5 Reasons to Travel to El Salvador in 2019

Hello Everyone! Have you started planning your vacation for next year? Are you trying to decide whether to go to a paradisiac beach or reconnect with yourself up in the hills? Well, then you are in luck because in this article I’m going to share with you a place that has both at the same time plus is one of the cheapest places you might travel to. Welcome to: El Salvador I would like to start with the fact that I’m a hundred percent Salvadoran, so you are getting all this information from first hand, also I have lived in El Salvador my whole life and I love how much my country has to offer. Let’s introduce you this beautiful nation, here are my 5 reasons to travel to El Salvador in 2019.  

El Salvador on Map

El Salvador is located in Central America, right between Guatemala and Honduras which makes it the perfect spot for airlines to connect a wide variety of flights coming from everywhere, that is right, EVERYWHERE. You can easily book a flight all the way from Spain, Germany or England if you are traveling from the other half of world, you still going to need to make an extra stop at Colombia, but  I promise it is going to be worthy ?. If you are coming from North or South America is even easier since the main airlines offer direct flights from all Northamerican countries and some in South-America as well. So lets set the alarms to get January and February discounted prices on flights! Bonus tip: no need to bring a huge wardrobe, I guarantee most of the time you will be wearing a bathing suit so you better get lots and lots of sunscreen, (that, you are going to need). El Salvador on map  

What language do Salvadoran people speak?

El Salvador official language is Spanish but it has huge affluence of US in every way, Call center industry has grown a lot in the past years and that has increased noticeably the number of English speakers in the country. Most touristic places should have someone available to take care of you and even when people find it hard to maintain a conversation they are much probably able to understand and give basic directions.  

Salvadoran Food

If there a place to forget about your diet and enjoy one of the best gastronomical cultures, El Salvador is definitely the one! Salvadoran food is very similar to Mexico’s in terms of ingredients. Corn.cheeses, avocado and more are just a few of the main ingredients you are going to find in here. If this is your first time you may find it overwhelming to decide which dishes should you try, but don’t worry, I got you covered! I have a list of the most typical and delicious recipes you are going to keep in your heart.
  • Pupusas

Similar to a tortilla, this is the most famous Salvadoran dish and families from all over the country usually eat them on Sunday evenings for dinner when they are all gathered and enjoying some quality time. But, what is a pupusa? As I said before is similar to tortilla but thicker, also made of corn but this time filled with cheese, pork, beans or even a mix of those three(those are the traditional ones but creativity has made its part and nowadays you find all sort of ingredients mixed such as chicken, zucchini, shrimps, mushroom…   Salvadoran food
  • Pastelitos

This recipe is not as easy to find as pupusas because is usually sold in small towns out of the city and mostly on weekends. Still, if you see a small set up with a frying pan and a table next to its chances are you have found the treasure! Pastelitos are a deep fried and corn-based snack that is filled with a mix of vegetables(usually potatoes and carrots) with any meat such as chicken, beef or pork. These are served with “curtido y salsa” (Spanish for tomato based sauce and pickled cabbage). El Salvador gastronomical offer is really wide, but those two are the ones that you need to try when you are there. If you want to know more about Salvadoran food I will be publishing a full article about it in my personal blog.  

Sunny Weather

I would dare to say that El Salvador has one of the best weather condition for travelers around the world, we only have rain for a couple months around July-September, that is 9 months all full un for us to enjoy all sort of activities, being the beach and lake one the most preferred attractions for local. During the rainy season, you can easily enjoy a cabin up in the mountains while still enjoying a temperature of 20-25 Celsius.

It’s  a Cheap Destination

You might be wondering about the daily expenses and the currency used in El Salvador. Well, the official currency is US Dollar so no need to worry about exchange fees at all (which saves us a couple bucks for pupusas!) Now on to one the deal breaker for traveler around the world: how much do you need per day? Well, it all depends on what kind of budget you have available, but for instance, a typical breakfast( choice of eggs, mashed beans, cheese, bread, and coffee) moves around 1.5 USD to 5 USD. Lunch ranges from 5 to 12 USD depending on your menu and dinner should be around the same price so it is safe to save that one person makes it through the day with 30 USD for food. Since El Salvador is just taking off in terms of tourism is easy to find a hotel room for around 50-70 USD per night. If you are planning to move around a lot it might be better for you to consider the idea of renting a vehicle to move easily and in a safer way than public transportation. I would recommend going with a local agency since international ones offer higher prices but are aware of the informal market since they usually offer the best rates but no insurance or guarantees (even when they say so). So always try to go for a mid-range and do your research. If you are looking for more information about this beautiful destination feel free to ask! Thank you for reading! I hope you give El Salvador a chance to surprise you in every possible way…??

Ligia Solano

I am from El Salvador but Currently living in Madrid,Spain. I worked as a Flight Attendant for 8 years and that is where my passion for travel began, I love to write about my travel experience and sharing tips to encourage you to travel as much as you can without breaking your bank account!