5 things that you should visit in Brisbane

Brisbane – the city of the sun. As we all know, Brisbane is a capital city of Queensland state and 3rd biggest city in Australia. By my opinion, this is the prettiest part of world – sun, beach and ice cream. The only thing that Brisbane lacks is the sea, but it does not affect the beauty of this city at all. Brisbane is being alive 24/7, you will always find what to do in this permanently growing city. Even though a number of people are increasing every week, but the feeling of calmness and freedom will not let you go. While having some free time in Brisbane, or being interested in amazing nature, friendly animals, perfect panoramic view, cuddling with cats and greatest beer, take a look at the TOP 5 list below. This applies for perfect one-day travel plan in Brisbane. In these places, you will have a possibility to chill in the park, enjoying the water flow, going to the Tour of the brewery, playing and petting animals and having a lunch at the café/restaurant or a picnic with a great view to the city.:

  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  • Roma Street Parkland
  • Mount Coot-tha Lookout
  • Cat Cuddle Cafe
  • XXXX Brewery

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

This is one of the best “must visit” in Brisbane. Lone Pine is an amazing place for spending free time, especially with children. This is the world's biggest reserve with a lot of animals, where main inhabitants are koalas. By the law of Queensland state, this is the only “park” where you can pet, hold and feed koalas. Also, we will not forget about the kangaroo, it was very funny, when kangaroo ate so much and was just lying on the ground being full, so it did not care if somebody is massaging it. I think it just enjoyed it a lot. The animals in the sanctuary are fed, also there is a possibility to buy snacks for animals and feed them from hands. Just to note, entry ticket to the sanctuary cost $36 per adult. There is a lot of space, where you can walk and see many different animals that are not scared of people at all.

Roma Street Parkland

Oh, those parks. I like parks very much because parks make me feel calmer than big city buildings. You can just grab a take away coffee, come to the park and enjoy your coffee while enjoying nature or reading a book. This, Roma Street Parkland, is an amazing place that is located around city center area, where you can walk, sit, play, run and spend some time with yourself as – take a look at the crafts and art of local artists, chill while watching at water stream, walk along the paths and enjoy the nature. The area of this park is pretty big, there are a lot of playgrounds for children, water sources, gardens, places for barbeques and picnics, also cafes. By my opinion, everyone should take a day off from the city life and go enjoy the freedom of Roma Street Parkland.

Mount Coot-tha Lookout

If you like to enjoy the panoramic view of the city – Mount Coot-tha is just for you. It is located not far away from the city, but the view from it is absolutely amazing. You can go there during day time and see the city in a daylight, or you can also travel to the Mount at night and enjoy the lights of the city in the dark. This is an amazing place for meeting friends and walking around, having a picnic or going to the restaurant at the Mount. Perfect place for taking pictures, because after some time you will be looking at the photos, seeing not only the small part of the city but the whole city behind you. You will not only see the Brisbane from the flying bird's height, but also the mountains that are on the other side of the Lookout. It was curious to see the streets we were walking few hours before, a river, gardens and so on. I count Mount Coot-tha Lookout as a “must visit”.

Cat Cuddle Cafe

As I love cats, I could not pass through the Cat Cuddle Café. Nowadays, Cat Cafes started opening in many countries and became a popular place for dining or having a cup of coffee. The Cat Cafes’ main idea is that there are cats, that live there and feel themselves like home. Cat Cuddle Café is the first Cat Café that opened in Brisbane. I like the atmosphere inside the café – unusual colourful and vintage furniture, books about cats, big playground for cats with various toys, loungers and running wheel. Every customer that is coming to the café can get some snacks and drinks and play with cats in a meanwhile. Usually, you should wash the hands before being allowed to touch cats. What surprised me, is that in Cat Cuddle Café you should pay $12 per hour, if you want to get the cats to play and cuddle with them. I liked the creative menu with the names of coffee, such as Kitty-Latte or Meow-cciato. Also, there is a small shop with a lot of stuff with cats, like cups, bags, slippers, books and so on. All in all, this is the peaceful and very cosy place. By the way, if you want to adopt a cat from Cat Cuddle Café – you can do this!!

XXXX Brewery

XXXX is famous for making an excellent beer in Queensland. You can take a tour in XXXX brewery for only $32. We walked through brewery and alehouse, saw how the beer is being made and the tour ended with tasting the beer. This is a great adventure for those who like beer and being interested in how are different beers being made. According to the tour, XXXX brewery has more than 100 years history and a lot of interesting facts and events. We had surprisingly amazing experience taking a tour at XXXX. At the end of the tour, we purchased souvenirs with the official sign of the brewery. My last word would be – totally “must visit”.  

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