5 must-visit sights in Passau (Germany)

Honestly I prefer a fast paced life and I can hardly imagine myself living permanently in the only house among the mountains. Trust me! There are so many small villages in Bavaria consisting of only ONE house. But… what a marvelous landscape is extended around you! In such places you feel the significance of the world and the connection with the nature.  So I am really impressed by the trip to Germany.


But this love wasn’t from the very first minute. Luckily we got an opportunity to stay in cozy apartments of our relatives. After the question about our summer vacation was settled, we just bought tickets. I had been in Munich 2 times before – in November (for the Christmas Fairs) and in July a few years ago (when the weather was so hot!). I had no doubts that warm weather is the usual thing for these lands. Now imagine that you arrive in the Munich airport on Saturday evening and can’t find the bag at luggage claim… Saturday… HEAVY RAIN!!! As you may know that there aren’t any open shops on weekends in Europe. This means that we stayed in new country without ANYTHING for minimum two days. After filling in the forms in the airport we continued went on in “amazing” mood to the rental service. Usually we rent a car in Europe – it’s the only way to be independent of any schedules. But I always have my personal timetable and accurate plan. This is a great advantage! Firstly, you don’t have to route on the run; otherwise you may pass something remarkable! Moreover you may save a lot of time for other places. Secondly, you rarely could dig out the most interesting restaurants and places without reading responses prior to the excursion. If we stayed in the hotel probably I would sit within four walls waiting for the luggage. But the apartments were so comfortable and we had everything we need. That’s why next day we started to explore the surrounding. Besides we get our luggage back with great difficulties. All the attempts to call on the Munich airport ended when the officials asked us to repeat the story over and over again, and then they said: “It’s so interesting, but you should address to the … next department”. Can you imagine that our airlines just forgot the bag in our departure airport?


Our first stopover was in Passau, the small nice city with three crossing rivers (Inn, Danube and Ilz). These rivers create magic: when they flow together the water has three different tints. The best way for the excursion is to park your car and go through unusual and picturesque streets. At first glance far side of the town is so close at hand, but it’s better to spend the whole day there. If you don’t like going for a walk you may take a boat cruise along the Danube with different destinations and price level. It may be a short voyage or you can even also depart for the other countries. Even the Swarovski crustal ship or the voyages with orchestra are available for tourists. Passau is not popular touristic place, but a significant from the historic point of view. The religious center for Austria, Bavaria and Hungary had been situated there for the long period and had been a competitor to Salzburg! Since 1784 the Vienne diocese was separated.


1.Historic Churches

I’ve already noticed that the first sightseeing I usually looking for in any new place is the main cathedral. Only there you may plunge down not only into religious world but also discover many historical facts, for example in the church museums. The Dom was rebuilt multiple times in different architectural styles. Now the St. Stephen's Cathedral (Dom St. Stephan) is a majestic place with the really huge organ (the hugest in Europe). But the especial beauty is under a dome! The atmosphere is fantastic. When you stand somewhere inside, at the same time you feel the special significance of each person in the world.

 IMG_3437 IMG_3438 IMG_3439

2. Atmospheric streets

Not far from the Cathedral you can walk down the street with a colorful path and playing-cards as decorations. Take a photo there spreading arms to walls of the houses! This street is so narrow, so you can feel yourself as Alice from Wonderland. To tell the truth the quantity of the shops is greater than tourists there, but they increase the attraction of the street. Some of the shops are unique. For example it’s easy to find handmade watches and make the wristlet yourself still in the shop! There are so many beads, small straps, locks for decoration.


3. The Place of Memory

From time to time there are floods in Passau. You may look at the grades marked on the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) walling. I travel a lot, and most of the places seem magical to me, but… everywhere in the world the locals have their own problems, daily troubles and worries. Weather conditions are among others. The mark from the recent deluge of the 2013 is at the level higher of the arch. This means that all the first floors were under the water. Nevertheless the houses look tidy and unimpaired. IMG_3441

4. Unusual museums

There is a Passau Glass Museum near the square which is not only for the art and museum lovers. I guess that the largest factories and designers of glass have an inexhaustible source of inspiration in this museum. In addition to the exhibits such as vases, plates, you may also see Princess Sisi clothes, interior of her room and also dishes.

IMG_3442 IMG_3443 IMG_3444 IMG_3445 IMG_3446 IMG_3447 IMG_3448

5. Pleasant Restaurants and Cafes

After all I suggest that you relax in a small Italian restaurant with a delicious pizza. It’s surprising that the smell of pizza is in the air! Although may be the unexpected rain added the taste to our dinner. IMG_3440 There are also many sightseeing in Passau: eg. Veste Oberhaus, Kloster Niedernburg, Kloster Mariahilf and others, but the information about them may be easily found in any touristic books. Our next travel targets are the lakes of Austria!


Being a lawyer in Mass Media I find my inspiration in travelling