6 Wonders To Discover If You Visit Budapest

January 1, 1970

by Luca Michaletzky

In the past years Budapest have became a popular travel destination. No wonder why, the capital of Hungary in the very middle of Europe is a beatiful and exciting city, full of wonders you should discover – so much to see, so little time! But here I am, a proud citizen of Buda (the left side of Budapest) to guide you where to go and what to see! I introduce you not only the Must-see sights, but also the most interesting programs such as escape a horror room or skate on a frozen lake – and give you some advice what to pack and how to travel if you visit this beautiful European capital.

The Weather

Due to our location, Budapest has a classic temperate climate: cold in the winter months, hot in the summer. (Although sping and fall are slowly disappearing, thanks climate change…) If you come between November and March, pack your warm coat, scarf, cap and gloves, and I also advise you to bring some stockings under your pants – this way you will easily cope with the -5 +5 Celsius degrees. In the summer prepare yourself for some seriously hot days, since the temperature can be easily rise up to 35 Celsius degrees!

The basics

You might know that Budapest has two parts: Buda and Pest, divided by the river Danube (in Hungarian: Duna). Budapest is the biggest city of Hungary and the 9th biggest city of the European Union: 1,7 million people live here. The downtown of the city is mainly at Pest, Buda is considered as a more conservative, classy area, but in the past years these attributes are slowly vanishing, and the inner parts of the city are hip and bubbling on both sides.


From the airport you must take a taxi to bring you to the downtown. I hate to say, but Uber is banned in Hungary (but Airbnb is not, wink-wink) and the taxi drivers can be quite unreliable, so if you insist to use their services be aware and assertive! It is totally unnecessary to rent a car if you plan to stay only at Budapest: traffic jams are nightmares and parking is expensive, but public transportation is well-organized! There are four subway lines and many trams and buses at Budapest. If you are a tourist, consider to buy a Budapest Card for 24, 48 or 72 hours (for 20-40 AUD). With this you can use the public transportation, enter to many museums, participate at walking tours – it is a great opportunity. City bike is also available at Budapest, which is a great and healthy way to discover the city.

So, let’s start the Travel guide and dive into the wonders of Budapest!

1st wonder: At the riverside

The river Danube, that divides Budapest is a beautiful sight on its own right. There are sidewalks on both sides – also bicycle road – so you can take a long walk either at the Buda or the Pest side (to watch Pest or Buda, both are stunning) and walk across one of the bridges. In the warmer season you can also take a boat ride and just admire the view.

Alongside the Danube, photo: Pixabay

Alongside the Danube, photo: Pixabay

2nd wonder: Pack your swimming suit

Especially if you come during the winter! Budapest is the Capital of Spas since 1934, because it has 118 springs that provides many thermal baths for the city. Even the Romans enjoyed these benefits in the 2nd century, then during the 16th century, under the turkish invasion the spa culture was risen radically. The temperature of these healing waters can be up to 78 Celsius degrees, so it will be a great heart- and bodywarming experience. Either you choose Széchenyi, Lukács, Rudas or Gellért Baths, you will not regret it – perfectly cures hangovers and jetlegs too!

Relaxing time at Széchenyi Bath, photo: Széchenyi Bath

Relaxing time at Széchenyi Bath, photo: Széchenyi Bath

3rd wonder: Versatile City Park

You can find everything at the City Park: one of the most beautiful spas, Széchenyi Bath is here, but the zoo of the city and also a pretty lake or skate rink – depends on the weather. In the winter the lake is frozen, so it becomes a skate rink – come here in the afternoon and enjoy the stunning lights and sights while you shred the ice! During the summertime it is not less romantic: the lake becomes a romantic place to relax by or to boat on.

Elegant skate rink, photo: Műjégpálya

Elegant skate rink, photo: Műjégpálya

4th wonder: Night life at the 7th district

I know you were waiting for this: the downtown of Pest, the 7th district has a bubbling night life. The signature places are the ruin pubs: old buildings are not renewed, only redecorated, and functioning as totally cool pubs. Fortunately they are quite near to each other, so you can discover them on foot: start from Deák Square, Gozsdu udvar. Some places to visit: Fogasház, Szimpla kert, Mazel Tov, Telep during the summer the roof bars are super hip, for example Gozsdu Sky Terrace.

You can find great music concerts at the city: electronic beats, jazz or rock bands – whatever music you like, check the schedule of Akvárium, A38 (it is a boat on the river!), Budapest Jazz Club. In the summer many festivals are held, with fantastic line ups – the most famous is Sziget, takes places on an island at Danube.

5th wonder: Royal Palace

If you have already walked alongside the Danube, there is no way you did not spotted the Royal Palace and the Castle at Buda. They are on the World Heritage list, and there are many places to visit even just in those few streets. First of all the whole district is beautiful and classic, so just walking there the cobbled streets you can taste the atmosphere of a past era. But also there is the Hungarian National Gallery with some permanent and temporary exhibits, the Mathias Church (yes, that wonderful ivory tower) and you must taste the delicious cream pastry at Ruszwurm Confectionary runned by the last hungarian confectioner dynasty.

Castle district by night, photo: Pixabay

Castle district by night, photo: Pixabay

6th wonder: Escape Room

I do not know how this works where you live, but at Budapest escape rooms are a big must! Imagine you and your friends are locked in a room of a maniac doctor, or you must prevent a serial killer to take another victim – you have to take riddles and puzzles to escape in only 60 minutes! Perfect program to work in team and a crazy-good adrenaline strike!

For more tips and advices visit my page and contact me – I’ll be happy to help you out!

Luca Michaletzky

By Luca Michaletzky

I graduated as a psychologist, but currently I am working as a freelancer journalist, based in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. I am obsessed with water and sports. I love to surf, but since I am totally and desperately landlocked, I am constantly organizing trips to foreign countries to catch some waves. In the meantime I live my days at Budapest, and because new and cool places pop up like mushrooms after rain, I always find something new to discover, to taste or to do. Read my adventures here: http://mermaidlulu.com/

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