7 reasons to visit Lombok

Lombok is almost the same size as Bali just about 40 kilometers away on the East but still remains undiscovered. This is a great time to visit it before it becomes so popular and crowded as his famous sister.  I will tell you in secret that the island itself has many beautiful places and the nicest people I have met in Indonesia. Read the information below and book your flight!

What to see in Lombok?

The 7 reasons to visit Lombok are:
  1. Gili Islands

    3 small paradise islands: Gili Trawangan – The Party Island, Gili Meno: The Honeymoon Island, Gili Air: The Chill Island. Depends on what you would like to do, every one of them is unique and you will feel relaxed after 1 hour of looking at the crystal clear sea. And then you can choose between sunbathing, snorkeling, biking, partying and other interesting activities.
  2. Gunung Rinjani

    If you are a hiking fan or just want to enjoy spectacular views, you have to climb the still active volcano. Before the climb ensure yourself that you are in shape to climb the mountain which height is 3,726 m (12,224 ft). The hike takes 2 days but definitely is worth the effort. You can book a guided tour in many touristic places.
  3. Waterfalls

    Located in the north part of Lombok are one of the most breathtaking highlights of the Island. You can sit there and listen to the sound of falling water for hours! You can go there on your own or join guided tours offered almost everywhere.
  4. Beaches

    Many spectacular and beautiful spots worth seeing. One of the best is Selong Belanak with perfect, smooth sand and many surfing schools. You should definitely try the sport there – you will be hooked since then. Despite the Selong Belanak, there are many other worth seeing: Pink Beach – with pinkish sand which took the color from small fragments of the coral and turquoise water. Getting there by land may be difficult due to lack of asphalt road but again – it is worth the effort! And you will get a very instagrammable photo if you know what I mean! Mawi Beach – just from the south from Selong Belanak. The beach for more advanced surfers. Last but not least – Kuta Mandalika. The beach itself is not one of the world’s wonders but it perfectly closes the tourist spot on the south of Lombok.
  5. Kuta

    Mentioned above is a wonderful place to stay a little bit longer. During your time there u can choose from many hostels, hotels and guest rooms available and also dine yourself in many great places. You can also meet very friendly expats and enjoy your time in their coffee shops. I have to admit that coffee is really outstanding there! Kuta has this chilled and relaxed vibe that you will extend your stay (as I did).
  6. Sasak villages

    Indonesia has this special thing about it, that every Island has its own culture. According to the United Nations, there are total 14,752 islands from which 922 permanently inhabited. It means that Indonesia is very… very diverse country. This is one of the reasons why it is so magical! Lombok is famous for their Sasak people who live in Sasak villages. Worth visiting is Sukarara – famous from weaving where you can see how the beautiful materials are made and also you can buy beautiful sarong for your own needs. Must see is Sade – the oldest traditional village. To understand the culture fully you should hire a local guide (not very expensive) who will show you everything around. If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to learn to weave on your own.
  7. Mosques

    Contrary to Bali, the dominant religion in Lombok is Islam. It is also called “an island of 1000 mosques” which are worth seeing. Unfortunately, many of them on the north were destroyed during the massive earthquake in August 2018 but they are being rebuilt. Those located in the center and on south remained untouched. You have to be aware that prayers (which starts at 4:30 in the morning) are very loud so if you booked a place near to mosque you will have early wake up. Unless you have a very deep sleep.

Kuta Mandalika Beach

Kuta Mandalika Beach on a cloudy day

The Gym in Loka Lombok

Where to stay in Lombok?

From mine point of view, Kuta is the best place to stay as it has very good accommodation and dining base. When you are a backpacker and you would like to meet other friendly tourists you should definitely try Boogie Hostel. Very nice and clean place with the nicest and caring staff I have ever met. If you would like separate rooms and hit a workout (CrossFit or Muay Thai or your own) you should choose Loka Lombok – a friendly hotel, coffee shop and the gym. If you are looking for something fancier and need more privacy, try Family House Lombok – very nice spacious rooms with a beautiful pool.

Where to eat in Lombok?

Kuta has also a very impressive base of restaurants and other places to eat from local to international cuisine. Definitely, you won’t be hungry! You will find my suggestions below (mainly international):


  • Kuta Lombok – there are many breakfast options but I highly recommend eggs benedict or smoothie bowls (served in a frozen coconut!) with delicious coffee. The best place to start a day feeling energized and ready for all the adventures.
  • Milk Espresso – more expensive but worth the price. I recommend salmon benedict and really great black coffee.


  • Yogi Bar – you can eat there all they long but I recommend it for a light lunch with a view (if you choose the second floor). I highly recommend quiche lorraine with a glass of wine or coconut water if you want a healthy option.


  • El Bazar Café & Restaurant – fantastic choice of meat and other meals. My recommendation would be beef kebab.
  • The Mexican in Town – Nice but little loud place but their quesadilla is outstanding.
  • Legend Café – Extremely friendly staff and also great food. Quesadilla is phenomenal. And did I mention that I love this meal?

Salmon Benedict at Milk Espresso

Smoothie bowl at Loka Lombok

Eggs Benedict at Loka Lombok

Lombok is a small but very diverse and interesting island. You will find many places to see and activities worth doing and you should try it before every spot will be packed with visitors. So plan your trip and enjoy your stay!

Olga Mazurowska

Sociologist passionate about travelling. After quitting the 9 to 5 job seeking for the opportunities to know the people around the world.