9 Attractive Spots To Visit When in Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and a major hotspot for global investors. It is a renown hub for transnational firms and an established hub in the East African economy. Nairobi has outstanding beauty and elegance, which include the thriving natural habitat and wildlife to the salient views of towers and skyscrapers. A visitor to the city enjoys the wonderful scenery from the top of KICC building and a vast option of shopping and dining areas. There are many scenic and beautiful places you must visit to make the most of your trip to Nairobi.

1. The Jeevanjee Gardens

A sculpture of Alibhai Mulla Jeevanjee at Jeevanjee Gardens

This is a serene place in the middle of the Central Business District (CBD). The garden is used as a recreation site and has numerous attractive sculptures, artistic benches, and shady and leafy trees. It is a good spot to relax with friends, family or alone. If you love to picnic and family events, this is a great place you must visit to enjoy the tranquility and beauty in the middle of a busy city. Jeevanjee Gardens is a great place to relax and peaceful escape and is surrounded by numerous restaurants and shopping centers.

2. Paradise Lost

For nature lovers,  a visit to Paradise Lost is fun and thrilling. This is a retreat center located a few Kilometers outside Nairobi City along the road to Kiambu town. Paradise lost is a maze of many caves and has a stunning waterfall amidst a natural growth forest. If you love birds, you will catch sight of several bird species including ostriches. While in this place, visitors can engage themselves in fun activities such as boat riding, camping, and horse riding.

3. Bomas of Kenya


The Amazing African Dresses and Fashion on Display at Bomas of Kenya

If you love culture and people, you should visit this center to see the beautiful cultures and way of life of the Kenyan people. Bomas of Kenya is about 10km from the middle of Nairobi city. At the site, visitors will enjoy diverse aspects of the culture of Kenyans, which include acrobatic shows, music, and dances. Also, visitors will enjoy the broad array of Kenyan cuisines with explanation and guide from experts at the center. Bomas of Kenya has a beautiful landscape and Utamaduni Restaurant where you will enjoy sumptuous meals from different cultures in Kenya.

4. Nairobi National Park

A Rhino at the Nairobi National Park

This the first and oldest National Park in Kenya and is home to many wildlife species. It located about 7 km from the CBD. Notably, the park is a renowned global sanctuary for the endangered Rhinos, with a population of about 50 of these animals. At the park, visitors will see, in addition to the Rhinos, warthogs, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, cheetahs, lions, and an array of different bird species. The park includes the Nairobi Safari Walk, a popular trail that gives visitors the opportunity to see wildlife while walking on foot. The Safari Walk also passes through the Hippo Pools where individuals catch sight of hippos. At the entry of the Park, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust gives an opportunity to bond with orphaned rhinos and elephants.

5. Karen Blixen Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum, Nairobi

This is a popular attraction located at the foot of the Ngong Hills was the house of Out of Africa author, Karen Blixen. She lived in the house from 1917 to 1931 and ran a coffee plantation. Visitors tour this place to explore the colonial coffee farms, kitchen, and coffee processing center. There are pieces of furniture that belonged to Karen and her husband on the site and several books and photographs of the couple. There are guides at the center who comprehensively explain the Karen Blixen story and the colonial history of Kenya.

6. Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum

The museum is located along Museum Hill Road closer to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation headquarters. At the center, visitors can spend hours seeing the displays of Kenyan culture and an outstanding exhibition of natural diversity. There are more than 900 stuffed fossils of birds and animals, fossils from Lake Turkana, and displays of the cultural diversity of Kenyan people. There is a geology gallery where visitors see a broad array of rock collection and minerals as well as learn about tectonic plates and volcanic activities. There is a collection of prehistoric bones and fossils that include elephant fossils. When purchasing tickets, visitors can include double tickets to visit the bordering Snake Park with many specimens of the popular reptiles in Kenya.

7. Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC)

A View of Nairobi from the KICC Helipad

This tower was named after the First President of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta. This is a cylindrical skyscraper that decorates that landscape of Nairobi, located adjacent to the Parliament buildings and Nairobi City Hall. It is a recognized center for conferences, exhibitions, and prominent meetings. Although it is not the tallest skyscraper in Nairobi, it is the most popular and historic building in Nairobi CBD. the pale terracotta appearance is related to the appearance of traditional houses. The central plenary hall was designed to resemble the ancient Roman Senate. Visitors go to the rooftop to enjoy the landscape and aerial views of Nairobi city and surrounding regions. There are several restaurants at the center where guests can enjoy meals from the diverse Kenyan culture.

8. Ngong Hills

A Scenic View of the Sky and Landscape From the Peak of Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills is a popular place for people who love hiking. Visitors will enjoy a respite from the city heat and beautiful scenic views. They are located several kilometers from Nairobi CBD. There are several trails that people use to hike the hills. While hiking, visitors can catch sight of gazelles, bushbucks, baboons, and buffalos grazing along the roadside. The grave of Karen Blixen husband is also found on the slopes Ngong Hills. Visitors enjoy the thrill of beautiful views from the peaks and a landscape decorated with several windmill turbines.

9. The Kenya National Archives

Kenya National Archives, Opp. KENCOM Bus Station

The site is located in the middle of CBD, opposite KENCOM Bus Station. The place is good for visitors who want to learn about the Kenyan political history. Kenya National Archives was established in 1965 shortly after Kenya gained independence and became a Republic. There are numerous collections of stamps, a gallery of freedom fighters and the Kenya Political Elites. There are also vasts collections of African and cultural artifacts. There is much to know and enjoy about Kenyan politics and colonial history at this site.

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