3 Best Places To Visit Near Manila, Philippines

January 1, 1970

by Maria Rosscell A. Amaba

Manila is known as the capital city of the Philippines. This is very historical because this is the place where you can find a lot of attractions that still stand from the Spanish era up to now. You can also find here the National Museum of the Philippines which are composed of arts, archaeological artifacts, and a planetarium. Although Manila itself has a huge number of attractions to visit, some people are finding and looking for something peaceful and hustle free surroundings, unlike the surrounding of Manila which is very busy and hectic. Moreover, this is where you can find traffics, very much pollution and a crowd of people. That’s why I am sharing the best places to visit near Manila, Philippines.

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Tagaytay, Philippines

Tagaytay is known for its cold climate. Tagaytay is the nearest destination that you can go if you want to travel. This place is like Baguio City which is known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. A lot of people go there every summer. To those people who can’t go much farther than they want, Tagaytay can be the best substitute. Tagaytay is also a place where you can find churches, museums, and parks. Tagaytay is also known for its beautiful and serene scenery overlooking Taal Volcano. Taal Volcano is known as a complex volcano and the smallest volcano in the Philippines. Tagaytay also offers various restaurants, accommodations, and attractions. Tagaytay can really be a good place for those who want to go on a short vacation.

img Tagayatay


Best restaurants in Tagaytay, Philippines

  1. Pamana– is one of the good places to eat in Tagaytay. It is a family-owned restaurant which was passed from generation to generation. It is a moderately priced restaurant and it offers Filipino foods. It is located at Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway, Tagaytay City. It has 4 more restaurants located in different places. 2 restaurants are located in Manila, 1 in Boracay, and 1 in Baguio.
  2. Bag of Beans, Tagaytay– It is located at Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez crossing west, Tagaytay City. Bag of Beans considered itself to the ultimate must-see and must-experience place in Tagaytay. It is now existing for 18 years and has 5 more restaurants. 4 are located just near the main restaurant and 1 is located in Batangas. It also offers a wide variety of foods which ranges from 100-1,000.
  3. Dencio’s, Tagaytay– It is located at Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City. It is open from 1o AM- 10 PM. It has 11 more branches which are located in Manila, Batangas, Baguio and Rizal province. It offers moderately priced meals.
  4. Leslies, Tagaytay– It offers Filipino cuisine with a price of Php 1,100 good for 2 people It is open from 6 Am- 12 MN. It comes with free wifi and a good view of Taal.

Things To Do in Tagaytay, Philippines

  1. Our Lady of Manaoag at Tierra De Maria- One of the things that you can do in Tagaytay is to have a Visita Iglesia. It is a practice of visiting different churches during the Holy Week or ” Semana Santa”.  Tagaytay is a place where you can see a lot of churches located near to each other. One of these is the Our Lady of Manaoag at Tierra De Maria.
  2. Puzzle Mansion– is a modern art museum where you can see a lot of puzzles. It is awarded by The Guinness Book of World Record as ” The Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzle” on November 29, 2012.
  3. Picnic Grove- Is a place where you can find a lot of activities. You can have a picnic, you can hike and you can also try the zip line.
  4. Mahogany Market – is a well- known market where you can find local restaurants that offer the famous Bulalo. Bulalo is a soup made of beef shanks and bone marrows.

Batangas, Philippines

Batangas, Philippines is also one of the places to visit near Metro Manila and Tagaytay where you can find a lake, beaches, and mountains. There is a lake where the Taal Volcano is located and beautiful beaches and an underwater scenery which is good for diving. You can also try mountain climbing in some mountains located there like the Taal Volcano where you can see it crater at the top, Mt. Batulao and Mt. Talamitam.

Resorts To Visit in Batangas, Philippines

  1. Laiya Coco Grove– is a resort that offers accommodation and food services. It offers an accommodation package with a full board meal. It also offers an event place, beach activities, and board games that you can try. It offers a tree house, standard rooms, family rooms, quadruplex rooms and a cabin. It is located at Laiya, Aplaya, San Juan Batangas.
  2. Eagle Point Resort– is a well-known luxurious resort in Batangas which offers diving. They have scuba diver instructors who can teach you for your first scuba diving adventure.

img batangas

Things To Do in Batangas, Philippines

  1. Mountain climbing- You can avail a package of this that you can find on the internet. Some of the packages are overnight but most are day trips. These packages include accommodation and meals.
  2. Scuba Diving- as I have mentioned above when you checked in at some resorts in Batangas they offer scuba diving lessons.
  3.  Other beach activities- Like dragon boating and parasailing which you can avail at affordable prices.

Laguna, Philippines

Laguna, Philippines is a home of numerous natural and heated hot springs and falls. It is also known because of Mt. Makiling and Pagsanjan falls. You can also find a theme park named the Enchanted Kingdom. Laguna is very historical because this is a home of the Philippines National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal and also good for having ” Visita Iglesia” during Holy Week because you can find various churches that stand many years ago.


  • You can rent private houses if you want to have an overnight vacation which offers an unnatural hot spring.

Things To Do in Laguna, Philippines

  1. Hot springs- you can find a lot of rented houses that offers heated hot springs and some are located at the foot of Mt. Makiling which offers the natural hot springs.
  2. Enchanted Kingdom– you can visit this theme park located just a few hours drive from Metro Manila. This is the place where you can go around and enjoy the thrilling rides it offers. The park’s schedules are subject to change so you really have to visit their site first before you go. Tickets are available in some ticket outlets and rates range from Php 250- Php 900 per person.
  3. Falls- one of the well- known falls in Laguna is the Pagsanjan falls. Other falls are named as Hulugan falls, Kalayaan Twin falls and Buruwisan falls.





Maria Rosscell A. Amaba

By Maria Rosscell A. Amaba

-I am a Filipino -I live in the Philippines. -I just graduated from college last February 2018

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