A Guide to Townsville

Townsville is the Place to Be!

Townsville is a major city in North Queensland but also a hidden gem. It is a great city to stop on your way up or down the East coast of Australia, also experiencing our farming, outback and the rainforest aspects of Australia. But many don’t travel to Townsville directly as most people stop in Brisbane and don’t go any further up the coast. But I’m here to prove them wrong, and show them what they’re missing out on. The best place you should stop in Townsville are;

Castle Hill

It shows the whole city from the Ocean to Mount Stuart.Whether you go up by car or by our infamous goat track (by working up a sweat), They are views for all to enjoy especially at night with all the lights from the city gleam on the water.

The Strand

Our version of an Esplanade, it 2.2km long, great for walking your dog, exercising or evening picnics. During the day and night if your up for a night swim the Strand has two stinger nets, a rock pool, jetty, basketball court, netball nets and water park. The water park and Basketball court are closed at night but the basketball court is open so you can still play if you really want to, just say you didn’t see the sign.There are many restaurants along the strand including;  
  1. Longboard Bar and Grill,
  2. C-bar,
  3. Juliette a Gelateria. I Recommend the Ferrero Rocher flavour,
  4. Raw Energy,
  5. Coffe club (always a good choice),
  6. Oliver Brown and much more to name.
Once a year we hold Strand Ephemera around the end of July.which brings major artist from around the country to create and show their work along the strand and also getting local schools and children involved. Many of the Artworks are interactive and the public is allowed in for free. Also, the strand is a gateway to the marina which does tours to the Great Barrier Reef including snorkeling and diving.                                                  

Reef HQ

If you keep going down the Strand from the rock pool to the end you will pass Anzac park which is a great place for a selfie. But if you keep along the road and turn right you will go past both Reef HQ and the Townsville Museum. Reef HQ is a complete dive into the great barrier reef. With huge reef tanks showing hundreds of different species of fish, starfish, sharks, and stingrays. They have shows on every hour and also have new mermaid shows where the children can interact with them. You can also visit the water view cafe, or the Reef-in store to buy something to remember the trip by. Opening hours are 9:30 to 5:00 pm

Museum of Tropical Queensland

The Townsville Museum is a great day out with the family. It has many different exhibitions the main one being about the HMS Pandora which was a ship that sank right off the coast of Cape York in 1791. They have traveling exhibition as well, one that I have visited was about animatronics in movies and kids were allowed to control the robotic arms and legs of monsters and dinosaurs. They also have a cafe that overlooks the Ross Creek.

Townsville Mall and City Lane

Townsville mall has many quirky shops and boutiques to visit along with City Lane which is the newest part of Townsville, introduction street art to Townsville along with new restaurants and Cafes. These included;
  1. Donna Bionda
  2. Born wild,
  3. Shaw & Co,
  4. Sakana,
  5. and The Taphouse.

Jezzine Barracks

Jezzine Barracks is also a new revamp done to Townsville, originally known as Kissing Point but now it has been restored and shows the history of the Forts and Military from both World War as well as accommodating a day out for the family. It now has BBQ areas, Playgrounds, Garden walks, Boardwalks and much more.

Magnetic Island

While your on that side of Townsville why not hop on over to Magnetic Island and enjoy a day at the beach, exploring an island and learning the history of how Captain Cook found Magnetic Island.  But please don’t stay at Peppers Blue on Blue as you will not see the Island you will on see the port/start of the island. Try finding a holiday house near Arcadia or Alma Bay as its close to the beach, IGA, Resturants and feeding the rock Wallabies. There are so many things you can do on Magnetic Island that it really needs its own post but here are a few: Snorkeling in the many bays, Visiting local shops and art galleries, Finding koala park, Jetskiing, Diving, Fishing, Speed Boats, Paddleboarding or Kyacking (Personally seen whales while out Paddleboarding) Also have local events including the Fullmoon party, Adveturethon and the Magnetic Island Swim. Magnetic Island Also lends a hand to our Military and has its own history including forts and artillery.                                                                                                   

Little Crystal Creek or Big Crystal Creek

Crystal Creek is my favourite place to go to in Townsville, It is about a hours drive North from Townsville but well worth it. It has camping ground’s, Picnic grounds, Rockslides and many different places to swim. Big Crystal Creek is to the right of Little Crystal Creek when driving to Little Crystal Creek. A helpful tip is on the way to Big crystal creek find a road going off to the right onto the creek and you’ll usually find a peaceful spot with fewer people to enjoy your day at. Little Crystal Creek is higher up the mountain near Palluma which is also a great place to visit and track through the Rainforests.  Warning Little crystal is a lot colder then Big Crystal as it is at a higher altitude.Also while at Crystal Creek, make sure to ask a local which rocks are safe to jump off if you want to do anything like that as everyone is more then happy to help you out. Overall there are many more places to visit in Townsville including our grand University. But that was just eight places and it’s already more than a week’s activities. So Come visited Townsville and experience all the gems we have to offer. and even drive up to Cairns and experience Parranella park and Misson Beach

Katelyn Streat Lovett

Katelyn Streat-Lovett is aspiring Writer/Artists who always enjoys learning new skills.