5 reasons Why you should visit Florianopolis

Welcome to Floripa- Brazil

Hello! This is Lara, and I live in one of the mosts beautiful places of the world. Florianópolis, or Floripa, as native people tenderly started to call  the island, is  located in the south of Brazil and it´s been known worldwide for it´s intense College life, gorgeous tracks, big range of options for adventure sports, more than 42 beaches  and for having one of the most beautiful people in the world (according to the english newspaper The Sun).
Ok, I have a huge passion for this city, and that´s why I decided to create this space to write about here and other paradisiac places nearby.  In further posts I will bring to you some local tips and guidance of a girl from São Paulo who moved to the Magic Island (another nickname of Floripa) 10 years ago and never went back. What to do in winter in Floripa, what type of beach is the best for you, how to avoid the traffic and much more will be covered in this space. Below, I will list a few reasons why you should consider visiting Floripa in your next trip to Brazil or South America.

1- More than 42 beaches.

You can choose by the kind of landscape, the best sunrise, the most glorious sunset, the best waves, the cheaper shrimps or the most attractive people for you. There are so many options of beaches to know here. In many of them you still find hidden tracks that leads you to smaller beaches or even secret beaches. If we count those, the island may have around 90 beaches in total.
The only downside is that the island is a little bit long in extension, and the beaches are  located a little bit far from each other, making  the task of visiting more than one beach in the same day a  little bit complicated, mainly during summer season due to the intense traffic.
Even being located quite far from the main downtown of Florianópolis,  all of those beaches have their own small downtown, with local people and local culture. What I really love about here is that in every beach I go I feel like I am in a different city, what takes us to the next reason to love Floripa:

2- Each area welcomes a tribe

Every time I go to a different area of the Island, I feel like I am visiting a new city. You might find many different cultural traces, from the accent to the way people dress or the kind of music they listen. Argentinian people, for example, are very welcome in the north of the Island, more specifically in Canasvieiras beach. This beach is known for having a lot of people for Argentina, and even some parties there play only typical music from Argentina. I f you go to Jurerê Internacional, also at the north, you will probably meet a brazilian celebrity walking around. I´ts a very fancy beach, beloved by the ones who love a more Miami-like lifestyle. In Lagoa da Conceição and the south of the Island you meet the roots-california-surf-skate crew. A lot of famous skateboarders and surfboarders lives on that area, and is where you might find the best waves.
Out of the beach zone, Floripa is also a very urban city, people from the university and from downton have all the types of lifestyle you imagine. Here is considered the 3rd city with the biggest geek culture from Brazil, and there are a lot of underground-indie-rock-n-roll parties downtown, like Blues Velvet and Treze.

3- You meet everyone you know on the streets

There are so many college students and international students that everywhere you go you meet someone you know. We usually joke that there are three people in Floripa: me, you and someone we know. Even being  a capital and a medium city, is very nice that everyday, among so many beaches, malls, restaurants and parties, you still meet frequently someone you know when you go out.

4- You meet a lot of new people also

This is one of the things I love the most about Floripa. At the same time that you feel at home or in a small town meeting people you already know, it is also a very touristic city, with people from all over the world, with all kind of different stories to tell, who are arriving here every single day. Floripa is never boring, but at the same name you never feel alone. <3 joaquina-beach-florianopolis

5- So many gorgeous people

I usually say that I fall in love around 7 times in one day here! haha .Man, people are so damn hot. Of course that personal taste is completely relative, but you will definitely few hypnotized by a few escuptural bodies at the beach. Brazilian people are also veryyyyy worried about the looks, so the women are gorgeous and the guys here in Floripa are partcicularlly more vain then in another regions of Brazil. I think that the beach lifestyle is a big factor for people being so worried about their looks, and the city also stimulates you to have a healthy lifestyle, offering a few options for adventure sports.

6- The weather

This one might be a bit controversial. During summer the weather here is super duper hotttttt, some nights are almost unberable, but thats ok, because it´s summer time, after all. From april to november, though, it can be very chilli, and in June the cold was so bad the my roomates from Sweden couldn´t bare it. But what I love about it is that the sky is always blue and sunny, even when it´s cold. Of course we have rainy and grey days, but they are really rare to come, and I think this is something else that make the Island so special.

Lara Soares

Hi! I am Lara. I am brazillian, have lived in Germany for one year, worked at Walt Disney World for 3 months and now I live in Florianópolis, one of the most wonderful places in the world.