8 top places to visit in Corfu: for travelers with a car

January 1, 1970

by Ugne Papievyte

What got us to Corfu? Actually, the last minute flight tickets for a very good price, Greek food and beaches. And also the curiosity, because although I have heard about this island, I didn’t know where it is. We landed in Corfu airport at the end of the March. This time is an off-season, but very perfect time, if you want to avoid tourists and have a nice weather as well.

So at first, a little bit about Corfu (also called Kerkyra). This is an island in Greece, belonging to Ionian islands, situated in the north-west side of the country. With a little bit more than 100 thousand inhabitants. It’s really not big. We rented a car for the full 4 days and it’s perfectly enough time to visit all the main attractions and drive around the whole island, without even changing the accommodation spot.

So here are the 8 top places worth visiting, while you are in Corfu and you have rented a car for at least several days. You can put your order of these according to the place on the map.

#8 Achillion palace

This big palace is situated in a middle of an island, more on the east seaside. There is a beautiful garden outside of the palace and a panoramic view of the Corfu city. Inside the palace, there are a lot of mirrors and fancy furniture. Everything here feels really royal and luxurious. It’s a little bit history behind it. In the 19th century the Empress of Austria, also known as Sisi, after visiting Corfu, decided that this is the great place to build the palace of her own, to have a great getaway spot during vacation. And also to show how she admires Greece, especially it’s culture.

Achillion palace

#7 Canal d’Amour

If you haven’t seen any kind of seaside formations, rocks and caves like that, you should definitely go there. Canal d’Amour is in the north side of the island, in Sidari village, located 36 km from the Corfu town. According to the traditions, couples who swim through the canals will likely get married soon. So grab your lover’s hand and go for it! Also, there is a nice beach nearby, with sandy shores and crystal clear water.

Canal D’Amour

#6 Palaiokastritsa

Maybe you want to have even more perfect beach day? You need to go to Palaiokastritsa beaches then. They are situated in the north-east side of the island, in several cosy bays, offering a variety of activities (like renting a boat, visit aquarium, snorkel, hiking) and some Greek traditional tavernas nearby. One of the most beautiful beach there is Agios Spiridon (also one of the most beautiful in Corfu), surrounded by green hills. The water is a nice turquoise blue colour and very clear.

Agios Spiridon beach

#5 Donkey Rescue centre

I think the nicest initiative in Corfu island is Donkey Rescue centre. This place is held on a dedication of volunteers. When you arrive here you will see dozens of donkeys, brought here after dropped somewhere, unneeded anymore. There they have perfect conditions to rest, after the hard carrier duties they had. People who come can brush them, pet, the atmosphere here is very free. Also, you will see some dogs, cats who also end up here, no more needed to anyone. The owner of this place meets you very friendly and tells the whole history of this place. And it’s completely for free. It’s a nice story about how this all started just from one woman, who wanted to help these hardworking animals to live a better life.

#4 Porto Timoni beach

If you love hiking and after that lay down on the beach to rest, it’s a perfect combination in Corfu. Porto Timoni beaches are situated in the north-west coast. You will need to leave your car up in the mountains and go hike for around half an hour down to reach 2 opposite beaches connected with a narrow piece of land. The view is just stunning, so very worth taking a hike here. Also, we saw some people who came here with a tent and stayed overnight. I think it’s very worth doing it because the sunsets here are very beautiful. At the same time, you can see a sunrise at the other opposite of the beach the next morning.

Porto Timoni beach

#3 Corfu town (Kerkyra)

It’s the main town on the island, situated on the east coast. There are several fortresses, museums, churches with an amazing architecture. The streets are narrow and very cosy. If you are coming with a car to town, try search cheaper places to park a car, maybe a little bit outside of a city centre, the walk here is not long. You will pay around 3 euros for parking for the whole day.

Corfu town

#2 Angelokastro

The sound of silence. This is the perfect description of this place. After you park a car you will need to overcome many steps to the top, but it’s not so unbeatable as it might seem from the first sight. Maybe around 10-15 min hike up. A perfect view is guaranteed. Truly worth visiting spot in this island. Nothing more to tell about it, you just need to come and see.


#1 Highest peak Pantokrator

If you want more stunning views from the top, mountain Pantokrator is a must visit. Before doing a trip to the highest peak of an island, you should decide which driver is the most fearless and enduring, because the whole trip to the top can take about an hour drive in serpentine. I did that and after that, I was very tired. Nevertheless, the views are one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. At this top point (1km above the sea level) you can see almost all island and even your airport path! Also the mountains of Albania, which tops are covered with snow, and some part of Greece. Don‘t rush to leave this place, feel the energy it has.

Mountain Pantokrator

Extra tips

So as you have read the whole article (or at least scroll to the end), here are some extra tips of worth visiting spots. As you probably noticed, all of these places are more in the north of the island. So thinking about the accommodation, I would suggest choosing something more in the north and near the beach. You will save some money on petrol. Also, pick the western side of the island and prepare for really stunning sunsets!

Ugne Papievyte

By Ugne Papievyte

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