A City within a Village: Greenwoods Executive Village, Pasig

January 1, 1970

by Charlene Divine Catral



For 9 years, I have lived within the walls of Greenwoods Executive Village, my house securely positioned within the inner part of the subdivision.  Years ago, the village was not as innovated as it is in the present. Before, there were more trees than there were homes. Only a few villagers lived in the area and only a small number of stores were stationed within. As the years went by, trees that stood as tall as houses themselves were cut down to be able to accommodate the increasing number of residents. There used to be pine trees that made the wind cooler; Acacia trees that give shelter to people from the sun, and Narra trees that stand tall and firm, serving as posts to stabilize the soil. Despite the large number of trees that were cut down for housing, the homeowners did not neglect to grow new trees to replace the old ones by planting some either within their backyards or front yards. Not only have there been an increase in the population of the village but also an increase in business opportunities.



The reason why I believe that my village is a must-visit is that of the number of business sites that can be found within the village. There are numerous places and spots within the village that can be considered as tourist spots and why it is a good means to be kept in mind when you travel

1. Access to Convenience

As I have mentioned above, there are numerous business opportunities within the village that due to these, the village is so wide that people say it is larger than ‘Pateros’ which is one of the cities in the Philippines.Furthermore, there are numerous unique restaurants and fast food stores within the village itself. Different cuisines ranging from roasted or grilling dishes, Chinese food, Filipino dishes, Japanese tastes and much more. Eight-nine Kitchenette is known as the village’s restaurant for Filipino dishes and is run by a fellow homeowner. It has a delivery option that even customers outside of the village order from them. Their dishes are so delicious that their restaurant is even visited by non-villagers just to eat there and enjoy the view as their restaurant is stationed on the top floor of their building. A pizza house and a few cafes are also stationed near the public park of the village where most friends and relatives meet-up for a number of meetings or get-togethers. Two Catholic churches are also stationed within the subdivision. One is already a parish church while the other is a chapel that is made from the project of the previous parish priest of the village. These churches are not just ordinary churches for they are very beautiful that even tourists go visit them.

2. Event Centers

Looking for places that offer a wide range of options when it comes to holding events such as parties, meetings, and reunions? Numerous areas in Greenwoods have business sites that offer an environment where one may hold their chosen events. Catering is also of no problem as the main clubhouse of Greenwoods, as well as some homeowners, have catering as their business. There are even a couple of lots that have small resorts built within the village as well wherein even non-homeowners enjoy the luxury of being able to rent. It is a perfect place to take your friends and family for an outing or just for a small vacation trip if all you’re looking for is a pool, a buffet of food and a nature-friendly environment.

3. Bridge between two cities

The Greenwoods Executive Village is so large that from Pasig it extends till Cainta and Taytay, Rizal. There are more than 10 phases and 12 areas in the village. The main village has two gates. The main gate is found in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig while the other gate is at the farthest end of the village in Cainta, Rizal. There are also some gates that are rarely opened but can give you access to Floodway, Taytay, San Joaquin and many more other places near the area. If you want to travel to places found in Pasig, Cainta, Taytay or somewhere near those cities, you may use the village as a shortcut route given that you would be coming back to the same gate as you would be required to leave a valid ID. If you do not want to subject to the trouble of surrendering your ID, you have the option of acquiring a village sticker from the village office with the requirement that you are either a homeowner or a relative of a homeowner and can show proof of such claim.

4.Residential Opportunities

If you are a citizen of the Philippines whom is around the area because they have business there that would take a long time like 6months to a year, there are also a lot of residential units and options that can be found in the village. There are condominiums and apartments for rent, houses for sale, and lots for sale. A grocery store is in the progress of being built and there are 3 convenience stores inside the village to offer the convenience of having the basic goods and necessities to be easily bought near their households. Salons, gyms, and spas are also available on the main road of the village as well as other recreational areas. Celebrating special occasions and holding parties on event halls and centers within the village also allows the villagers and their visitors; even non-villagers to prepare and celebrate special events in Greenwoods. There are numerous areas within the village that are also visited by outsiders just for the jogging areas available. There are still areas in the village where houses are not built and are used by the people as their running grounds. The vast scenery and ambiance of the place offer comfort and relaxation to everyone while being able to exercise.

The only problem the everyday village or visitor would face in the village would be the traffic they experience during rush hours. In these cases, I advise those who plan to visit and travel or even live in the village to wake up early, travel early so they can arrive at their destinations early. As for those whom do not have a sticker and would be willing to surrender their IDs, be sure to prepare them beforehand to prevent delays in the line of cars and have a smooth flow of road access.

Overall, if you decide to visit the village just for the sake of discovering a new place or to find a good community to live in, I greatly recommend Greenwoods Executive Village for you. Don’t forget to try out eating in the Clash of Burgers with their 8-inch burgers or just grab a Slurpee in the village’s 7-Eleven stores. If you’re more of a Ministop fan, the option is also available for you.

Charlene Divine Catral

By Charlene Divine Catral

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September 11, 2018

Gevhai is super corrupt village as I experienced.


September 26, 2018

I agree. GEVHAI is very corrupt. Car sticker that increases price as years go by and that you need to buy for each one of your cars? Two main gates only for 10+ phases /areas that is very jammed every morning? And odd/even scheme for sandoval avenue but only placed right outside the main gate of Greenwoods? And their wall barricades where outsiders can easily climb and enter the village? They only care about selling lots and houses and business es but their narrow streets, their problem with traffic jams, their not-so-tight-security, their few entrances/exit gates..they do nothing about it. So what\'s so good in \'living\' in there while you pay your dues?


March 22, 2019

I\'m also a residence of Greenwoods for 5 years now.:-)

Renz Raule

April 26, 2019

Hi! I\'ve been seeing a lot of ads about houses for sale in Greenwoods. What I\'m curious about is the flooding situation as the subdivision is just beside Manggahan Floodway. How bad is the flood in Greenwoods, I mean what\'s the highest flood you experienced while living there (knee deep, waist deep?) and how often. I hope you will spend some time and efgort to respond to my request for info. Thsnk you so much!


July 19, 2019

What\'s the flooding situation in the village? Is it bad?