them some epic moments. The complex has four-wheeled cars that provide kids with a ride of their lifetime. Besides, older kids can use bulldozers to enjoy fun. Within the facility, children can maximize their enjoyment by participating in games such as trampoline, go bowling and tennis table.

A Visit to Mamba Village

Crocodiles scrambling for food at the Mamba Village Visitors and locals come here to learn the behavior and life cycle of crocodiles. It’s the largest crocodile farm in the East Africa region. The highlight of this visit is watching the reptiles fighting over tasty morsels on their feeding time. The complex has a restaurant that serves game meat such as ostrich, crocodile, and zebras. The horse riding activities within the park are spiced up by the beautiful botanical garden that has an aquarium at its middle. Aquatic plants and orchids make the place special to visitors.

Other Attraction Sites

Before leaving the city, visit the North and South Coast beaches, and the Bombolulu cultural center. Using a hired car, take a day trip to Wasini Island, Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park, Shimba Hills National Reserve, Watamu for windsurfing and Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve. These sites will keep your camera rolling and make your trip to the exotic city worthy of your investment.

Where to Stay

The amazing Diani Beach After a long day of kayaking, site seeing or swimming on the beach, you’ll need somewhere to unwind and rest. Mombasa Island is surrounded by dozens of 5 and 4-star hotels that are next to the beach. For accommodation, it’s advisable to make an early booking, especially during holidays. The common villas and hotels in the island include; Hotel English Point Marina, Severin Sea Lodge, Nyali sun Africa Beach, Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa, Voyager Beach Resort and the Serena Hotels among others.

Time and Weather Conditions in Mombasa

Mombasa lies on UTC/GMT +00300. The tropical island enjoys warm weather conditions all year round. Although heavy rainfalls are experienced between July and August, the weather remains friendly in all seasons. The average temperatures range from 22°c to 31°c.

When to Visit

Due to exceptional weather conditions, you can visit the city at any time of the year. However, making visits during the holidays may lead to skyrocketing flight and accommodation prices. Vacations made on off-peak months like September don’t need early booking because it’s a low season.

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