5 Easy Tips of Real Disney Castle: Schloß Neuschwanstein, Germany

Disney Castle really exist?

You might haven't visited Disney Land yet, but you must have seen their logo in the beginning of their animations like this: Disney logo   In their logo, there is a castle with the name of the founder of Disney: Walt Disney in the front. But, do you ever know this castle exist in the countryside of Germany? 13312767_581603028667122_5386666663868887912_n Yes, Disney uses the castle named Schloß Neuschwanstein as a module to designed their logo and even designed Sleeping Beauty's castle based on it. Following we are going to show you 5 helpful tips that could help you to visit this remarkable Disney castle: Schloß Neuschwanstein.  

1. Great Deal of Bayern Tickets

There is a very economic train ticket you could travel within Bavaria area (one of the areas in Germany) which called “Bayern Tickets.” There are 2 ways you could get this tickets: (1) buy it with tickets machine and (2) buy it at the tickets counters. Please noted that you'll be charge €2 extra services charge if you buy this tickets at tickets counters. The advantages of getting Bayern tickets are (1) you can enjoy unlimited train & public transportation (bus) locally in Bavaria area within ONE DAY. However, you could only board on local city train in the second class cabin, which is NOT valid on the express & long-distance trains. Secondly, you could enjoy (2) group discounts if you are traveling with maximum 5 people/per Bayern ticket. The standard price of Bayern ticket costs a €25/per person. Yet, if you are traveling with 2-5 people, you could get cheaper prices. For example, Bayern ticket only cost  €31/2 people and  €49/5 people. Therefore, if you are traveling with 5 people, you could get the cheapest prices. You only need to write all passengers full name (must be the same shown on your passport) on ONE Bayern ticket. For more information on Bayern ticket, please check here: Bayern Ticket  

2. Transportation: How to go to Schloß Neuschwanstein?

First of all, the closest train station to Schloß Neuschwanstein is in Fusen, South of Germany. Once you get the ticket, you could board on local train and head to Fusen. From my travel experiences, I bought Bayern ticket in Munich and it took me around 2hrs from Munich to Fusen. I would suggest choosing an early train so that you could spend more time there. When you arrived at Fusen Station, there is a bus station just next to the train station on your right-hand side. You could either board on bus number 73 or 78 and alight at Hohenschwangau Neuschwanstein Castles bus stop. There is an information center in front of the bus stop that you could get map and information. You'll see a direction sign in front of the bus stop when you arrived. Follow the sign to Ticket Center and noted that Neuschwanstein is the Disney castle we are talking about. IMG_3261 Noted that there is still a long way to go before you head to the castle itself, so if you need to go for toilet please go for it in now. 😛   There are 3 ways to Neuschwanstein Castle from ticket center: (1) Walk around 40mins, (2) by carriages or (3) by shuttle bus. The shuttle bus from ticket center to the castle is operated by a company, which is NOT public transportation, therefore Bayern ticket is NOT applicable to this route. map Please noted that carriages and shuttle bus needed to paid onsite in cash. Carriages stand could be found 100m away from ticket center. The shuttle bus could be found further ahead from carriages stand. In short, you need to (1) board on local train (Munich – Fusen ✔Bayern tickets) and (2) take bus 73 or 78 to (Fusen Train Station – Hohenschwangau Neuschwanstein Castles stop. (✔Bayern tickets) Then (3) take the shuttle bus to  Neuschwanstein castle. (✘Bayern tickets)  

3. Do online booking in advance to avoid crowd at the ticket center

There are around 5,000 visitors/per day on averages, therefore, if you could do online booking before your visit, you could avoid the queuing time (proximately 1-2hrs) at the ticket center. Before you make the booking, you should know that there is 2 main castle (Hohenschwangau & Neuschwanstein) and 1 museum (Museum of the bavarian king) in Fusen. You could get combo tickets if you want to visit all of them. Of course, combo tickets is with discounts rather than buying single entry of each of them. Make sure you have enough time to visit all of them if you want to buy combo tickets. To do the online booking, please go to the following link here: Online Ticket Reservation You could book the tickets 2-3 days in advance before your visit. When you book the tickets, you'll find out all the visit are divided into specific visit time section & date. You have to hold your tickets and scan the tickets at the gate by yourself in your chosen time section, so make sure you won't be late! Some time section including a free tour guide, but mostly they only speak English or German. Noted that there is additional €1.8 services charge when you made an online booking. After you made the booking, you'll get a confirmation email and your credit card won't be charged yet. You'll only be charged onsite when you pick up your tickets at ticket center. Print the email or save it in your phone, and go for the reservation queue when you are at the ticket center. Don't stand in the wrong queue otherwise it's no point to make the online booking to avoid the queue, isn't it? 🙂  

4. Get a FREE Rental Audio Guide in your Language

When you book your tickets, some of the time section are including free tour guide. Other than that, you could get a FREE Rental audio guide in different language. Don't forget to get it when you enter the gate of Neuschwanstein Castle, there is a counter where you can get the audio guide. Just tell the staff which languages you preferred and they'll set up the setting for you. What I love about self-tour with audio guide is, you could tour at your own pace and you could hear clearly from the audio guide. If you are touring with a tour guide, you have to follow the whole group and you might unable to hear the guide if you are not in the front of the group. However, the benefit of having a tour guide is, you could ask them for more details information.  

5. Don't Miss the Stunning View nearby

Except for the fancy Disney castle, there is some more beautiful scenery you should enjoy nearby. Right after you finished touring inside of the castle, you could go for the balcony and see the overview of nature and Alpsee Lake. 13312780_581603048667120_5271395900632421829_n You could also walk to Alpsee Lake further away from the carriages stand near to the tickets center. 13239396_581605132000245_8368502758397936417_n Alpsee Lake is so close to the ticket center and you only need to take around 3mins walk from ticket center to Alpsee Lake. It's enjoyable to just sit along the lakeside and listen to birds singing.   The water of the lake is crystal clear, you can even see the reflection when the surface is calm. If you still remember there is another castle named Hohenschwangau and Museum of the bavarian king, you could also visit them if you have spare time. The ticket center is located at the center of this three sightseeing,  you could find how to go to each of them on the map we showed above within tips 2.   What are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to the original module of Disney castle with these helpful tips! Hope everyone will enjoy a fancy journey to Schloß Neuschwanstein! 😀


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