5 Days on 4 Mountains – Exploring Ski Amadé

To tell the truth, I didn’t expect much from this years skiing. We almost didn’t go at all. We really had organised everything last minute, and our GPS broke on the day of leaving home. But… surprisingly good things start often unexpected ways, don’t they?

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An easy plan

The Family Ski Trip (or Ski Camp, as we call it) have been always important  in our life, but until this year we managed to join to a bus trip or family friends, so we never actually had to organise it by ourselves. The only thing we knew was that we (mom, sis, her son and I) would like to go skiing to Austria by car. Being the most computer friendly from the „team”, finding out the details seemed to be obviously my job.

Where to start? I decided to follow an easy plan, and check the most popular ski resorts.  I visited j2ski.com  for this part, it is full of useful and/or  fun facts –  my favourite is the list of ski areas by actual depth of snow. After some browsing here I opened  booking.com – surely we’ll need an accomodation I thought. The best part of this page, that you can look for the available rooms directly on the map – it’s the easiest way to find a place really close to the pistes (also the ski lifts are visible, check it below).

I mentioned before that we were last minute – 3 weeks before the trip – so I had to go through some ski resorts with no results until I found an apartment at the Schladming 4-mountains ski area. I was so happy, I felt like booking the last available accomodation on planet earth. 🙂 The price was also satisfying, we paid about 620 euros for a 4 person apartment / 5 nights. Finally, I checked the ticket prices here (or yo can do it here, as well). Ok, sincerelly this wasn’t my final move. After seeing the prices I needed to be sure that paying so much for a ski pass is  actually normal in Austria. Sadly it is.

Off we go

We left on the 5th of March. No GPS but –  no panic  – we had the power of a smartphone. I loaded the route before we left Hungary, so we didn’t have to use any data roaming. From Budapest it was  six hours  full of turns and changing roads to get there. Without the phone’s GPS turned on we’d have had  a hard time to find our way.

Our apartment was located at Gleiming, at the bottom of mountain Reiteralm. What I really liked that we could reach the place  without riding on serpetines,  we just got off from the main road, and there we were at apartment house: Zeffererhof.

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We arrived at about 8pm, but it wasn’t a problem at all. The owner, Marlene, greeted us kind and showed us aroud: ski storage, sauna, pool room and of course a nice aparment with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, huge bathroom, separated toilet plus fresh bedsheets and towels. I found it  a really nice detail, that the walls were decorated by the beautiful paintings of Marlene.


Up, up, up

Finally, the first day of skiing arrived. It was possible to slide down from the ski storage to the lift with literally zero steps – that’s how we like it! FullSizeRender (1)We went  up with a gondola, murmurring a prayer that we don’t have to use chairlifts with the kid.  My sis and he stayed at the station of 1400 m. There was a magic carpet lift here for the youngest ones. After some skiing he also tried a „snow carousel”. It seemed to be fun! What do you guys think?  

Mom and I went to explore the advanced slopes.  Our ski area – Schladming-Dachstein  – involved 4 mountains, all of them connected by lifts and pistes. Our ticket – the Ski Amadé pass – was  valid for all of these, and also for the near ski areas. (On one hand, it is amazing, because with this single ticket you can use 270 ski lifts on 25 ski areas – that means 700 km of slopes! On the other hand it’s impossible to visit even the half if you’re going there just for a few days – and you still have to pay the whole price, there is no other option/smaller package.) We were staying at the bottom of the easternmost mountain, Reiteralm, so we had to cross 2 others (Hochwurz and Planai) to reach le last one. On the first day mom stopped ad the second one while I went for the third. I needed nearly two hours just for the way back home. For me it was easy to get there, but Sis & Dani had problems, because the house was able to be reached only by red slopes – or 5-10 min walking from the bottom of the lift.

On the other days we either stayed around or drove to Hauser Kaibling – the 4th mountain. It was about 15 mins by car, and had more blue slopes, which was important to mom. What really made the whole experience special is the 46 years old gondola lift, which we found totally randomly, and made tons of photos about.

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Once I skied home after we got here by car. It took around 3 hours. I was fascinated by how everything was connected by slopes. Also the amount of lifts seemed to be unbelievable. They were all modern, most of the chairlifts came with bubbles, some of them even with prewarmed seats. Wow! At this part it's probably clear, that I just fell in love with this place, but to be correct, I have to add, that for mom it wasn't the paradise at all. Most of the slopes were full of snow and humps which made them likeable only by more advanced skiers. Probably living at the bottom of another mountain – like the 4th – would be better for the whole family.

After all, I have to say that I'm fully satisfied with the experience, and can't wait for see this amazing ski resort next time. I'll definitely try to convince the family to give it another try. Hope you guys will also visit it some time, but don't forget the cardio trainings before. 🙂

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xxx, Lolli


Hey! I’m a med student from Budapest, who just fell in love with travelling. I can’t stop planning and going, trips are waiting for me all the time. I’ve spent my last year travelling around Europe, and I’m planning to continue the adventure in South America.