5 Places to Go When Visiting Cape Town, South Africa

July 19, 2019

by Ndubueze Precious

We love to travel and visit places, well I do. Africa is one beautiful continent in the world, and it has South Africa as its highest tourist center. Why people visit South Africa isn’t hard to find out, from breathtaking scenery, amazing wildlife, great topography. Cape Town is it’s just a mere capital, but also its capital of tourism. There are lots of things to do, must see places, activities. I have listed the best 5 places to go to when you visited Cape Town.

table-mountainTable Mountain

Table Mountain, currently one of the 7 wonders of the world; is thought to be one of the oldest mountains over 600 million years is first on the list of places to go. Name after its resemblance to a table, it is one the legendary scenery of Cape Town owing to its majestic view for Instagrammers and Photographers, but there’s more to this gem than just its view.

Hiking on the Table Mountain on either the gentle or rock-scrambling trails is one of the specs of the city, especially when with a well-informed guide presenting its histories.

You can also rope down the side of this 1086 meters mountain and enjoy an exhilarating experience.

There are many reasons to join Oprah Winfred, Queen Elizabeth II and Jackie Chan why visiting Table Mountain will be so much fun; you get cable rides, see a dassie, get to hike, view spectacular views of the city and even the Atlantic Ocean, and the Lion’s head, where you can get to see the sunrise and sunset into the Atlantic Ocean.

No, it’s just common when you watch it from Lion’s head, you will love nature the more; it’s a must experience.

v-a-waterfrontVictoria & Alfred Water Fountain

V & A Waterfront is the oldest working harbor in the southern hemisphere and has a lot to it than just a waterfront. You can see the beautiful view of Table Mountain, go food shopping at V & A Waterfront or shop at the Watershed, and get crafts, arts, and local works.

You should also visit the Two Ocean Aquarium, located in right there in V & A, this is where the India and Atlantic Ocean meet, you get to see the Yellowfin Tuna, Prawns, Shy Octopus, translucent jellies, Sharks and over 3000 species of aquatic animals. There is also a special exhibition for kids.

You get to see the Robinson Dry Clock, Zeitz MOCAA Museum, Chavonnes Battery and other popular attractions.


art streetWoodstock

Woodstock is a suburb right in Cape Town; it’s more than just a tourist attraction is one place you have to go to. A vibrant blend of culture, diverse foods, fashion, design, and art.

There’s more to it than streets scattered with Graffitis. There’s the famous Old Biscuit Mill, Old Castle Brewery, the treaty tree, the Test Kitchen, etc.

Cape Town is famous for its street drawing, but there’s nothing like the arts at Woodstock, it’s fabulous. You experience and cherish it more if you go with a guide who explains the political or environmental messages of each art at every corner of this small suburb.

Aside Graffitis street tour, you can shop for beautiful vintage or locally made clothes, eat from the best restaurants in the whole of Cape Town.

Woodstock is home to three breweries, you get to enjoy the best of craft beers, last but not the least; you can visit JamicaMeCrazy and take cocktails looking having a beautiful view of the city while at it.


bo kaap housesBo Kaap

Bo Kaap previously known as The Malay Quarter, is where those beautiful Instagram pictures of houses in assorted vivid colors of pink, blue, green and purple- it is said that the houses were predominately white, when slaves get freed, they repaint them with bright colours indicating their freedom, all come from Bo Kaap. It’s also home to South Africa’s Muslim culture.

There are many reasons to visit Bo Kaap, There’s the Bo Kaap museum which is an extension of the South African Cultural History Museum. In the museum, you learn about the slaves who introduced the Islam religion. At the museum, you’ll get the history and catch a glimpse at how life was for the early Muslims and contributions from their skills.

The Auwal Mosque is one but the first and best of numerous mosques in, you can visit and learn the history of Islam in Bo Kaap.

You get to enjoy palatable meals, that leaves aroma smell hovering the air and witness the Noon Day Gun tradition.

Hout Bay

Hout Bay is another suburb of Cape Town located in between Constantia, and the iconic Chapman’s Peak. There are lots of beautiful things and places to go to in Hout Bay, the road is one adventure like a Disney forest walk. Due to its location off the city, you get to connect with nature, enjoy tranquillity and peace from the waves of the sea. The Duiker island as known as the “Seals Island” is the only home to the brown fur seals where you get to take photographs and watch these beauties swim.

From Hout Bay, you can get to take an adventurous ride on Chapman’s Peak Drive. Where you see majestic views and find some great picnic spots (it’s a great adventure for couples)

There’s also is the World of Birds is the most popular site of attraction in Hout Bay, Cape Town. It’s Africa n’s largest bird park, it’s a perfect place for a family hangout. A home of fascination for kids, nature lovers and Photographers; It boasts of over 3000 birds and 400 species of birds, also there are small animals like the monkey, baboons porcupines, squirrels, and reptiles.

You get to enjoy great seafood, and sea snorkeling one its kind in Cape Town.


There are also notable attraction in Cape Town, like the Robben Island;a prison where political activists – like Nelson Mandela during the apartheid era were held prison  , Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden; a place where your kid will definitely love owing to its beautiful forestry scenery, Groot Constantia; the oldest of the wine estates in Cape Town where you get to test one of the best wines in the world and learn how it’s made, Boulder’s Beach; the only home for African’s endangered Penguins  and the District Sea Museum; a museum that explains and shows the struggle of South African during the apartheid era.




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