5 Best Things to Do Near Denver, Colorado

June 20, 2019

by Lauren Himes

After having had the chance to spend four full days in Colorado, United States, I was truly able to see for myself just a few of the amazing things that make this such a magical place to visit. From the stunning landscapes of the Rocky Mountains to the gorgeous red rock formations to the friendly relaxed vibes, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to Colorado.

1. Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park:

Without a doubt, if you are visiting Denver or Colorado in general, it is essential that you visit Rocky Mountain National Park and experience the truly serene views of this mountain range. For those of you who are visiting Denver, I would definitely recommend renting a car so that you can easily access some of the amazing natural attractions around the area. Heading out from the starting point in Estes Park (just about a 2-hour drive from Denver), there are countless hikes available for visitors which vary in intensity. I recommend starting as early as possible to avoid the crowds. My friends and I ended up doing a moderate level hike to a beautiful lake. Visitors can find more information on different hikes and the difficulty levels here.

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Chipmunk



2. Boulder

A place that I would definitely recommend visiting during your trip to Denver is Boulder! Known as “America’s Foodiest Town”, there are plenty of amazing restaurants, bars, breweries, and positive vibes all around. With the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, there’s also no shortage of outdoor activities and hikes for visitors. I’d also recommend checking out the University of Colorado Boulder during your stay, a beautiful campus with lots to explore. All in all, Boulder boasts a friendly laidback atmosphere with plenty of interesting sights and activities for everyone to enjoy.
University of Colorado Boulder University of Colorado Boulder

3. Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison

Just a short drive about 20 minutes outside of Denver, visitors can enjoy the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Built into a rock structure with gorgeous views of red rocks all around, this open-air amphitheater is nothing short of spectacular! All summer long, visitors can enjoy concerts here every night. Unfortunately, during my stay here I did not have a chance to attend any of the shows. However, as it is open to visitors during the daytime, my friends and I got the chance to visit and see the incredible views. We also discovered it to be a popular exercise spot for the locals, as there are also large-scale events such as yoga classes held there!
Red Rocks Ampitheater Red Rocks Ampitheater

4. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Another spot with surreal views that I would consider a must-see in Colorado is Garden of the Gods! Yet again a stunning visual attraction, what impressed me most with Garden of the Gods is not just the natural beauty but how diverse the landscapes were from the mountains that we typically think of in Colorado. Similar to the landscapes you see at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Garden of the Gods boasts even more dramatic and large-scale red rock formations. Visitors can either take a short hike or shuttle to see the rocks and are also able to climb them for some incredible views. There is also an amazing visitor and nature center for visitors to explore here!
Garden of the Gods Garden of the Gods

Ultimately, my trip to Denver proved to be an all-around amazing experience!  These are just a few of the many wonderful things for visitors to enjoy. From hiking in the Rockies to enjoying the laidback atmosphere in Boulder, I found countless unforgettable moments during my trip!

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