A Guide to Atzaro Spring Festival in Ibiza, Spain

January 1, 1970

by Caitlin Maree

The island of Ibiza in Spain is best known for its booming party scene.

Every year the island hosts some of the world’s best DJ’s and entertainers, making it one of Europe’s favourite summer party destinations. From May until October the clubs are bustling and the beaches are overrun with eager tourists from all over looking to party it up in paradise. But what happens when high season comes to an end and the clubs close down for the winter?

It is true that the island experiences a radical change over the cooler months of  November through to February. The winter months are a chance for the White Isle and its residents to rejuvenate after the huge influx of tourists and party-goers have fled the scene. But after months of peace and quiet, the locals anxiously await the return of the warm weather and the lively party scene – and what better way to celebrate its fast approach than a day out at Atzaro Fiesta Primavera!

When and where is it –

Fiesta Primavera (or Spring Festival) is Ibiza’s unofficial kick-off to the upcoming party season. It is usually celebrated on the last Sunday of March every year at the beautiful Atzaro, situated in the heart of the lush countryside of Ibiza. The area is famous for its bohemian style that is jazzed up to the extreme every year just for the festival. The event provides a free shuttle bus departing from the parking lot of Palacio De Congresos in Santa Eulalia between 12.00pm until 12.00am if you intend on having a cheeky drink or two and don’t want to have to worry about parking. There is also a steady stream of taxis coming and going from the festival throughout the day if you’d prefer to not have to wait for the next shuttle to arrive (they can get VERY busy depending on what time of the day you choose to travel.)

What to expect upon arrival –

This day-through-night festival is the first social gathering of its kind for the year, so you can expect that it will be swarming with locals and visitors alike, celebrating the warmer weather and catching up with each other. As you arrive, you will instantly see why this festival attracts a steady flow of newcomers every year. Expect to see an abundance of vibrant colours and beautiful flowers decorating the entrance, setting the scene for the whole day. It is truly impossible to not feel happy soaking up the sunshine and taking in all of the lively energy around you. It is best to arrive slightly early (around 11.30am) so you don’t have to line up for hours waiting to enter the festival. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the event organisers and taken to the welcoming stall where you will be required to purchase a wristband for the day. The band will set you back 20 euros, with 5 euros going straight to charity, and the rest is for you to spend at your leisure. The wristbands are reloadable and can be topped up during the day. Any unspent cash can be claimed at the end of the festival via an online form, or if left unclaimed will be given straight to charity.

What to expect throughout the day –

Shopping –

There are a number of things to do to keep yourself entertained throughout the day. Be sure to walk around the various stalls selling everything from handmade jewellery, clothing, woodwork, art, through to holistic services such as tarot and psychic readings.  The stall owners are mostly local businesses promoting their own brands, all friendly and willing to strike up a conversation with anyone who comes to visit them.

Food –

There is also an abundance of food waiting to tantalise your taste buds. You name it, they have it – from oriental cuisine, traditional Spanish dishes, BBQ classics right through to decadent desserts, and there are also paleo options as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes available to suit any dietary requirements. The festival also offers a buffet for an extra charge throughout the day. You can expect to find an array of cooked and cold meats, fresh salads, pasta dishes and yummy desserts to choose from, as well as an exclusive, beautifully decorated eating area that will allow a temporary escape from all the crowds.

Kids Activities –

Another popular area of the festival is the kid’s zone, which features plenty of activities to keep the little ones busy. Face painting is always a huge hit, with children lining up to get glittery butterflies and blossoming flowers painted on their cheeks. There are also balloons, hula-hoops, trampolines and arts and craft workshops scattered all around for children to play, make new friends and enjoy their day out in the sun with their families.

Entertainment –

Throughout the day there is a huge line-up of performers gracing the main stage of the festival. You can expect to hear all different genres of music – previous years have featured artists such as Howard Hill, Iban Mendoza, James Regal, Miguel Garji and Xavier Arak. Whoever is playing the stage, you can bet that it will be lively tunes coming through the speakers that will get your feet moving and your booty shaking. As the sun sets over Atzaro, the night introduces a steady stream of electronic DJ’s to really get the crowd buzzing until the early hours of the morning. The bar is situated right next to the stage so you can keep your cup overflowing with a refreshing cocktail or an ice-cold beer.

What to expect upon departure –

You will undoubtedly leave Atzaro Fiesta Primavera with a renewed vibrancy and energy that is absolutely contagious! Expect to have made new friends, tried exotic and wholesome foods, had a few cheeky drinks, listened to catchy, upcoming music, danced the night away and reconnected with the beauty of nature at one of the most vibrant and colourful festivals that Ibiza has to offer! I can guarantee you’ll be back for more next year!

Caitlin Maree

By Caitlin Maree

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