11 Things for travellers to do in Hong Kong

People who like travelling as I do will always like to go and to see the world. Some people like to stick with tourist attractions, some people like to relax and enjoying indoor services, some people like to backpacking and get themselves busy on exploring new places in other countries. I believe the mean of travelling we visitors share is escaping from ordinary life and hoping to SEE something DIFFERENT.

Stereotypical Hong Kong & Traveling value

Have you ever spent time exploring in your city? Have you ever stopped for sometime appreciating beautiful things around? How well do you know about your city, your town or your country? I would like to start from here, Hong Kong. To give those who haven’t been to Hong Kong to have some general ideas about this city from my eyesight, as a citizen. Meanwhile, it has given me a chance to appreciate my city. There are some stereotypical images about Hong Kong, a very crowded city, busy lifestyle, air pollution is quite bad on some busy traffic days, many shopping malls around, not many greens can be seen in the the urban area, and etc. It is true that those statements represent Hong Kong but it is just a part of it. I know that they do not sound attractive to some of you. Does it make Hong Kong a city not worth for visiting? In my opinion, there is no single place in the world not worth for people to visit. If those negative images decrease your interest on traveling, you may be miss out a lot of hidden charms. It is meaningless to make a judgement beforehand, instead, we should give comments base on our personal experience since everyone has their own standard. Even people who travel together may hold a different opinion, and it depends on your attitude or life experience.

Purpose of the trip and appropriate attitude

If you have some new places in mind that you want to travel and you are either doing research about them or you are a “go with the flow” person, there are 2 things you should think about first. What do you want from the trip? What do you expect from the trip? Bear in mind that there will be some difficulties along your journeys if you are travelling outside of your country, especially to those countries people do not speak your language or they do not speak well. I think to be open-minded, be respectful and be wise to make a right decision are what we need to do when we are in a strange environment.

Information about Hong Kong

The Central Police Station, Central

Hong Kong is an interesting city because of its colonial background with a mixture of Chinese culture. The statement of “Hong Kong is an international city”, was advertised for many years by the Hong Kong tourism department. Nowadays, it is hard to tell whether people are from here, simply by how they look. Because of the special historical background, we have many immigrants from different countries or even from mainland, they adapted Hong Kong lifestyle throughout many years, so you should not be surprised that some darker or lighter skin tones people who do not have stereotypical Chinese look claiming that they are Hong Kong people. Traditional Chinese and English are our official languages. Most Hong Kong people speak native Cantonese, some of them speak good English and some of them speak good Mandarin Chinese. A useful information for travellers is you can find some FREE WIFI hotspots in some popular shopping malls, some café, on some buses or some government-owned buildings such as some exhibitions or parks. I think this is quite convenient compared to many countries I travelled to, they did not have as many free internet access as here.

11 Things to DO in HK

Appreciating different architectural style

You can see modern skyscrapers, historical and old buildings, and English modified architectures, Chinese temples in different are in Hong Kong. Victoria Peak, Central

Polin Monastery, Ngong Ping Lantau Island

Consuming FREE art & cultural displays

There are many free admission exhibitions, galleries, heritage sites and parks.

Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, Kowloon Park, Tsim Sha Tsui

Exploring old villages on different islands

If you are interested in getting away from the urban life, we have more than 200 islands, you can access to some of them through public boat services to visit some old villages. Be aware of some islands like Tung Ping Chau island, their public boat service is only available during the weekends.

Lamma Island

Tai O Island


If you like to spend time in nature, there are a different level of hiking routes in different mountains, from 1-hour easy walk to 7 hours involving climbing.

Lantau Island

Getting close to wildlife

There are some wild animals you can see in Hong Kong such as monkeys, cows, birds, dolphins, and etc. Also, there is a different type of insects such as butterflies, snacks, dragonflies, lightning bugs, spiders, and etc. Some of them are not common to see, only if you are lucky enough.

Ngong Ping, Lantau Island

Kam Shan Country Park

Playing water games

If you are up for water sport, many people do is to rent a boat and invite friends to share the cost. On that day, the boat owner and an assistant will responsible for the direction and they usually provide lunch, he will take to your choice of area he recommended, then he will stop there. You can play with most of the water game equipments they offer. Some people on the boat can go with a speedboat with the assistant to somewhere and play so exciting game like the wakeboard, “banana boat”. Having a boat trip day is a common activity for young generation or simply as family activity nowadays in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong flag, Boat trip

Spending time on beaches

There are so many beaches where you can spend time for relaxing or swimming. You can see the type of sand is soft like the picture below at most of the Hong Kong beaches.

The Clear Water Bay second beach

Having different shopping experience

There is a different level of markets or stores here from decent to high end, it can fulfil your shopping desires with different atmospheres.

Spending time in the theme park

If you are interested in a theme park, there are 2 here: Ocean Park and Disneyland. You can have some exciting rides and to see and learn some marine or on land animals in Ocean Park. If you like more shows and parade,  some fantasy experience and some decent rides, you might like Disneyland.

Festival of the Lion King show, Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Tasting various cuisines

If you are curious what Hong Kong food like, they are mainly snacks like egg tart, pineapple bun, condensed milk with butter on toast, Hong Kong style milk tea which is more bitter and more strong compared to normal English milk tea, and etc. If you like some proper meals, there are various Asian cuisines like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Taiwanese, Indian, Vietnamese, or regional food from China like Cantonese. If you prefer western food, there are options like Italian, French, American, Mexican and etc.

Typical Hong Kong breakfast: Beef noodles in satay sauce, scrambled eggs, ham pasta in soup, Hot & Iced Hong Kong style milk tea.

Hotpot buffet, Causeway Bay

Chicken breast burgers, Admiralty


Drinking is not a part of our Hong Kong culture because people do not drink often here, however, we do drink on occasion. It is true that drinking out in pubs, bar restaurants or restaurants with alcoholic drinks is expensive. People who drink in pubs usually order a beer and it is common for them gambling and consuming peanuts at the same time. People who go to bar restaurants concern more about the atmosphere, they would usually have decent numbers of drink and chat for couple hours. Hopefully those 11 Things to do would give you ideas of what can you expect from Hong Kong. I appreciate in this city and those 11 things are what we as citizens would do. I like a statement of “seeing is believing”, therefore your experience matters.  

Angela Lee

Hello, this is Angela Lee. I was born in Hong Kong. I graduated with BA (Hons) in Media and Cultural Studies. I like traveling, visiting galleries and exhibitions to get inspiration for later creative practices. Besides, I enjoy photography, film-making, writing and drawing.