4 Attractions You Should Never Miss When Visiting Taipei

June 5, 2019

by Crystal L

Taipei is amazing.

At least to someone who’s been used to terrible traffic and seeing trash everywhere, the city of Taipei is a vibrant, convenient, and safe place to stay.

In other words, it makes city living more attractive. Plus, it’s a worthwhile tourist destination.

Planning to visit Taiwan? Make sure you’re not skipping this progressive nation’s capital: the city of Taipei.

Want to get the best out of this city? Here are 4 tourist attractions you should never miss in Taipei.

1. Taipei Zoo

With an area of 165 hectares, Taipei Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Asia and is also a premier conservation facility. My first Taipei Zoo experience (because I went there more than once) was the most unforgettable — it was my first time seeing the animals I just got to see in movies as a kid. These include pandas, flamingos, penguins, koalas, and many more. The zoo is so large that I didn’t get to visit all the areas in one day.

panda taipei zoo

When you get tired of walking your way back to the entrance of the zoo, you can use the shuttle train that regularly runs between the Shuttle Train Station and the Bird World Station.

If you still have time, try visiting Maokong which is also a popular site nearby. Hop on a gondola (cable car) at a gondola station inside Taipei zoo and enjoy a peaceful ride in the sky as you watch the picturesque scenery. Maokong Gondola operates every Tuesday to Sunday.

2. Taipei 101

If you wish to ride one of the fastest elevators in one of the tallest buildings in the world, then you should definitely visit Taipei 101. You may not easily enter the 101st floor (as it’s reserved for celebrities and other VIP), but you can reach the observation decks at levels 88, 89, and 91.

taipei 101 tuned mass damper

There are fascinating things you’ll want to see at these top levels. These include the world’s heaviest tuned mass damper — it’s built for the Taipei skyscraper to withstand earthquakes. Moreover, you can enjoy a wide city view from the top and discover more of Taipei 101 when you get to visit its observatories.

3. Beitou Hot Spring

If you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax your weary muscles, a hot spring is what you need! Taipei is also known for its huge number of hot spring resorts, especially those located around Beitou District. My favorite is the Japanese-style hot spring (also called “onsen”). With just 250 NTD, you can enjoy three pools of varying temperatures: 40°C, 42°C, and an extremely cold one; plus, a hot shower, steam room, and sauna. You can also try the hot massage for just 100 NTD.

beitou hot spring taipei taiwan

Getting to the exact location, however, is a bit tricky. I suggest you take an Uber ride to get there conveniently instead of Taxi (it’s often more expensive). But If you want a cheaper ride plus a bit of adventure and experiencing local life like me, then take a bus from Shipai Station to a bus stop near Huang Chi Parking Lot. Then, walk your way down to Super Public Bath. You’ll surely get to experience more than what a simple tourist can.

4. Yangmingshan National Park

One of the best sightseeing areas Taipei has for you to visit is the Yangmingshan National Park. The place has many different flower varieties that will absolutely get you in awe. It’s especially lovely during the springtime when the flowers bloom elegantly. Plus, you’ll get an amazing view of the beautiful cherry blossoms as you stroll along the way from the bus station to the park.

yangmingshan national park

Getting to see the picture-perfect landscapes and flowers that coincide with the spring feeling is absolutely what I love about going there. I believe you would as well.

A Bucket-Full Of Things To Do

Taipei has so much more in store for any globetrotter who doesn’t just want to simply leave a step and make it known, but also experience local life and more. Hence, you should visit these places in Taipei and bring with you memories worth keeping. You’ll surely never get enough of Taiwan.

Crystal L

By Crystal L

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