3 days in Montenegro. A guide for irrepressible tourists.

October 21, 2016

by NaVina

Day 3. Bay of Kotor

Here countdown begins!
Today is our last full day in Montenegro. We are heading to Kotor to explore the bay. The plan is to join the boat tour that takes you directly from Budva to Kotor. But it failed since it operates only once per day and departs at 9 a.m. We took a bus from Sveti Stefan to Budva at 08:30 and therefore were late. But there is another option – bus connection. The way takes around 30-45 minutes and it’s a kind of enjoyable trip.
We reach Kotor by 11:30. The bay is lovely! It somehow reminds of Norwegian fjords. Not that big but it is compensated with warm sea
The idea of boat trip is still fresh in our minds and we head up to the port to see whether there are any offers. To my surprise there is only one option so we don’t hesitate to take it.
The route lies through the hand-built island with a church and then to Perast city. The scenery is awesome! Definitely worth it!


First stop on the island is 20 minutes long and it is more than enough. You can explore the church, refresh yourself with an ice-cream or buy a souvenir.
In Perast you have 2 options: 30 minutes’ walk or 2 hours stay. We are limited in time so we make just a small walk and a short swim to freshen up one more time. Nevertheless it might be interesting to wander around the old city and to have lunch somewhere on the sea shore.
Once we are back to Kotor we decide to have a lunch break since the clouds look more stormy then friendly. We choose Galion restaurant that has an incredible bay view. The prices are higher than average but it is worth it – good service and excellent dishes!
The storm is gone without a drop and we start our way towards the city-wall. It is a fortress that was built in the medieval times to protect the city from the invasions. Now it is a popular among tourist hiking route due to breathtaking views of the bay. 100% recommended! It is not an easy one but you can take your time and enjoy every step. Meaningless to describe – enjoy the photos!



Enough for the day – we go back to the bus stop and make all the way back to Sveti Stefan to celebrate a wonderful trip on our cozy balcony in the villa.

Day 2. Explore Budva and Sveti Stefan

Old town of Budva and Morgen beach

Today is our lazy day. We need to digest the impressions from yesterday adventure and to move to Sveti Stefan to new villa. In the morning we head up to the old city of Budva and get lost in it’s pretty lanes! It gets crowded pretty quickly but we catch the moment to enjoy the charming beauty of old town.



It gets hot and we continue our way to Morgen beach. Frankly speaking we didn’t like the beach of the Budva bay itself due to the numerous yachts and narrow shore. But Morgen beach appears to be the one we enjoy. You need to circumnavigate the rock to get there and the way lies through the famous Dancing Girl Statue. Moreover as a bonus you get a picturesque view of the old city.


There are no motors on the beach and the sea is crystal clean. I was also impressed with the sand – the size of sands’ grains was just the right one for awesome feet massage – included into the walk!

Cozy Sveti Stefan

Now it’s almost noon and we need to take a taxi to move to Sveti Stefan – the city where famous hotel on the peninsula is located.


Comparing to Budva it is a small and quiet town and we like it since Budva never sleeps during the season. The town itself is located on the hillside so get prepared to fitness walks to the beach.
We settle ourselves in our new room and take a moment to enjoy incredible sea view on the balcony.


It is hard to have ourselves moving but the sea looks very attractive and we head up to the beach.
To make a long story short – we had an amazingly lazy time there! But soon we get hungry and decide to serve ourselves a dinner on the balcony in the room. Local wine, meat, cheese and watermelon – awesome idea!
Seems like we need to have a walk to allow ourselves to sleep well – the dinner was too delicious..)) There are not a lot of places to walk around except for the park near the popular Aman hotel. We take an hour walk and fall asleep shortly afterwards.

Day 1. Nothern Montenegro

Our Montenegro trip begins today! We have arrived yesterday night so had no chance to explore the area.
Let’s get it started!! Our first location is Budva – a popular and crowded resort city. In the beginning of September it is still full – can’t imagine what is going on in July-August here.
We are travelling together – myself and my mother-in-law and we are irrepressible tourists. Therefore at 08:30 a.m. we rent a car and head to the north of the country to explore the mountains. I’m not a very experienced driver and the roads are very curly so we start pretty slowly. Later I got used to the situation and traffic and started to enjoy driving but I would recommend considering guided tours in case you do not feel confident.
There are a lot of beautiful views along the way and we take a chance to stop wherever possible to enjoy the scenery.


Biogradska Gora National park

Our first destination point is Biogradska Gora National park and a beautiful lake of volcanic origin named after the park. Or vice versa? this is a place of peaceful nature, silence and harmony. The lake is calm and the forest is of turquoise shade – very unusual! Take a moment to sit at the edge of the pier and to look into the water mirror. Breath deep.




Tara river canyon

Then we drive forward to Tara river canyon. By the way, be prepared that weather changes quickly in the mountains and temperature drops significantly – it’s worth taking a coat.
Road twists between mountain passes and takes us to the Tara river. Montenegro is the country of turquoise shades and the river is not an exception! Words and photos are not enough to describe the beauty of the nature. Just come and see. Meanwhile we will have a lunch on the shore.




Djurdjevic Bridge

Our last long stop is next to Djurdjevic Bridge that lies 172 meters above the Tara river. We take a walk along the bridge, enjoy the views and watch the people riding the zip line. There are also a lot of souvenir shops nearby and some refreshments. Here are some photos from the bridge. Let them speak for themselves.



This sightseeing tour took us more than 10 hours and it was absolutely worth it.



Montenegro is the country that can tell you a lot and show you even more. Pack and come. Allow a week or more.


By NaVina

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