6 Places You Need to Visit During Your Day Trip to Macau

January 1, 1970

by Valerie Durias

Macau is an interesting place that will fill your eyes with wonder. This place does not only scream luxury and lavishness but also creativity.

During our day trip to Macau, my family and I wanted to take pictures of everything. Every single place we entered during the tour made us mutter “Woah” under our breaths. There was not a place that didn’t make our jaws drop. Macau was so beautiful that at the end of the day, we were all grasping for our dear power banks.

I never thought I could ever be amazed by an urbanized city. Personally, I couldn’t help but think about the amount of effort and creativity that were put into the shows and the buildings. There were shows with chandeliers that I thought won’t be physically possible. There was a building that’s completely gold, and another one that has The Eiffel Tower.

I was already amazed by the free shuttle to almost everywhere around the city, to begin with. We honestly didn’t spend a single dollar on transportation, and we were able to tour all of these tourist attractions!


Fortune Diamond in Galaxy Macau

In the shuttle bus, I already saw the gold-covered building that is Galaxy Macau, the first casino we visited upon arriving. Being the clueless tourist that I was, I didn’t know what attraction could be so amazing about a hotel? Sure, it’s gold, but that’s it? It must be the interior design, I thought.

I thought wrong.

When we entered, we were greeted by a massive, shimmering chandelier that almost met the water fountain underneath. Then, a few moments later, the music played, and people gathered around the area. The lights flickered as they changed their colors. The chandelier moved as if changing its form. The fountain moved as well like it was about to swallow the chandelier. The fountain moved back down, and a giant diamond was revealed. The diamond was so huge it made me feel like a speck of dust. Its appearance wowed everyone as it shone from one color to another. Needless to say, I was amazed at how grand everything was.

The Fortune Diamond show starts every 30 minutes starting 10 a.m. until midnight on Sundays to Thursdays, and 2.a.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays.


Tree of Prosperity in Wynn Macau

This jaw-dropping happens even before the show. The moment I entered, I saw the beautifully crafted brown and gold ceiling and I stopped my tracks to marvel. Trust me, once you’ve seen the intricately designed ceiling of the area, you will definitely be amazed.

The ceiling is laid with the animals of each of the Chinese horoscopes. That’s not all, though. The floor is laid with an embossed, half of a globe display that contains all of the Zodiac Signs.

I stood there, staring at the ceiling, wondering how it was made, and how clever the person who created it could have been. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more amazed, the music starts and both the ceiling and the floor slowly open. After a while, a massive, shimmering chandelier [yes, another one] comes out of the ceiling, meeting a golden tree that’s popping out of the floor. When they’re both in place, the tree begins to rotate and change from gold to green, and vice versa. At the end of the show, the chandelier and the tree go back to hide, and the ceiling and the floor will go back to normal like nothing ever happened.

Wynn Macau offers two shows: the Tree of Prosperity and the Dragon of Fortune. Their showtimes alternate with 30-minute intervals, from 10:30 a.m. to 12 midnight.


Downtown Macau

Downtown Macau

Shopping has never been more fun until it was intertwined with an artistic view. Situated in old Macau, the Senado Square is filled with modern brands, from clothing to cosmetics. As I wandered deeper into this area, a strip of delicacies and meat overwhelmed me as the sellers offered free taste samples of their products. Grabbing the free food and having been traveling for hours, I filled our empty stomachs with their sweets and bought their products for gifts to our friends back home. If the free taste samples couldn’t satisfy a grumbling stomach, there is also a whole strip allotted for Cantonese cuisine.

Aside from food and clothes, the downtown area also offers a sense of history. As we went farther into the stalls and the shops, a historical landmark sat at the top of the hill. After a series of steps is the Ruins of St. Paul’s. Tourists flock around this religious museum—a remaining facade of what was once a Portuguese church that was burned down.


The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao

The ceilings of this hotel are attractions of their own. I went around this place with my head tilted upwards. I couldn’t stop looking at the paintings on the ceiling that were so beautiful together with the carvings on the interiors. I don’t remember much except for the golds, the big posts, the ceilings, and the replica of the Grand Canal.

Surrounded by stores of luxurious brands, the Grand Canal was the place for photoshoots, may it be tourists or a newlywed couple. A narrowboat also tours the area, as it is in the real river. The ceiling of this area is painted with clouds and a pretty blue sky that it made me forget how late it was in the evening when we reached The Venetian Macao.


The Parisian Macao

Eiffel Tower Replica, The Parisian Macao

In Macau, a little bit of walking will get you from Venice to Paris. A replica of The Eiffel Tower stands tall in all its rainbow-lights beauty. When we got here, we wanted to go up and see the view from above, but we later learned that they sell a ticket to be able to enter. Instead, we made the most out of the tower and took as many pictures as we could, pretending that we really were in Paris.


Wynn Palace

Performance Lake at Wynn Palace

Performance Lake at Wynn Palace

To wrap up the trip, we visited the place where I saw Macau in all its luxury. From an abundance of fresh, colorful flowers as decorations scattered inside the hotel to a series of floor to ceiling mirrors in the hallways, Wynn Palace is a reminder of what a tremendous amount of money can afford. If crazy rich Asians were to book a hotel for a vacation, it would definitely be this. However, it’s not its elegance that draws people in. It’s the Performance Lake (and also the free cable car ride).

At the show we caught, the fountain danced to Katy Perry’s “Roar.” It was a combination of waterworks, red lights, fire, and the sound of explosions that made the audience say “wow” in unison. The songs vary depending on the time of the day, and there is usually a 30-minute interval between the shows. These variations in songs showcase the wide range of moods that the lake can convey through its movements and lights, like the intensity and passion the Performance Lake made me feel while watching its “Roar” performance.


After 9 hours of walking and touring around Macau, I realized that there will always be something that’ll surprise you. May it be the number of steps your feet can take or the gorgeous buildings built for luxury, there are beautiful places your eyes need to see.

Valerie Durias

By Valerie Durias

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