3 Road Trips From Adelaide

Adelaide is a beautiful city to visit in South Australia, home to cosmopolitan vibes and bordered by the natural beauty of wildlife and trees. It is the world’s only city within a park, set against the banks of the River Torrens and home to lovingly maintained historic buildings. Adelaide is fantastic to explore in its own right but from the city, there are a number of exciting road trips to enjoy too. Don’t miss these top three road trips from Adelaide during your visit to South Australia.

Barossa Valley

Just an hour from Adelaide, the easiest road trip to embark upon is one to the famous wine region, Barossa Valley. Full of multiple vineyards offering wine tasting, lunches and winery tours, the Barossa is a wonderful day out from the city or a longer break in its own right. Take advantage of nearby accommodation and make a weekend of it; that way, you can enjoy your fill of wine without needing to drive afterward. Alternatively, stock up on the options that come recommended and enjoy your drinks back in the city of Adelaide.

Vineyard Australia

Alice Springs

Adelaide is a fantastic starting point for a road trip into Australia’s Red Centre. If you have the time, this drive is not for the faint-hearted. Travel over 1500km of deserted road through the vast expanse that is most of South Australia and part of the Northern Territory. A road trip from Adelaide to Alice Springs will take you around 16 hours. You definitely need to plan this journey, including where you will stop for the night and how many hours you plan to cover each day.

Roads are sealed and you do not need a 4WD if you stay on the main highway. In the Red Centre, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and more. The roads are often empty, the temperatures soar in the day and arriving at your final destination will feel like a huge personal accomplishment.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road actually begins further southeast than Adelaide, near Warrnambool. But if you are planning to drive the whole section, you will probably start your journey, or end it, in Adelaide. Adelaide to Melbourne (the other end of the Great Ocean Road) takes 8 hours to drive directly but you really must go indirectly, using the coastal road Australia is super famous for if you are journeying between these cities.

We recommend you allow between 2-4 days to drive the Great Ocean Road and at least 4 days from your starting point in Adelaide. There are other beautiful coastal locations to enjoy from Adelaide and peaceful inward forests too, all ideal for camping and overnight stops, or lunch breaks along the road between your destinations.

Great Ocean Road

There are a variety of excellent road trips from Adelaide to enjoy. Positioned in the south of Australia, it is a great point of entry or departure for anyone planning a road trip. Whether you fancy trips along iconic coastal roads or intrepid adventures into vast unknown territories, work out what level of road tripper you are, arrange your vehicle and your route, and hit the open road to discover these top three road trips from Adelaide.

Karen Rose Kingsbury

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