4 Must-Visit Destinations + Activities At New Taipei City, Taiwan

So, you think you’ve already had enough of Taiwan? Guess what, you might not have tried these four destinations and activities yet. Get yourself in-the-know about the following tourist go-to’s before finally confirming to yourself that you’ve already covered everything about this little but beautiful country.

Shifen Old Street – Shifen

Visiting Shifen is a must, I say. From seeing the rural life of the people—living and making a living beside the rails—to getting in awe of the beautiful Shifen Waterfalls, you’ll get to experience a lot of enjoyable activities in the area. My favorite, of course, is flying my very own wish lantern. I never got to experience the famous Lantern Festival in Pingxi (3 stops away from Shifen); but, flying a lantern in Shifen Old Street, especially on Christmas, was already memorable for me. I believe it will be as significant for you, too. So, don’t miss this out on your own list! Shifen Old Street

Shu’s Pottery of Yingge

Have you ever tried just chilling out while enjoying your noodles, and then you looked at the bowl, got fascinated with the craftsmanship, and later you suddenly became curious about how it’s made? Well, I have. And, even if you haven’t had that experience, crafting your noodle bowl with your very own hands could absolutely be one of the most unforgettable activities you must never miss in Taiwan! Well, I could say that my experience at Shu’s Pottery is one of the best Taiwan activities I’ve ever tried. So, I’d recommend you try it too! Just visit Shu’s Pottery at Yingge District, New Taipei City. You won’t just learn something new, but you’ll also see beautiful marks of the Chinese-Japanese culture and enjoy the serene environment that brings you back to the traditional Taiwan atmosphere. Now, if you think classic pottery only belongs to Japan or China, think again. Shu's Pottery at Yingge District

Cat Village in Ruifang

If you’re someone who loves cats and definitely finds joy in seeing a village full of cats running, nudging their heads on your legs, or simply lazing around everywhere, then this Cat Village has all these furry friends waiting for you. Getting to the area is easy! Just take a regular train going to Ruifang District and stop at the Houtong Cat Village. There, you won’t just get to play with the kitties but also see a magnificent view of the mountains and the valley. You will also find cat-themed stores that sell cat-shaped fruit cakes. I’d say you’ll need to try their cat-shaped charcoal pineapple cakes. And, I must even say everything in there is totally Instagrammable! Houtong Cat Village

Spirited Away at Jiufen

For someone who grew up with Studio Ghibli stories, I never even thought of missing out on this one: the Jiufen Village. Among the four, this one’s the more popular destination in Taiwan. Jiufen Village is a Spirited-Away-themed village with narrow alleyways that are made into somewhat like a maze (but don’t worry, you won’t get lost there). Getting into the road, you’ll see streetfood shacks, souvenir shops, and many more. You’ll also find tons of Chihiro, Haku, and No-Face characters made of wood or ceramics. Like most other must-visit destinations in Taiwan, the Jiufen Village has its fair share of picturesque sceneries. Situated up on a mountain, the place offers you to take a sip of the traditional oolong tea while viewing Taipei City. If you like more adventure, keep strolling upward till you get to the temple where you can have an even broader city view. There, you can take the time to appreciate Taiwan all the more. Jiufen Village

Discover More By Yourself

Everything beyond is for you to discover, so get your feet giddying up. Get ready for a Taiwan adventure you never should skip in your lifetime. You will never regret taking chances.

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