10 best things to do in Pereybère

August 1, 2019

by Désirée M

This beautiful northern coastal town is a must-see when we are on vacations in Mauritius. Pereybère is smaller and less animated than Grand Baie. However, it remains a small and busy place that can be extremely interesting to spend your holidays.

A little bit more information about the coastal village

Facing the public beach, Pereybère can be considered as a centralized hub offering both the residents and tourists a few restaurants, bars and shops. Although not very extensive, the beach is very beautiful. There is often a lack of space during peak season as it is a popular place. It is also a very nice place to be if you wish to chat with Mauritians. Sometimes, you can even meet sand sculptors who craft amazing ephemeral creations!

Enjoy waterskiing like a star

Some of you might have seen people waterskiing on TV. Pereybère is a waterski haven for a great number of sea lovers. Sliding on water at high speed provides an ecstatic sensation and of course, adrenaline rush.  If you stay in an accommodation such as Hibiscus Hotel during your vacations, you may take advantage of this activity for a nominal free.

Kite surf in a turquoise lagoon

Mauritius is a kite surfing paradise. Being surrounded by an exquisite turquoise lagoon, you can practice kite surf all year round. If you never tried this watersport before, this may be the perfect opportunity to start. This beautiful island benefits from its location in the tropics, thus the temperature of the water at Pereybère is excellent all year round. If you decide to try this aquatic adventure, you will surely be amazed.

Dance sega like a local during your vacations

As soon as you get off the plane, you might hear sega hits. If not, you will certainly get introduced to them during your transfer or when you arrive at the hotel in Pereybère. Sega is the traditional music of the island. The songs have very lively beats coming from goatskin drums. Very often, hotels or private clubs such as Hacienda Plaza organize special events with dancers around a campfire. The dancers’ dresses are very colorful and exotic. If you wish to buy a sega dress, souvenirs shops are the best place to go.

Taste Fusion Cuisine in Mauritius

Mauritian food is one of the most varied gastronomy worldwide. It is a mixture of several types of cuisine such as Asian, European and African. However, Asian gastronomy is most widely spread over the island. If you choose to stay at Pereybère Hotel and Spa, you must absolutely order local dishes at the restaurant. On the other hand, if you are staying in a villa, you can still try restaurants in the area like D-Erny’s. Enjoy Mauritian style fried noodles, fried rice, the Bol renversé, Briani, or the various Curry dishes.

Sunbathe: sun, sun, sun everywhere!

sunbathing Mauritius

Whether it is summer or winter in Mauritius, the sun is present all year round. So, you must never forget to use a good sunscreen when you are on vacations. Pereybère forms part of the most appropriate beaches for suntanning. Although, it is a very busy place, suntanning is perfect there as the sun’s intensity is excellent all along the beach. You can be sure that your family and friends will be jealous of your beautiful tan!

If you are a snorkeling lover

Surrounded by coral reefs, the island is bursting with marine life. Mauritius’ lagoon is home to approximately 400 different fishes. This means that you will discover a rich sea life during your vacations. These characteristics make Pereybère an extremely interesting place where you can try snorkeling. People who have never tried underwater activities will not decline invitations to dive deep into the blue! Experienced divers will discover overwhelming cliffs, caves, reefs, pinnacles and wrecks.

Big Game Fishing near Pereybère

If you are an avid adventurer, deep sea fishing is the thing that you need. Under a tropical sun, in calm waters just outside the lagoon is the ideal place to fish. You will be able to get sea breams, marlins, tunas among many others. The boats are extremely well-conditioned for high seas and have very experienced crew members who will guide you throughout your adventure. Big game fishing can be best practiced during summer days, especially because you can enjoy a swim in the blue sea just after taking your prey.

What if swimming with dolphins is no more dream?

Having a swim with dolphins is probably a dream for your next vacations. Mauritius forms part of the few places worldwide where you can try this fantastic adventure. From Pereybère, you can go to many spots which are specially dedicated to this experience with dolphins. Please do not forget to keep about 25 meters from them unless they approach you themselves and avoid feeding them. Above all, you should remember to bring an underwater camera to take pictures, of course, without flash!

Parasailing – the ascension parachute

Parasailing offers the opportunity to take off from a boat and fly. Before flying:

  • a routine security check is carried out
  • the person is towed by a boat harnessed to a parachute designed specifically for this sport

The adventure immediately begins when you are being launched from the platform. It helps to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Parasailing will offer you a glimpse of beautiful beaches, coral reefs and lagoons of Pereybère.

Seabob: sea toy for under and over water fun

You have probably never experienced riding this type of sea vehicle before. The sea bob’s design seems to be straightly coming from a science fiction movie. This underwater scooter can be driven safely to a depth of 3 to 4 meters in Mauritius. The option of sharing your trip with someone is also offered. It is good to know that seabobs are very easy to operate. The vehicle possesses a steering wheel, an accelerator and only one button for straight-forward depth control.

In Mauritius, Pereybère is by far one of the best places to go to if you wish to accomplish exciting things during your vacations.

Désirée M

By Désirée M

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