5 things to do in Lille to enjoy the city like a local

I was born in Lille, France. The city is the capital of the region Hauts-de-France located in the north of France and is a cluster of history and culture. It used to be a Flemish city, before Louis XIV annexed it as a French territory, which is why you will find a lot of baroque buildings. Lille is also known for its good food and one of the traditional meals is the potjevleesch (or meat in a small pot). Furthermore, being next to the Belgian border, the city has a lot of good beers to offer! Northern people are known to be welcoming and very nice, which is why I decided to show you how to enjoy Lille like a local! I picked 5 things to do in Lille to understand the “Lillois” and our way of life!

1. Go shopping in the Vieux Lille

things to do in Lille - Vieux lille

Image by Albert Dezetter from Pixabay

Old Lille is the historical centre of our city and every Lillois knows how to enjoy its little streets and its magnificent architecture, but furthermore we know the good spots to shop! If you’re more into the big brands, head over to the rue Neuve and rue de Bethune. If you like the high-end brands, rue de la Monnaie is for you! And if you just want to walk around and enjoy the architecture, then rue Esquermoise and the little streets all around will be perfect!

2. Go for a run in the Citadelle

The citadel was built by Vauban as a military defense for the city. The construction in itself is still a military base in use but the park around is a hotspot for runners! If you’re not much of a runner it is still a nice place to spend an afternoon reading in the park or to go for a walk!

3. Enjoy a beer at Notre Dame de la Treille

Beer at Notre Dame de la Treille

Image by VIVIANE MONCONDUIT from Pixabay

I told you earlier that we love beer up in the north, but what we love the most is enjoying it with friends on a sunny terrace! One of the most frequented spots is right next to the Cathedral Notre Dame de la Treille. A lot of bars surround the place and you can easily find a spot there to spend some times admiring the cathedral with a nice cold drink in hand!

4. In the mood for partying? Head over to la rue de la Soif

We love beer…and we love to party! We have a well known street where you will find bars after bars and several nightclubs for a full night of dancing and fun! We call it la rue de la Soif (or the thirsty street)! After a nice meal out (or not) head over to rue Solferino to find a lot of cute bars, and don’t worry, you will find other drinks than beer too!

5. Visit Lille and learn more about its history

You will quickly understand that Lillois are pretty proud of their city and we love to talk about it. Lately, I found a really nice activity that allowed my friends and I to visit our own city while discovering more about it and enjoying some beers (as always). It is a scavenger hunt, organized by L’Echappee Biere, around the old town of Lille. You get clues that will lead you to three beer bars in Lille while visiting some historical sites of the city. In each bar, you can try a different beer and learn about them! Here it is, 5 things to do in Lille, tried and approved by locals! Are you ready to be a Lillois?!


I am a young spirit who loves the freedom to do what she likes. I already got to travel a fair amount and I experienced living in three different countries so far. I have always been passionate about discovering new cultures and overcoming challenges. I like writing and would love to be able to share my experiences as a traveler and enjoy learning from yours! Also, I love drinking tea, collecting mugs from all the places I’ve been and eating cookie dough.