8 Restaurants you must try in Lille – France

Lille is a really nice city in the north of France, close to Belgium. That’s why it has the best beers in town! I lived there during my year abroad and I loved it. So I want to share with you some of the food places I really liked and that you must try! This will help you if you are visiting or passing by this amazing city or you live in it and ran out of ideas. As I said it is a small city so it is quite easy to get around and most of the places I mention are in Centre Ville (downtown) or Vieux Lille (old town) For the new visitors, you need to have in mind that La Cuisine Française can be particular and may vary between regions. So if you are expecting to try escargots, well I’m sorry to tell you, this is not the place for that. But if you love the cheese then you are definitely in the right one. Don’t worry, I’m giving you a list of places with different culinary specialties for every kind of taste too!

1) L’îlot

This is a bar that offers really good beer and wine in a casual atmosphere. It is a great place to hang out with your Friends. But it is also a great place to try one of the most traditional dishes in the city: Le Welsh. This is a special dish made with cheddar cheese and beer. On the bottom, it has a slide of bread (obviously French bread) and ham, all covered by cheese. If you are a cheese lover, you’ll love it! Additionally, it comes with bread and French fries as a side to eat all the melting cheese ¡Yummi!  You also have burgers and some salads but the menu is limited. Prices vary between 12-15 euros. Lunchtime is from 12h to 14h but it opens till 12 am. After lunchtime you will only have drinks and Les planches apéritives (appetizer boards) that are pretty good too. It is recommended to make a reservation for lunch.

2) Le Broc

This is one of my favorite restaurants. If you’re looking for a more elegant place but at a reasonable price, then this is it! Here, you can also try Le Welsh (the dish described earlier) but instead of fries, it comes with sautéed potatoes that makes it more special and really good too! There are more options on the menu with other French specialties like Omelettes, Crepes, Salads, and desserts. Here you have the option to chose a Menu that includes an entrée, main dish, dessert and a drink (something I love about French restaurants!) One thing I recommend you to try as a cocktail is the Piña Colada (believe me is amazing!) Prices, in general, goes from 10 EUR to 30 EUR (menus are more expensive) and there are two restaurants, one at Vieux Lille and one at Centre Ville. It is better to make a reservation Opening hours are Lunchtime: 12h – 14h Dinner time: 19h00 – 22h30 This can vary according to the day and the restaurant, so check before going.

3) Papá Raffaellle

If you want to try something else than French cuisine, then this is a great place. Papá Raffaelle (as you can imagine by the name) is a really good Italian restaurant! Its specialty is Italian pizzas. I went there with my Italian best friend so she can be the judge and she loved it! It was the first time I tried a pizza with pesto sauce instead of the tomato sauce and it was heaven!! The menu has a large list of options for pizzas and other Italians specialties. I recommend one pizza for two persons but it depends how hungry you are. You must make a reservation otherwise you won’t find a table and I suggest you follow their Instagram account (@paparaffaelefamiglia) to check all the amazing things they offer! It is located at Vieux Lille. Opening hours: Lunchtime: 12h-14h Dinner time: 19h-14

4) Le Comptoir Volant

For the meat lovers, this is a really good burgers place! They have a restaurant and a food truck. The restaurant is at Vieux Lille and the food truck has different locations. I recommend you to follow their Instagram account check the menu and the locations of the food truck (@le_comptoir_volant). Here you can find a different combination of burgers with French cheese!! However, my favorite dish wasn’t a burger, it was Le tartare de boeuf à l’italienne (Steak tartare). It is raw meat with pesto sauce and parmesan cheese. Completely delicious!! It is a casual restaurant and of course, you don’t need to make a reservation. Opening hours: Lunch Time: 12h-14h Dinner time: 19-21h30 It is closed on Mondays and the hours may vary the weekends.

5) Pancook

This is a really nice comfy place. In this restaurant, the specialty – as the name says it- is the pancooks. A pancook is a bread in a basket shape filled with a type of meat and sauce (as you can see on the picture). Usually, they offer three different pancooks. I chose the degustation option that came with three small- medium of them to try all. I totally recommend you to try it! Opening hours: Lunchtime: 12h-14h Dinner time: 19h – 22h It is closed on Sundays. On Saturdays, it opens only for dinner and on Mondays and Tuesdays only for lunch.

6) L’arrière pays

The specialty in this restaurant is Les tartines. It is a dish with two slices of French bread and on top, they have different types of meat, sauces, and cheese. You can choose a variety of combination, from pesto sauce to more traditional ones. I can’t recommend just one because all of them are pretty good! It is located at Vieux Lille and you don’t need to make a reservation. Opening hours: every day from 12h – 23h

7) L’impertinente

Finally, but not least, for those who crave something sweet or a cup of coffee this is the ideal place! L’impertinent is a small cafeteria with really good homemade desserts. You can’t make reservations and there is usually a lot of people making a line. You can also order to go if it is full but you have to try it! They offer different cakes, desserts, and beverage according to the season so I recommend you to follow their Instagram account (@limpertinentlille) to check their specialties and news. It is my favorite place on earth. It is really comfy and perfect to go with your friends or your couple. Opening hours: 13h-18h It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and the hours can change during weekends.

8) Méert

Another place that couldn’t miss on my list is Le Meert. It is a really famouos French restaurant and a cafeteria. Of course, it is a bit more expensive but totally worth it. I was speechless with the desserts. You have to try them! This place is located at Vieux Lille and you can eat inside which I recommend because it is magical or you can take your dessert to go too. Opening hours: To eat in the restaurant 12-14h30 and 19h30-22h00 For the Tea Salon 9h00 – 22h00

Daniela Vallejo

I’m a 22 year old psychology and hospitality student from Quito, Ecuador (South America). I’ve traveled around America. I have lived twice in France (year abroad) and travel a lot around Europe too! Latina that speaks Spanish, English and French 🙂 I love to eat, dance and drink so I always try to remember the best places I’ve been to.