7 Days In Finland? This Is What You Can Do

May 25, 2019

by Hönnä

Hello, This is my guide to Finland, a guide for peoples who come to a vocation in Finland from behind the sea. Here I listed one of the best places and the best things that you can do in Finland.

First, let’s get you to know Finland. What is Finland like? What kind of weather there is? What should I wear and when?

The city looks a little bit old. But to me, it looks beautiful that way. And if I’m right, Helsinki is the only city with the underground world. There is an underground bus terminal in the Kamppi and subway stations. you can even walk from Kamppi to Forum in the underground.

Finland has mostly subarctic climate type but in the south, it is a warm-summer humid continental type of climate, so we have lots of green forests.
The weather is quite warm in spring. Let’s say in April the weather gets first time warm, it hits to 15 degrees sometimes. But stays often at the 5 to 10 degrees.
Summer starts really after  June when the temperature can be over 30 degrees and the sun almost doesn’t set down at all.
At the autumn weather drops below 15 quite fast and lots of water start to rain. Snow starts raining often after the Christmas season and stays around three months. Of course in northern cities like Oulu and Kuopio snow stays longer. Then the temperature in the winter season is -10 to -20 degrees. But in north temperature can be -40 to -50 degrees.

places where you can visit


Suomenlinna is an old sea Fortress in Finland. It’s a historical monument which construction work began in the year 1748. It is one of the biggest tourist traps in Finland. That island has many restaurants and there are sometimes concerts too. That place is really good for a picnic.

an amusement park called linnanmäki

Linnanmäki is the only amusement park in Helsinki, and its located in the Pasila. You can get easily in Pasila by taking any train from Helsinki railway station. Linnanmäki is open the whole day so you can spend the entire day there with your family and there are lots of cool rides, fast phased, slow phased rides, mirror rooms, and terrace restaurants.

Are you tired of warm weather in winter and you want to experience the cold climate, cold water and snow? Well, this is one of the best countries to do so. Between December and March weather can be -5 to -30 degrees. Helsinki offers you a lot of opportunities in winter to go to ice-water swim and sauna.  If you want to experience cold weather but cold water is not so tempting, you can go and relax in hot tubs too in outside. Hotel Rantapuisto is the one good place where you can have an opportunity to go ice swimming.  The place is not really that expensive from one night.

restaurants and bars

If you want to experience a sauna in Helsinki, then the best place for it is Helsinki’s Löyly Restaurant. It has everything, sauna, restaurant and of course terraces and events.  You can also plan different kinds of meetings in there. Löyly is located in the beach of Hernesaari. So there is a really beautiful sighting’s from the terraces to the city and sea.

There are also Asian restaurants in the Kamppi and all around the city.


But if you rather like to party and dancing. You probably like Baari kärpänen. There are also karaoke rooms for people who like to sing but they are available only after 22.00 Friday and Saturday. Other days karaoke rooms are available after 23.00. That place fits well in you if you are a party animal.

If you just want to chill out, sit and relax and enjoy the weather. The best bar for that is in the center of the Helsinki close to the train station, it’s called Ooster. Not expensive, or noisy. I personally like that place. When I go outside I usually go there and wait for my friends on the terrace.

What can I say about the restaurants? Food is quite expensive compared to the size of the dishes, they give in every restaurant. Then again it’s just my option. To me, almost everything is expensive here: Food, Coca-Cola, Drinks, etc. But the food is always good, and so is customer service and I’m proud of it.

about the shopping possibilities

That is a big shopping mall in the heart of Helsinki called Kamppi. It has 5 floors and each of them has many different shops.  There are some activities on the 4th floor: Bowling & Night Club. There are lots of good music in the bar and it’s open from 10.00 to 00.00 every Monday and Tuesday, on Wednesday and Thursday it closes in 01.00. On Friday it closes in 3 a clock and Sunday in 23. Kamppi is a good shopping mall also because it’s connected close to the subway station and the main bus station where you get everywhere. From the subway, you can get to the Forum, Train Station and Itä-keskus. Forum and itä-keskus are other big shopping malls. And there are many great shopping places in Train Station and all over the Helsinki.


the Cruise

Do you want to go a one day cruise? That works too! You can easily go one day cruise to Estonia. Harbor is located in Olympiaranta. The cruise takes about 9 hours and the trip might cost less than food in restaurants, 20e or less. You can also go to the 1-night trip that costs 60 euros. (for children the cruise is cheaper) Including cabin and breakfast. I personally take last-minute trips to Estonia without breakfasts. There are great bars and shops. Some of the boats have indoor swimming pools and sauna’s where I like to spend evenings. But I still some reason chose the night club. It’s probably because I’m still quite young. Hre’s a picture about Silja Tallink

Of course, there are other boat companies too…

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