5 Best Yoga Retreats in Southern Thailand

January 8, 2019

by Roosa Veijola

Looking for a yoga retreat to leave the stresses of life behind for a while? Whether you want to take a little break from the corporate madness, find a new direction in your life or just want something more from your beach holiday, Southern Thailand has many options for the weary travellers and spiritual seekers alike. Thailand is known to offer some of the best yoga, wellness and detox retreats in the world, many of them located on the islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Here are some of the must visit retreat centres in Koh Samui and Koh Phangan that will help you return to your daily life feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Best Yoga Retreats In Koh Phangan

   1. Orion Healing Centre

Orion Healing Centre was my go-to place when I spent two months teaching English in Koh Phangan. After leaving the corporate world behind in Hong Kong, I wanted to find more balance in my life and to stretch my sore muscles after sitting 11 hours a day in front of a screen. Orion offers a wide variety of classes that address both the body and the mind, so I often took an energising Hatha flow yoga class in the morning before my classes and then went to a relaxing meditation session in the evening after work. For the more adventurous wellness travellers the center also offers fasting and cleansing detox programs and healing modalities such as Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing and Theta Healing sessions.

The centre offers yoga retreats that can last anything from between 3-6 or 7-13 days to 14 days and up and all the meals from their Orion Cafe are included in the price. Nestled in the serene Shrithanu Bay area, Orion also offers the best ocean views for the morning yoga classes or the evening sunset meditation sessions. Make sure to also treat yourself to their divine raw cakes and smoothies after your classes. It’s all about balance, right?

   2. The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary has acquired somewhat a legendary status among the Koh Phangan wellness community. Known for its hippie, laidback atmosphere and “secret island” jungle vibes, the retreat centre can be easily reached by a taxi boat or on foot through the rainforest if the seas are too rough or you are feeling a little adventurous. Pack some water and enjoy the amazing sights and sounds on your walk before you reach the jungle paradise. Hidden deep in the jungle of Haad Tien Bay, the center offers not only detox programs, healing therapies and yoga classes, but also hosts live music sessions and movie nights on the beach under the stars. Although there is WiFi in every corner of the retreat centre, you’ll soon find yourself feeling completely disconnected from the outside world and in tune with yourself in the peaceful jungle setting.

   3. Samma Karuna

Located near the centre of Shrithanu – the yoga center of Koh Phangan – Samma Karuna offers a huge variety of yoga classes, meditations and workshops. When I first visited the retreat centre in 2014, it had just opened its doors but was already popular among the dedicated yogis and spiritual seekers that flock the island. The centre has only grown in popularity since and today it boasts several yoga and evening event halls, a shop and a vegan restaurant. The centre offers both yoga and meditation retreats and many classes that are not found in any other centres nearby, including Osho meditations, Qigong, dance meditation, rebirthing and tantra classes and many social activities that help you meet other conscious people.

Samma Karuna offers affordable retreats to backpackers and those on a tight budget, so you don’t have to break the bank in your quest for inner peace. Ayurvedic cleanses and detox programs are also offered to those who would like to leave the island feeling a little lighter both mentally and physically.

Best Yoga Retreats In Koh Samui

   4. Vikasa Yoga Retreat

Vikasa Yoga Retreat has become a go-to wellness resort for the wellness travellers and yoga lovers who are looking for an all-inclusive yoga retreat for an easy and relaxing yoga holiday. By purchasing an accommodation, the guests get an access to all the yoga classes and buffet meals in the beautiful organic restaurant overlooking the sea. If you arrive feeling a little unfit like I did, you might be alarmed by the killer stairs you have to climb to reach reception or the cafe, but the views are well worth the daily effort and you’ll end up leaving the place feeling a lot more athletic.

The centre offers a wide variety of retreats and classes from yoga and raw food immersion, sacred sexuality retreats and meditation classes to Ashtanga and Qigong. For those who want to deepen their practice, the centre also offers a 200 Hour teacher training retreats, so that you can also share your newly acquired knowledge with others upon returning home. Located in the beautiful and easily accessible island of Koh Samui, Vikasa is a beautiful boutique yoga resort that will leave you feeling inspired and transformed.

   5. Samahita Retreat

As one of the most established wellness resorts in Thailand, Samahita Retreat centre has been helping guests find their true selves since 2003. Samahita Retreat are known for their integrative approach to different yoga techniques, fitness and nutrition, offering the guests unique programmes tailored for their individual wellness needs. Detox meal packages and healing therapies are also offered for those who want to go a little deeper in recovering from the stressors of the modern life.

All loft-style rooms at the retreat centre are beautifully designed and suited for couples, singles and families. Samahita prides itself on providing eco-friendly accommodation, as they use natural lighting, cross ventilation, rainwater harvesting and solar power. Surrounded by an unspoiled beach, the centre is ideally located for those who also want to come home with a healthy summer glow. In between the classes and massages, you can sit on the beach and sip on the coconut water while feeling your stress float away.




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