8 places to visit in the city of Bor and eastern Serbia

January 1, 1970

by Marija

Mining tourism exists in Serbia.

There is one city in Serbia that many tourists refer to as a Serbian Disneyland. Did you know that there is such a thing in the world? Yes, there is, and its name is Bor. Anyone who comes to this city located in eastern Serbia, after entering the settlement notices right away that Bor is an industrial city but also an unusual attraction for tourism. At the entrance of the city, there is a statue of a miner, as a welcome. Throughout the main street of the city, as in the museum, mining exhibits are arranged. You can see mechanization and vehicles: locomotives, transportation wagons, a large dumper 12 meters high…

Bor is an industrial city that produces copper, gold, and silver.

For many many years, Bor has been known as one of the largest industrial centers in Europe. This region of Serbia is well-known for its largest company –  RTB Bor, which is the only producer of the precious metal in this country. Exploitation of ore at this mine site has been going on since 1903.

Bor - Serbia

Combination of urban and industrial city zones.

Tourists come from different parts of the world.

Bor has become a popular destination for tourism in eastern Serbia a few years ago. Some of the attractions can be seen only in this part of Serbia. Visitors aren’t just local tourists, but a large number of them come from abroad: from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Poland, Japan and other. Visitors of Bor and its surroundings, of exceptional natural beauty, can expect unexpected.

Every tourist needs to visit these places.

In Serbia, Bor is distinguished by the attractions that are specific to this region. Every tourist who visits this mining city must see these places.

1. A surface mine and its viewpoint

Anyone who visits the city of Bor for the first time is directed to see a surface mine and its viewpoint. It is the largest artificial hole in Europe about 500 meters deep. The old Bor surface mine has been abandoned for almost two decades. This view can leave you breathless, and sightseeing and photographing is permitted and safe.

2. Café “Jama”

Café “Jama” is located 400 m underground, in the very center of the mine. Visitors can go to this mining café via an elevator, which descends underground for several minutes. The café surface is 65 m2, it is located inside of the mined tunnel and is completely safe. The temperature in the cafe is about 18 degrees Celsius. Guests must wear the mining helmets on their heads, and they can drink coffee, tea, and juice. The cafe is closed on weekends. Visits are permitted only in groups, run by organized tour guides.

3. Zoo

A very attractive tourism destination in Bor for tourism. The zoo has about 120 animals and some of them are a white lion, tiger, bear, wolf, kangaroo, coyote, fox, monkey, crocodile, snakes, mongoose, zebras, and many others. The zoo has a landscaped parking with access, as well as a variety of items. There is a children’s park for the youngest, as well as a refreshment cafe.

Bor - Serbia

Animal zoo in the city of Bor

4. Brestovac spa

The Brestovac Spa is located near Bor, only ten minutes away from the city. The spa is also called a Royal spa (“Dvorska banja”) because it is built by two Serbian dynasties of kings. Brestovac spa is very healthy for people because of natural sources of thermo-mineral water, which is used for the treatment of bone, for joint, of a spine and for a disease of the skin. The most famous water sources in this spa are water sources for nerves, an eye, for kidneys, etc.

Bor - Serbia

Brestovac spa near city of Bor

5. Bor lake

Lake Bor is the most attractive destination of the region, only 20 km away from Bor. This is the jewel of eastern Serbia. This artificial lake is located at the foot of the mountain Crni vrh, and is full of swimmers during the summer time. Lake is clean and nature around it is untouched. The most popular beaches are the beach for young people, the main beach, and the hotel beach. The color of the water in the Bor lake is clear, blue and transparent and one of cleanest waters in Serbia. It is therefore very attractive for swimming and other water activities. Around the lake, there is a long hiking trail. It is ideal for all who love sports, walks, and cycling. The access is good, the road is accessible and very well arranged. The tourists can stay at a modern and well-equipped hotel, also at a lot of private villas. Also, food lovers can try very delicious specialties like a special kind of pancake (“Vlaske palacinke”), grilled lamb, and so on.



Bor - Serbia

Bor lake, view on hotel


Bor - Serbia

Bor lake, the jewel of eastern Serbia

6. Mountain Crni vrh

Not far from Bor is the popular winter ski resort Crni Vrh. The ski resort has two ski slopes and ski lift about 1400 meter long, and a mountain cottage. This mountain is rich with pine and beech forest and the air is clean and healthy. From the ski lift, you can see a fantastic sight from the foot to the top of the mountain.

7. Lazar`s cave

Lazar`s cave is located near the Zlot village. Lazar`s caves are a natural phenomenon and one of the largest in Europe. People can walk through this underground cave and see fantastic shapes and halls of cave jewelry, formed hundreds of thousands of years ago. You can see the Hall of Blocks, the Hall of Bet, the form of Bizon, the forms of Conductor and much more.

8. Lazar`s canyon

Lazar`s canyon is a destination for tourism, also located near the Zlot village, in the municipality of Bor city. It is one of the most impassable canyons in Serbia. The edges are very steep, no hiking goes trail through the canyon and people can’t go through the canyon. But there is a viewpoint on the top, to which people can climb. It offers a fantastic view of the entire canyon.

Bor - Serbia

Lazar’s canyon and Lazar’s cave

Selfy is required.

I hope I gave you good impressions from Bor, my hometown, and hope that you will visit eastern Serbia some day.

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