10 places to see in Milan with the help of our handy plan

Once you’ve started traveling you never stop. Travelling makes us happier and smarter. It brings lots of fun, unique experience, unforgettable emotions. Every frequent traveler knows that it is worth visiting Italy and everyone knows Milan. The capital of the region Lombardy has all kinds of resources to surprise the most curious visitors. The city is famous for arts, history, fashion, modern life. But dealing with a great city like Milan demands a precise plan for you not to be lost in various routes, guided tours and surroundings. We offer really a key to the treasures of this magnificent city.

Main cathedral of Milan.


The historical center of Milan attracts any first-time visitor. The cathedral is famous for its stunning marble beauty and mysterious legends. Duomo square is situated near medieval churchyards, arcades, houses and palaces. A big shopping center links the place with world best-known music hall and Brera. Although it starts its history in 1386 it is a true symbol of Milan now. More than 70 architects and engineers have worked on its construction.

Brera gallery of arts


The most important central streets bring all tourists to Brera district. While going through the streets and exploring the ancient steps of the district you will be completely drawn into the authentic atmosphere of this place with its Pinacoteca, the first Italian major museum, impressive columns, Baroque churches and nice restaurants nearby. Pinacoteca is an outstanding collection which includes Venetian representatives, Raphael, Bellini, Caravaggio. The Baroque Palazzo was built in 1591 and makes you feel inside its history.

Leonardo da Vinci and his pupils..

The Last Supper

Da Vinci’s masterpiece makes the church St. Maria delle Grazie the greatest tourists’ attraction ever. The artist used oil paint based on semi-dry plaster which caused a vanishing effect. It was restored finally with uneasy efforts. The fresco is sometimes called the saddest work of art as it describes the moment when Christ’s disciples hear that one of them can betray him. This Renaissance painting reveals Leonardo’s genius so that most people spend hours gazing at it.

Famous Italian castle Sforzesco.


The massive bastion in the city center is a significant fortress that survived after many wars. Its art collections, musical instruments, archaeology are very interesting. The castle offers several museums for those who like history very much. The architecture inspired many other masters worldwide. Even the Moscow Kremlin has similar elements in it. Several monuments and paintings by Michelangelo and Bellini can be seen there too.

Famous facade of La Scala.

La Scala

Speaking about Italy we should remember that Italy is a place where musical notes were born. Italians love music. They sing everywhere but it is not as wonderful as in La Scala opera theatre. Every notable singer appears in it every year. The leading theatre is friendly to all nations and continents. So, if you want to add an exciting note to your holiday you must visit opera concert there. Milan is the owner of the most fantastic opera house in the world!

Modern Milan.

Contemporary architecture

Ancient Milan is a must-see for all but contemporary art is also great. If you pay attention to details of the scenery you can see how the city was deeply changed by modernism in the early twenties. Then it was a time of monumental architecture of public buildings and elegant functional style. It is very well seen from the rooftop of Duomo. Skyscrapers and modern sculptures transform the lives of the citizens. You will see with your own eyes an industrial soul of Milan. Walking in parks near waterways. in Milan.


A curious visitor will notice this special part of Milan. The Navigli canals and waterways show tourists that the city was always a navigable point. It shows the signs of the first hydraulic engineering in the 12th century in Lombardy. It has got an intricate and convenient system of canals. The other great thing about it is that there are many green parks in between where you can relax. The first Milanese park Guastalla was created in 1980. The English garden Villa Bergiojoso was opened to families of nobility at the same time. The park Giovanni Paolo was made as an archeological walkway. The largest city park Sempione positions near the center.

Shopping gallery in Milan..

Outlet Serravale

Shopping in Milan is famous due to its multiple fashion shows and elegant brands. There is a Galleria in the city center and a wide shopping street near Duomo but it is better to choose designer outlets for shopping. Many buses go to various outlets. Serravale is supposed to be the biggest one. You can find there the same brands with big discounts. There are about 240 designer stores with tax refund service and delivery service. If you want to buy some luxurious clothes by Gucci, Armani or Furla at a reasonable price Serravale is the best choice for this purpose.



The charm of a small town and medieval culture in Bergamo makes it a nice mixture for visiting. Tourists can admire not only ancient palaces, churches and squares but also a beautiful alpine landscape all around. With a small population the city is still one of the largest ones in Lombardy. It comprises Celtic and Roman historical evidence, medieval buildings, modern bastions. The city is considered to be an industrial hub. Even the 43rd international agricultural summit was held there.

Como lake and valleys


And last but not least you should note that the most impressive lakes locate in the North of Milan. They are all great. Lake Como is probably the closest lake. It is about 30 kilometers from Milan. The lake is an elegant place full of villas, small private castles, fantastic views and even Agent 007 lived there for a while in his own secret villa. Lake Garda is the most sporting of all Italian lakes. Villas and gardens keep history connected with poets, politicians, musicians and celebrities. Sirmione offers thermal spa hotels, luxurious evening restaurants and romantic sunset panoramas. Lake Maggiore and Borromean islands have all to impress sophisticated visitors with historical details about Borromeo families. They built so many beautiful castles and parks that you can spend several days there.        

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