7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco

January 1, 1970

by Abdellah Ait-hamou


If you have never been to Morocco, this article will, I believe, walk you through several aspects on why you should consider obtaining a flight ticket, packing your bags and heading toward this beautiful country as soon as your schedule allows.


1) Accessibility

Morocco is a welcoming destination to foreigners from all over the world. Visa is not required for many countries and tourists can stay up to three months with a passport only.


There are, however, some exceptions. A list of other countries is meant to apply for a visa in order to pay a visit. No worries; visa prices for these countries’ citizens are not expensive. For instance, Ukrainian tourists, for whom visa is a necessity, can apply with a price of approximately 75 USD.


For those who may want to stay longer than three months, they can simply apply for a visa extension once they arrive to the city of their choice at the police station.


2) Weather

Besides In the North, where the weather bears some comparatively resemblance to that of Europe, coming down the road toward the other directions in all ways gives you a feel of the warmth this beautiful country has to offer.


There are, though, apparent distinctions as to what time of the year that has the best temperature.

To make this clear, we had better break it down as follows;


The hottest of the year are the summer months with a temperature that can reach up to 40° C and above especially in the Sahara region.


The spring is the best time of the year in my own opinion, as I’m fond of natural panoramic views of which Morocco is rich enough.


Spring and fall are usually warm and winter months are the coolest but it still has nothing to do with the low temperature of Europe and North America.

<strong><a href='https://travelista.club/best-places-for-backpackers/morocco/casablanca/'>Casablanca</a></strong>

3) People

Moroccan people are known by their hospitality and respect for their guests. So being a tourist is no different than coming over to a best friend’s house whom will make every effort to please you and make you comfortable.


And what’s better than connecting to different people in the country you’re visiting, exchanging ideas and experiences, and contemplating their way of life.


Since spoken language is the best way through which to communicate with other people, you can find English and French speaking people in most major cities of Morocco even though their native language is Arabic. But I recommend that you find some Moroccan friends on the Internet before traveling and arrange to meeting them when you’re in their hometown.
<strong><a href='https://travelista.club/best-places-for-backpackers/morocco/agadir/'>Agadir</a></strong> Morocco

4) Attractive cities

Located in the southern part of the Mediterranean, and lined by the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco represents the gateway of Africa.


As a tourist, there’s not a single chance to run out of choices as to how many attractive and diversified places in which you are to spend your time.


With the most important international Airport Mohamed V that links the kingdom to all major cities of the world, Casablanca is a must see even if your intention is to visit other famous cities such as Marrakech and Agadir. The biggest city in Morocco, known as the economic capital due to its huge industrial and commercial activities, attracts tourists from all continents.


If you’re looking for a swim, beaches are abundant whether in Casablanca or in other cities that are bordered by the Atlantic Coast such as El Jadida, Agadir, and Dakhla. The latter, located in the south of the country, is a destination for desert seekers. Its arid weather, tranquility, and splendid beaches reward visitors with an opportunity for contemplation and peace of mind away from the crowds.


If you’re interested in climbing or maybe just rejoicing in the beauty of mountains, you have that covered. The region of Azilal that’s lying about 220 km from Casablanca and being part of the central High Atlas, possesses many high mountain peaks that catch the eye.

moroccan tagine

5) Foods

It’s said that the best way into the man’s – and I would say including the woman’s – heart is through his/her stomach. This explains why many foreigners have fallen in love with Morocco through the peculiar variety of delicious foods they were to taste.


I have friends overseas who became fans of Tagine, Couscous and other Moroccan meals that are popular by their magnificent taste and nutritious benefits. Moreover, they prepare them on a regular basis side by side with the food that they have long been accustomed to.


Moroccan meals are mostly accompanied with bread and preceeded by tea that is one of the most important things a Moroccan table consists of with all the other elements.


6) Events

If you’re lucky enough, your visit should coincide with some of the breathtaking and engaging events that take place every now and then in different areas and in different times of the year.


As an Islamic country, various religious events take place periodically and add a unique taste days, and in other cases, weeks before they actually come to life.


Ramadan, for example, the sacred month for Muslims colors the whole country and surprises foreigners with a seemingly change of atmosphere and everyday lifestyle in a positive way. People fast all day, get together, attend prayers more often and wear traditional clothes.


Traditional events are to be mentioned as well. Moussem Tbourida is one of the practices inherited by horse owners from ancestors. Teams from many regions compete with each other. Every team expose their talents by riding their horses and shouting in the air simultaneously using their rifles.


7) Historic legacy

This Beautiful country, known also as Maghreb, is a product of a long history of more than 12 centuries. With that being said, it’s no wonder that no matter which city you visit, there will be many interesting stories to learn and many memories to keep.

And speaking of memories, regardless of your next destination, in the end, I hope you will walk away with delightful memories.

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