A Complete Guide to Procida, An Island in the Bay of Naples.

Capri is the most famous island in the Gulf of Naples, precious and charming but, to be honest, a way too touristic. If you are looking for a more relaxing and picturesque spot, Procida is your place. In its 4,26 km2, you will find stunning views, history, amazing people and delicious food and I assure you, it will be love at first sight!  

How to reach Procida:

There are daily boats everyday running between Naples and Procida. The timetable depends on the season, but you can check it on the web. You can take two different kinds of boat: the Ferry, traghetto, from Calata di Massa (1h) or the Hydrofoils, Aliscafo (about 30/40 min) from Molo Beverello. The prices depend on the departure time and the kind of boat.  

How to move inside Procida:

The island is quite small, and it is possible to walk from a side to the other, but it’s slightly hilly, and due to the hot temperature, it can become quite hard. That’s why I highly recommend using a bike, for sure an electric one! I used E-Bike Procida, they bring it to you wherever on the island (for 24H I spent €20). You can find some rental also in Marina Grande, or you can ask your host, they usually have some recommended places, and they can provide you with a better deal. You can also use public transport: there are four bus lines which cover the whole island and all start and end in Marina Grande. The last option will be to take a taxi, which is quite expensive in my opinion, considering that you could walk everywhere in more or less 30 min.  

What to see in Procida

I love getting lost into the places and discover every hidden corner, so my suggestions it’s: rent a bike and ride this small paradise. For sure, during your visit you cannot miss:
  1. Terra Murata: The highest part of the island where you can find the old town and a dismiss prison. This place is a must-see during your stay in Procida, here you can have a great view of the Corricella and visit the Monastery of Santa Margherita.
  2. Borgo Vascello: a medieval “borgo”, where to get lost and discover the colourful houses and magical narrows
  3. La Corricella: the old fishing village with its charming and pastel-coloured houses, probably the most beautiful part of the island.
  4. Marina Grande: it’s the first postcard you get when you arrive on the island and the main harbour. Here you can find restaurants, bars, beaches.
  5. Chiaiolella: one of the other harbour of Procida: beautiful view and restaurants
  6. Isolotto di Vivara: a protect naturalist area. It is the smallest island of this gulf and is the rest of an ancient volcano. The visits are restricted, and you need to book before on the website of the town hall.
  7. Belvedere: the road which connects Marina di Chiaiolella to Marina di Corricella it’s called by the locals “Belvedere” (beautiful view), going down this street you will have the possibility to have some breathtaking views on Capri and Sorrento Coast.
  8. Beaches: Procida offers some great natural beaches within to choose: Chiaia, Cala del Pozzo Vecchio, Ciraccio, Ciraciello,..On this last two you will be able to enjoy one of the best sunset of the Gulf of Naples.

Capri view from Belvedere

Coricella view from Terra Murata


What to eat in Procida:

The excellent cuisine of the island will make your trip an unforgettable experience. Lemon Spaghetti is a must (classic or with additional ingredients, ex anchovies), then you can enjoy various fish dishes, and for sure you cannot skip a Limoncello. Talking about dessert the most famous one it’s the “Lingua di Suocera”, a delicious pastry filled with cream. Instead, if you want to try something new: Limoncello spritz it is the answer, you can have a good one at the Chiringuito “Felice Mare” in Marina di Corricella.

Spaghetti Lemon

Where to eat in Procida

Here you can find some great restaurant on the island, highly recommended by locals:

In Corricela:

  • La Lampara, besides the fantastic local food you can enjoy one of the best views on the gulf from its terrace.
  • Fuego: In Italy, and especially in this area, Pizza is a must, and so is this Pizzeria, the best one on the island. Don’t miss its Lemon Pizza! (it can sound weird, but trust me, it is delicious!)
  • Bar Graziella: In Marina, the Coricella restaurants are the most touristic one, but this one kept its simplicity and reasonable prices, the food it’s mouth-watering.

In Marina Grande:

  • Gazebo: great local food, a bit more elaborated.
I hadn’t the time to eat at all the recommended places, but they are on my list for my next visit:

In Ciraciello

  • Lido Vivara
  • Girone

In Marina di Coricella

  • A Chiaiuledd’
  • Crescenzo
Last but not least it’s La Pergola, the only one which is not on the sea but you will enjoy your meal in a suggestive lemon garden.  

Where to sleep:

On the island, you will be able to find some charming B&B and apartments. I stayed at “La Casa Sul Faro”, a lovely B&B a bit outside of the most crowded area, really relaxing, surrounding by nature. From the upper rooms, you will have a breathtaking view! The best part of this B&B it’s the breakfast, which is served in the lemon garden: an experience you won’t forget!  

B&B La Casa Sul Faro

Last tips

I was on the island for a few days, which were perfect for enjoying the magic of this little paradise. If you don’t have enough time, you can also arrange a one-day excursion from Naples or the other island of the gulf. The first boat from Naples is at around 6 am, and the last one from Procida leaves at 8 pm. Last suggestion is about when to go: try to avoid the end of July and August, the most crowded period.


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