5 Best Places to Visit in Prague

Few cities tickle experiences quite like the peerless Prague, a bevvy of beauty and the capital city of the Czech Republic. Prague is one of the best cities I have visited on earth till date and it’s easy to explain why – there is rich culture, there is History, there is architecture and above all there is nightlife! There’s even more to see in this city than the path well-traversed. But for now, check out the 5 best places to visit in Prague while on your trip here. I won’t deny that these have been my favourites too.

1. The Old Town Square

As you visit the old town square, you will know how this town has remained pretty much unexploited since the 10th century, despite the lively history and invasions Prague has experienced. You can wander around the streets as you marvel at wonderful architect on historical streets of the city. But, if this doesn’t interest you, you must join the swarms of tourists that visit the place every day to enjoy street performances, merchants and musicians lined up on the streets to entertain and make a living at the same time. Honestly, you would be overwhelmed with the fantastic performances on the streets.

2. The Infant Jesus of Prague

Of all the marvellous places you can visit in Prague, you can’t afford to miss the child of Plague. Located in the heart of the city in Mala Strana, infant Jesus is a Roman Catholic statue of Jesus as an infant. Although I respect all the religions, I am not really a follower of Jesus, however, I still enjoyed my visit here. If that is the case with you too and you don’t want to visit the shrine for worship, you can just visit the place to have a beautiful sight, appreciate the statue’s clever creation which is encased in an ornate and learn more about the original figure which is believed to have existed since the 16th century. Be assured that this place will not disappoint you.

3. The Charles Bridge

Walking across this 14th-century bridge is one of the most enjoyable activities I did in Prague and the best part? It’s free! So make sure you don’t miss out on this one as not only will you get to see this beautiful city from the bridge but you can also save some bucks to have a lavish dinner. The bridge was constructed in 1357 to replace the older bridge which was washed away by heavy floods. Today, this masterpiece of the architect has drawn thousands over the years who come to witness its durability.

4. Jewish Quarter (Josefov)

Located between the Vltava River and the old town, the Jewish quarter commonly known as Josefov holds the Jewish history dating back to the 13th century when the Jewish in Prague were instructed to vacate their homes and relocate to this area. This place has so many stories attached to it that I highly recommend visiting here with a guide to help yourself understand the narrative history it holds. Additionally, be prepared to chip in for the entry fees and if you are a history lover, then this place is a must. Once home to the Jewish, a part of the Jewish quarter has now been transformed into Parizska Street, hosting the high-end shopping brands from around the world. So, if not history at least you can visit here for some shopping.

5. Prague Castle

Prague Castle is without a shadow of a doubt, the most famous attraction in the city. It’s located in the Castle District (Hradcany) and traditionally has been the Czech emperors and rulers home. Today, the breathtaking castle is the official residence of the president. Although entry to the ground of the castle is free, I recommend you to get a combined ticket to visit Basilica of St George St Vitus and Golden Lane. Not only this, you will have a lot to do in Prague. This magical city will sure shot give you the fairytale experience along with rich architecture. So, hopefully, you are now planning your trip to Prague and will have an awesome time there.

Garima Jain

Hi, I am Garima. Masters in Business Management and specialized in Marketing. A free spirit by choice, always looking to explore new places and adventures. For me, everything started to land in place only when I quit my corporate job in quest of a purposeful and fulfilling life.